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Our featured pet for the upcoming month is Ozzie, a Welsh Corgi who is greatly in need of his own home and quickly. Ozzie has been with us for several months and due to impaired hearing is still waiting and waiting for someone to love him. Loving them back will be the easy part for our little Oz loves everyone. He is a gentle little soul that wants nothing more than your time and attention. He is effortless to care for so don't be nervous about his hearing disorder. With minimal caution to insure his safety he needs no more than any other dog. He may never hear your voice, but watches your face and eyes intently as if to understand what you are saying. Oz is at his best when he is the center of attention and can be your constant companion. However, a rescue setting does not allow for one dog's needs over many others. Although we do our best to accommodate the "needier" pets, extended stays can make that very difficult for both pet and caregivers and the pet often becomes depressed and sometimes just gives up. For a dog living in an environement already limited by his hearing disorder, the isolation is only compounded. Please help us place Ozzie in a home where he may again be a devoted and loving pet. He has many years to give to you if given the chance to show what a wonderful dog he really is. .

Both Kitty Kottage and our Our Little Korner's foster homes are bursting at the seams with cats and kittens of every imaginable description. Our usual spring population explosion has become secondary to the now homeless woodland kitties that are the companions of Polk County's large influx of hunters that have seasonal camping sites in our huge forested hunting areas. With permanent campsites that are frequented by the same hunting families, many have taken to caring for the growing cat population that make their homes in these areas. As we regularly visit these areas to encourage voluntary sterilization and offer our assistance in doing so, we are well known in the area. As a result, as nursing mothers with tiny kittens, and now tiny kittens without mothers either seperated from their young or killed by the raging wildfires we have been dealing with in recent weeks, the little refugees are being brought to us for help. Nearly all, after minor care and brief periods to rest and recuperate, are dong just fine, but now have nowhere to go. We are doing our best to sterilize and vaccinate and find new locations for those most likely not adoptable. Out of those fires have also come many beautiful and sweet cats and kittens that have adapted well and quickly to the comforts of indoor living and don't seem to miss the woods at all. It is fact when we say there is a smorgaboard of felines in every breed, shape, and size. Persian, Oriental, Siamese and even a couple of Ragdoll mixes are among those rescued. If you have ever considered a cat in your life, what a great time this would be to make that a reality. You would truly be saving lives as the fate of these poor cats is truly unknown. Temporary foster homes would be considered if you are not able to adopt but might like to help out until the world settles a bit. If these cats are released after sterilization they may only face another disaster in the near future as the fires continue and promise only to get worse, and hurricane season at our back door. As you can imagine, their chances are not great for survival. Please help in anyway you can. Donations of bedding, kitten formula, cat food of all kinds would be a wonderful help. Call or email to find out how you can help. Our special projects contact is GoliathsHouse@aol.com. If you can help us in no other way, please remember us in your prayers.


As the world continues to attempt to escape the city they are moving into our world. What was once quiet country living area is quickly becoming populated residential and recreation areas. As a result, what had previously been "our own little korner of the world" is no longer. We are located right in the middle of a growing residential community. No longer a safe haven for homeless furries to find their way to us, we have been forced to find spaces more suitable to "rescue life" where our little rescues are not seen as intruders. Our Little Korner will be moving from our longtime home for spaces more suitable for the life and safety of our pets. Until our move is complete we will no longer be able to bring dogs to Our Little Korner that are being surrendered by their owner, but will continue to do everything we can to help you place your pets in new homes through our network or rescue contacts and foster homes.

As we leave the scars and memories of five horrific hurricanes and incredible wildfires that burn as I am typing, far behind, we are hoping (and praying) for much better days ahead as we make our way to our new rescue home in Anderson County Tennessee. In an area where shelters are scarce and rescues few, we hope to be of help in our new home to animals and animal lovers as well. LaFollette, Tennessee is our birthplace and nothing would be more natural than working there. We are looking forward to serving our community there as we have here in Florida. The move will be bittersweet as we leave old friends and beloved adopted pets living in the state of Florida. Please consider us a haven in from the storms and fires that traumatize us year after year here in Florida. We are only a few hours up the interstate and boarding will available as well as friends welcomed. Thanks to all who have supported us over the years and though we will be a little farther away, we will always be available to old friends, adopting families and supporters if ever needed. God Bless and keep you all.

FEBRUARY UPDATE 2008 Florida Non-Profit Rescue Shelter Forced To Close Doors – Dogs May Be Euthanized Without Immediate Adoptions Our Little Korner Of The World, a not for profit Central Florida small animal rescue, is being forced to close the doors on their eight year operation. Shari , Founder and Director of Our Little Korner announced this week the closure. Shari states that mainly due to the loss of their Florida property, loss of funding and very slow adoption seasons since the hurricanes of 2004-05, as the cause of their situation. This summer OLK began relocation attempts to the state of Tennessee where the purchase of a commercial boarding and grooming facility would have been the support of the non-profit rescue effort. It was not until after the move was in progress and the arrival with the first of the rescued pets at the new location, that it was discovered the prior owners of their new property had knowingly taken thousands of dollars toward the purchase of that new property and left the state of Tennessee. Those individuals are being sought for prosecution by the state of Tennessee and Anderson County for securities fraud and a number of other charges. However, months of attempting to undo the damage done, Our Little Korner has been unable to recover to their prior standing and have no home for their shelter pets. In spite of the ongoing investigation and hope to recover some, if not all, of the funds lost in this scam, it will most likely be much too late to save this struggling organization. Our Little Korner has been rescuing dogs and cats from Florida shelters and owners unable to care for their pets any longer for more than eight years after moving to Florida from Ohio, where Shari’s family were law enforcement officers and worked with police canine dogs. Her love of those special canines led her to first begin rescuing retiring service dogs. When their help was no longer needed there, she began helping other homeless pets by rescuing, rehabilitating physically or emotionally injured and/or abused pets, before placing them in new homes. With her children now adults with families of their own, it was the perfect time for Shari to begin to do the work she had always longed to do, which was work with animals. The heartbreak of this sad tale is that her dream was taken from her by individuals also in the business of saving pets in Lake City, Tennessee. A native of LaFollette, Tennessee, Shari was happy about the move back home and was looking forward to working in an area that did not even have a local animal shelter. Three years of attempting to rebuild her rescue totally ravaged by five of Florida’s hurricanes in 2004-05, proved futile as problems with insurance companies and the complete loss of donations and adoptions took their toll. With new hope she began her move with her treasured pets back home to Tennessee where competition for funding and relatively few rescue organizations made that hope possible. Shari continues to hope to find a suitable location where she can relocate at least temporarily to save the pets in her rescue from a terrible end and one that she prays will not be necessary. For Shari and her “Korner Kids” time is running out fast. Always optimistic, she continues to believe that somehow they will survive this and she and her charges will be spared. An open house and pet visitation is being planned for the end of February in the hope that some of their pets will find new homes immediately. For those that are not adopted the future is grim and most, if not all, of the remaining dogs and cats will be humanely put to sleep. Some of their pets are puppies and kittens and others much older pets that have been waiting in their rescue for long periods. Shari states with tears in her eyes, “Our policy has always been to provide a place for these pets until they are adopted, it is a very heartbreaking thing to consider the possibility of the euthanasia of our much loved animals”. If you are considering a new pet in your family, or even if you are not, please come and meet the wonderful, loving animals that Shari and her family and staff have loved back to life. Shari asks that these special pets not be allowed to die because of her inability to provide for their care any longer. Won’t YOU help Our Little Korner Pets by adopting or donating to their new effort to save these pets for the SECOND time.

URGENT MESSAGE FOR POTENTIAL ADOPTING OR FOSTER FAMILIES. Our Little Korner will be shutting our front door (and back for that matter) for a little while. Due to circumstances beyond our control we are being forced to move from our little korner here in Lake Wales, to a new and healthier location for our pet residents. Our focus will also change a little in our efforts to place our beloved furry babies. This has been a long time coming and we hope this move will be a positive one for all of us involved, but especially the animals. We are making every effort to place the dogs and cats that have already been waiting for a home before we make the move and, unfortunately, no new additions or surrenders will be accepted during this transition. Moving is never easy for any of us, but the pets just don't understand that it will be better for them. They don't do well when so many lives are up rooted at the same time. If you see a face that you really love now would be the time to call for a visit and make the addition to your family real. Please email if possible for inquiries or appointments as calls will most likely be secondary to all else. We will certainly do our best to contact you in a timely manner. Thank you for caring and supporting us when we have needed you most. We hope you will continue to be there for our furries as they begin new lives in new spaces. URGENT UPDATE While we realize that many of you are waiting anxiously for our move to the new facility to be completed, we must ask for your patience just a bit longer. We have encountered serious problems with the transfer of the new property and a date for the completion of the move is uncertain at this time. While we continue to work out the details please watch for updates as we will do our best to keep you as up to date as possible. Until that time please know that our pets are waiting eagerly for new homes and we hope that you will help us see their their dreams come true and they will be nestled happily in those homes before the holidays. The transition has been very hard on some of the pets and we are doing our best to make the remainder of the move as easy as possible for them. E-mail remains the easiest way for contact until we are in our new home.

Foster homes desperately needed for kitties and dogs alike. "Life is busting out all over", as they say and the kittens just keep coming. Babies so small that bottle feeding is their only hope. If you have any experience in this area please consider taking a litter (or two) home to care for until they can care for themselves. Don't have any experience, but would like to learn. Experienced volunteers will set you up and train you to care for your own little orphans. Of course support is always a phone call away if problems arise and you need help or advise. Call us and leave a message in our volunteer voicemail box and we will certainly call you back.

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What Is Our Little Korner Of The World ?

Our Little Korner is a nonprofit dog, cat and small animal rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement through adoption, of stray, owner surrendered, or shelter confined pets, that due to poor or questionable health or injuries, prevent them from being adopted by the general public. Without the intervention of rescue groups like Our Little Korner these animals would almost certainly be euthanized. Many, however, are loving and healthy pets that are dying every day because there are not enough homes for all of them. Through our trap, neuter or spay and release work, we are making a difference, one pet at a time, Our feral cat program has not only sterilized, vaccinated and released kitties not quite social enough to be placed in private homes. Those that respond to human attention and socialization are placed for adoption and many have found wonderful loving homes and become incredible pets. Please don't be fooled by believing that feral means "wild and untameable" for just the opposite is true. Most of the "feral/neighborhood cats we meet in our work become even more bonded with humans than those always in our care. Just as rescued dogs bond deeply and seem to understand they were saved by these funny furless creatures that just won't go away, but are always there with food and a kind voice. If you would like to support this program call for areas where you might be able to help. Donations of not only pet food, but old rugs, towels, and blankets that have served their purpuse in our homes and now used for rags or thrown out, are perfect and broken in for the kitties. We can always use dishes and bowls, and nearly anything that a cat might use in your home to provide food and water. Small cat nip toys are always appreciated, but fresh cat nip is a much better choice for kitties without homes. Our Little Korner would like to thank the many pet supply companies that support the rescues all over the country, but in particular Pedigree and Whiskas Pet Foods that through their donations enable us to continue to care for the homeless cats in our Korner Kitties Program. Without their donations our feeding programs would not be possible. Feral colonies are found all over the state of Florida and their caregivers generally fund and care for these colonies on a daily basis on their own. Programs to support both cats and cat caregivers are there to supply help and information. If you are interested in supporting our rescue effort in this manner, call for locations close to you that would love to give you that opportunity..

See a face in our pet list that tugs at your heart? Contact us to set up a meeting with that special pet. The first step to bringing home a pet from Our Little Korner is filling out an application. Just like human children, our furry children here at Our Little Korner will go to the most loving and safest homes we can possibly provide for them. Our application will tell us all about you and the kind of home you will provide for our fur kidz. Once you have completed your application we then come visit your home with your selected "child" to see how the new family fits when you are all together. The rest is the easy and fun part. So please, once you have seen that little face that moves your heart, apply and get going as soon as possible. We want to see one of Our Little Korner Kidz nestled safely in your home just as much as you do and we will work hard to make that happen for all of us.
Our Little Korner has a new program in the works that we are very proud of. Our "PALS FOR LIFE" program will match older pets and seniors that very much want to share their lives with a dog or cat, but just don't really want to do the kitten or puppy stages all over again. We will work closely with other rescues with special pets as well who would move heaven and earth to see them together. Programs may also be available to help assit with adoption fees and provide for the pet's health care as well. Call us for details!


We are not a "shelter" and our pets reside in homes, both here at Our Little Korner and the the comfy loving homes of our foster families and volunteers. When a pet comes to you from our rescue we know just what kind of pet he will be and we do our best to match the animal with your family. Unlike dogs that are rescued and taken to a shelter we have the advantage of a little more time to get to know our animals. For that reason we are able to tell you all that we know about our furry residents and make sure that we pass on to you that same information. Our pets are shown by appointment only. Many are fostered in loving homes of volunteers that may not be located near Our Little Korner. For that reason it is always necessary to schedule a meeting time which normally requires at least a 24 hour notice to insure the best possible circumstanes for both you and our pets.
Our Little Korner Of The World Pet Rescue Inc.

Lake Wales, FL 33853
Please contact via email temporarily at OurLittleKorner@aol.com. Emails will be answered in the order they are received and within 72 hours if that pet is available.

Email: OurLittleKorner@aol.com
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