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Michelle, NARC′s founder, has received an award in 2008 for raising funds through the RCMP for the United Way Campaign and for her efforts with NARC evenings and weekends and certificates of appreciation in 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012!

Volunteering or giving will keep you busy and happy!

A little bit goes a long way, make a difference today!

Who We Are

Founded in 2007 by hobby farmer Michelle Mayer, Navan Animal Rescue Corporation (NARC) will hopefully emerge as the nation′s premier rescue organization, helping a range of animals across Ontario.

NARC recognizes the link between the people desires to help and build our quality of life together; we set out to protect defenseless animals against cruelty, starvation and neglect. We understand that it will take millions of informed, motivated people to do the job.

NARC′s our primary focus remains education. NARC′s website and hands-on work programs will provide information and inspiration, linking children and families back to nature and showing them how to protect animals/pets. NARC will provide the tools to help educate concerned citizens and pet owners. NARC will educate the public about cruelty problems and work with them to find effective, equitable solutions. NARC will reach out to people across Ontario, to share information and ideas on how we can all work for a brighter tomorrow for all the pets in Ontario and FOR PEOPLE.

Adopting a friend

Most of our animals up for adoption have either been spayed/neutered already or, as in the case of a pup, kitten or special cases up to the new owner to do within the first year of owning the animal. We try to alter our animals shortly after receiving them and recommend that adoptive families do the same (when the animal is of age) to avoid any chance of an oops-pregnancy or the discomfort that is heat in the females or spraying in the males.

Our adoption policy is fairly simple: We are looking for quality, long term homes with responsible owners. We are looking for indoor homes for our small animals, although we recommend keeping small animals indoors as a general rule for their longevity and ultimate safety. If, for some reason, you can no longer keep your NARC pet, adopters agree to return the animal to NARC in order to avoid having them surrendered to a traditional shelter where their chances of survival are slim.

Adoption fees are dependant on the veterinary, training and nutrition costs of the animals rescued. Out fees vary between $280 up to $600. Seniors $280, Regular Breeds $460-500, Mastiffs $600, Toy Breeds $600, Puppies $380..

Follow up support is always available. If you have adopted one of our animals and are experiencing any manner of problem, from behavior to health, we are always available to offer our input and give you the benefit of our knowledge regarding training and most health issues. We are available by phone at 613-834-7005 or by email at Regardless of how small or large the problem is, we understand the importance of blending a new animal into your home and lifestyle. For our animal to be happy, the new owners must be too and we're here to help.

The 4 Day-Foster-To-Adopt Program is in place specifically for dog adoptions, not puppies as they need more time and training. This is the opportunity for you to take the animal into your home and really get a good idea of whether or not this is the right animal for your circumstances. This is not meant to try out a dog, you have to want a pet before adopting one! There has to be a real issue in order for you to return your pet (i.e. not getting along with your cat, other dog, etc...).

If, after 4 days, you decide to return the animal, no harm has been done. They have received good care during those days, and the readjustment into our environment will be easy for them. If you decide to commit to the animal, we will then finish the adoption. At that time, we will provide you with any paperwork pertaining to your new animal. We can also provide doing a walk-through of your backyard and help to identify any area of weakness in the fencing, etc. to ensure your new animal does not become a casualty of traffic or by-law enforcement.

Whether farm animal or dog, we feel that each of our animals is special because it has survived, and it is very important to all of us at NARC that we have made a good match on behalf of the animal and of the adoptive individual or family. It's what we live by.

Come Visit Us!

You can get to NARC many different ways. We are East of Ottawa, approximately 15 minutes from downtown.

From Downtown or the West End take the 417 East, at the split continue on the 417 towards Montreal. Take the first exit which is Innes Road, turn left on Innes Road. You will pass the strip malls (Petsmart) and the prison and the next right will be Navan Road.

From Orleans you can either come up 10th Line Road or Orleans Boulevard to Navan Road and then turn left on Navan Road. If you are coming from Trim Road turn right on Navan Road.

From Rockland, Cumberland and areas, take the 17 West to Trim Road, turn left on Trim Road all the way to Navan Road, turn right on Navan Road.

From Montreal and East areas, take the 417 to Vars, turn right at the stop. Turn left on Frank Kenney, you will pass a few stops then turn left at the stop of Russel Road. Next stop turn right on Milton Road and then at the stop turn left on Navan Road.

Navan Animal Rescue Corporation (NARC)
4388 Navan Road
Navan, Ontario
K4B 1H9

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Phone/Fax: 613-834-7005


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