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Valley Stream Cat rescue is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation staffed entirely by volunteers and foster homes. Unfortunately, we do not have a shelter due to lack of funds.

The group started in 1995 but did not incorporate as non-profit until 2000.

VSCR was founded to assist in achieving the goal of eliminating homeless cats on Long Island.

Our mission is two-fold: we strongly practice and encourage trap/neuter/release programs whereby strays are humanely trapped then neutered, tested for feline diseases, vaccinated and evaluated for adoptability. If they are feral (untamable) they are released back into their colonies to live out the rest of their lives without reproducing. If they can be tamed, they are held for adoption.

VSCR's adoption program is structured to save any cat or kitten which can be tamed and permanently placed in an appropriate home. We enforce a strict adoption policy to ensure that each cat is placed in a safe, secure and loving home after it is given medical care. Upon adoption, the new owners must sign an adoption agreement (a legally binding contract), pay an adoption fee and receive the cat's medical history.

VSCR counsels new adopters in the care of their cats and through the introduction into their new home.

VSCR refers the public to such services as vets, animal behaviorists, pet-sitters and when necessary animal abuse hotlines.

In addition, VSCR offers humane education regarding the over population problem. We school the public in the necessity of neutering theirn own pets as well as strays. Our creed is: "Spay or Neuter a Stray a Day!". We also educate, according to the Agriculture laws, the zero tolerance of animal abuse and abandonment.

With the cooperation of the Petco Foundation, we are able to display our cats awaiting adoption in three of the Petco store on Long Island, NY. However, Petco only donates the space to show our cats. Valley Stream Cat Rescue is a separate entity. Therefore all decisions regarding rescue and adoption are the responsibility of VSCR.


Valley Stream Cat Rescue Inc.
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