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Adopting A Friend

9 Questions Before You Adopt:

  1. Are you willing to make a lifetime (12-18 year) commitment to caring and loving this animal?
  2. Are you financially prepared for expenses involved in pet ownership (emergencies, food, litter, shots, vet visits, shelter, grooming)? According to RaisingSpot.com, the yearly cost can start at $360 and rise to $2,520 or more.
  3. Does everyone in your household want and agree to adopt this pet?
  4. Puppies require a lot of time and special attention which can sometimes continue for more than two years. If you are adopting a puppy, are you committed to the time, training and consistency required to raise a healthy dog?
  5. Have you confirmed that nobody in your household is allergic to the kind of pet you are considering adopting?
  6. Is there any kind of circumstance that would cause you to give up your pet, return it to the shelter or abandon the pet to fend for itself?
  7. Are you preparing for a major life-changing event such as a move, marriage or new baby that would make the addition of a pet in the household too overwhelming?
  8. Is your home ready to accept a pet? For example: do you have a fenced yard? If you rent, do you have approval for a pet? Have you kitten or puppy-proofed your home so that all of your furniture, shoes, wall, etc. are ready for kitties and puppies that are teething?
  9. To assure your new pet is a good fit for your family and other pets already in the household, have you considered PAWS foster to adopt option?

Who We Are

Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a no-kill animal shelter located in Belle Chasse, LA, is dedicated to the humane and loving treatment of stray and homeless animals.

PAWS mission is to rescue, shelter and adopt healthy dogs and cats and provide educational and charitable services to pet owners in Plaquemines Parish. As a part of that mission, PAWS educates community members on responsible pet ownership including the benefits of spaying/neutering pets as well as providing information on pet care, training and maintenance.

As a non-profit organization, PAWS relies solely on donations from caring individuals, businesses, friends, adoptions and fundraisers. Donations pay for surgery, spaying/neutering, vet care, immunizations worming and medicines. Donations also help pay for dog/cat food, and special diets for kittens/puppies, and sick animals.

PAWS insures that each animal adopted is healthy and protected against diseases. A complete record is maintained on all animals and every effort is made to match the pet and owner for a lifetime of incredible companionship.

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455 F Edward Hebert Blvd
Belle Chasse, Louisiana 70037

Email: pawslouisiana@gmail.com

Call: 504-392-1601

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