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The rescue name came about due to my love of my second golden: Oddie he was a rescue who taught me that male goldens have the most wicked sense of humore and are totally goofy. And he opened my eyes that not all goldens are created the same. Personalities differ! This is his legacy to the world.

Who We Are

We are a small facility- basically a one woman operation. This all started when I was a child- I would rescue kittens, then dogs. Then I grew up and it progressed from there. From an emergency removal of a 6 month old Great Dane I was doing rescue for "real". I try to do basically goldens, but if an emergency comes up I will gladly take in other prebred dogs. Or as in a rare case a mix breed. I never know what delightful new rescue I will find so keep checking! I do this for the love of the dogs- and most funds come out of MY OWN pockets- so any donations would be welcome.

Adopting a friend

Most of my placements have been through word of mouth from families who have already have a dog/pup from me. But, don't let that stop you from inquiring on a specific rescue. Once you have adopted a pup/dog from me you are then considered extended family and are encouraged to stay in touch. We have an annual puppy family reunion every 3rd weekend in June. There is an adoption application,plus an adoption fee. For those intact animals there is a spay/neuter contract. There is also a contract to return the dog if he/she doesn't work out.

Come Visit Us!

Visitations are by appointment only. I live here and as you know life intrudes. Not to mention vet visits!
Oddies Legacy Golden Rescue Placement
3260A Kaetzel Road

Gapland, MD 21779
Phone: 301-432-2859

Email: cassiesglkennel@earthlink.net
For those who would like to help out with a donation please use the Paypal donation button below. If you would like to be an Angel for a specific rescue- please note this! Thank you in advance. Have a great day.
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