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Did you know that 130,000 animals are surrendered to shelters in the State of Louisiana each year?

Did you know that of those, 92,000 are euthanized?

When considering bringing a pet into your heart and home, PLEASE consider ADOPTION.   There are many homeless pets lingering in kill-shelters and rescues waiting for forever homes. 

Make a difference by adopting and SPAYING AND NEUTERING YOUR PETS!!  The only way to reduce the senseless killing of dogs and cats starts with YOU!  If you already spay and neuter... KUDOS TO YOU!  We thank you and so do the many four-legged friends awaiting homes.

Adopting A Friend

• How do I find out more information about a pet at your facility or find out if the animal is still available?

Typically, what is listed in the pet’s profile is everything we know about the pet. If you have a specific question or wish to find out if the animal is still available for adoption, please e-mail roadtorescue@bellsouth.net for information or call 318-949-6875. Please give us 24 hours to respond.

-- How do I apply to adopt a pet from Ninna’s Road to Rescue?

E-mail roadtorescue@bellsouth.net for an adoption application. We DO make adoptions out-of-state; however, we do not ship or transport at this time. Please be advised that the animal may or may not be available at the time you submit your application and/or the animal may have several applicants interested. Applications are subject to approval and veterinary references will be checked.

Who We Are

Did you know that 130,000 animals are surrendered to shelters in the State of Louisiana each year?

Did you know that of those, 92,000 are euthanized?

Did you know that many of those animals are small breed senior dogs and puppy mill breeder dogs?


Founded March 2012.

Ninna Lopez, the President and Founder of Ninna’s Road to Rescue, managed a large non-profit shelter from 2007-2012, before going on her own to open NR2R.   Over the years, she and her team have rescued and re-homed thousands of animals, but the animals that touched her and her supporters the most were the senior dogs and puppy mill breeder dogs. Some came from kill-shelters, or because of a death of the owner, moving, divorce, baby, etc. At a pound, those dogs rarely have a chance at adoption and are typically euthanized immediately. You may ask “why?” and the answer is two-fold. Senior dogs and puppy mill dogs (who are typically not in good condition) don’t get adopted as quickly as the younger dogs and sometimes have age-related medical needs. Secondly, many people do not spay and neuter, thus causing the almost never-ending massive influx of animals in kill-shelters. Those animals that take longer to re-home aren’t given much time (if any) to get out. That doesn’t mean, though, they wouldn’t find a home GIVEN THE CHANCE! At Ninna’s Road to Rescue, we give some of them THAT CHANCE!


Pearl (right) is just one example of a senior dog rescued from a kill-shelter, near death. She was emaciated, matted, cataracts in both eyes, could barely walk, and during transport to rescue, it was doubtful she would survive. This is Pearl NOW, living it up with her adopters, Shirley and David, of Haughton, La. Our no-kill small breed facility gives the “Pearls” of this area a chance to live the rest of their lives with dignity, whether it’s in a new home (if adopted) or at our facility.

We also partner with Bossier City Animal Control and many of the animals we pull into our rescue come from BCAC.  We also have a team, which includes Ninna, that go into BCAC several times a week to take pictures of the animals for adoption or animals that need to go to rescue.  Founded by Ninna in October of 2012, Friends of Bossier City Animal Control and it's corresponding Facebook page have saved 1000's of lives! 

While we concentrate on senior dogs, our mission is to rescue small-breed dogs in general that can be adopted quickly, and a hand-full of cats. Because we are a small rescue (30 or so dogs and about 10-15 cats), we cannot bring in every animal; however, through our Adoption Assistance Program, we provide assistance (instructions) to pet owners to help them find homes for pets we cannot take. 

All animals adopted from Ninna’s Road to Rescue are spayed/neutered, UTD on shots, and heartworm tested (for dogs). If the pet is a puppy and too young or too small to be spayed/neutered at the time of adoption, the adopter will sign a spay/neuter contract to have the pet altered no later than 5 months of age. Adopters will be selected primarily based upon a responsible pet-ownership history and exemplary veterinary reference. It is OUR duty and responsibility to re-home the pets in our care to people who will treat and care for them as members of their family. Some people may find this ridiculous or claim “it’s just a dog”, but we don’t feel that way. Dogs give us unconditional love and companionship. They cannot speak for themselves, thus we speak for them.

We appreciate you reading and viewing our website at www.RoadtoRescueLA.org and hope you will tell others about us!

Come Visit Us

Approved adopters, volunteers, and donors are WELCOME by appointment.  We are located in Benton, La., which is about 10 miles north of the Shreveport/Bossier area.

Volunteer requirements:

At NR2R, we look for volunteers with our same values regarding animal welfare.   We do get many people wanting to volunteer, but our rescue is not just about volunteering, but advocating the same mindset and values we support and extend to the public.

Volunteers at NR2R must advocate and practice:

1.        Spaying and neutering.   In order to volunteer at NR2R, all the animals in your household must be spayed/neutered.   With 92,000 animals being euthanized in our state every year, we are HEAVY advocates of spaying and neutering and DO NOT condone breeding at all.

2.       If you own dogs, your dogs must be on a monthly heartworm preventive.  Dogs get heartworms from mosquitoes and heartworms are epidemic in this area.  Without a monthly heartworm preventive that you get from your vet, your dog(s) will get heartworms.  Many of the dogs that come to our rescue have heartworms.  If you don’t provide your dogs a monthly heartworm preventive, you can’t volunteer at our rescue.


  1.  People that view pets as disposable can’t volunteer at our rescue.
  2.  This goes without saying, but animal abusers cannot volunteer at our rescue.
  3.  People that don’t treat their pets with the same respect, dignity, and care they would expect of themselves…  cannot volunteer at our rescue.
  4.  People whose intentions to volunteer are not sincere, but have an ulterior motive, cannot volunteer at our rescue.
  5. If a potential volunteer has ever surrendered a PERSONAL pet (not a stray) to a kill shelter, they are not what we’re looking for.


Most of our volunteers range in age from 30 plus years old.  You must be 21, or older to volunteer and we look for mature adults to volunteer.

Animals have no voice… we are their voice.  As such, we look for people that speak for those that cannot speak for themselves… by practicing and advocating responsible pet ownership.


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