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Our pets are ONLY adopted into:

The Maryland Metro area
and Northern, VA

I am an adoptable dog looking for a loving home

Please help us save more homeless Rottweilers. Each year so many of them die in the shelters for lack of a facility to stay in until a new forever home can be found. This breaks our hearts. YOU can help change that. We want to save the homeless, scared dogs but we can't do that without the funds for a facility.

It will take alot of tax deductible donations to build a facility. We will never be able to do it without YOUR help

You can make a tax deductibe donation right here!

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We are praying for this year to be our dream come true. One place for all our homeless Rottweilers to stay. This will also allow the potential adopters to see all our dogs and hopefully increase our adoptions.

We cannot do this without your help!We do not have the land or the money to build a place and give more homeless dogs a second chance! PLEASE consider helping us with our dream of a facility.


Click here for the list of our available dogs

You can also make a tax deductibe donation right here!

Adoption Events

Saturdays (TBD) from noon until 2:00PM we will be at


address:3134 Olney Sandy Spring Road

Olney, MD 20832

(301) 774-7136


Our mailing address

Nova Rottweiler Rescue

PO Box 1777

Germantown, MD 20875

if you have any problems filing out the applications on here, we have online applications at the link below

to the left of the homepage you will find all online applications

Click here to fill out our adoption application......

You must answer every question on the application or we cannot accept it.

please fill out the application, save it to your PC and email it back to

Click here to fill out our volunteer application.....

Please fill out the application, save it and email it back to

Click here to fill out our foster home adoption application.....

Please fill out the application, save it and email it back to:

Most people do online shopping. Here is an online mall that has all those stores and you will be helping Nova Rottweiler Rescue at the same time! each time you shop through our igive mall you raise money for our rescue. It's that simple! Just click on the button right here:


We are accepting adoption applications with the following stipulations.

We are only adopting to homes with an ADULT at home during the day to housebreak them. You must have the quality time to devote to them.

We are NOT adopting to homes with small children.Children must be at least 7 years of age and have lived with a puppy before.

We are only adopting within the MD metro and Northern, VA areas.


We are currently in need of transport volunteers for our adoption events. If you cannot foster a homeless dog but would like to get involved you still can! We need people to transport and handle a dog at our adoption events.

Would you like to help? If so please fill out the TRANSPORT APPLICATION below

Spent a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon playing with a homeless dog. It means so much to them!

Click here to fill out our transport application

please fill out the application, save it and email it back to:

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to the left of the homepage you will find all online applications

We do take more then one application on each dog Please answer all the questions on the application or we will not consider it.

We will be posting new dogs on this site as they come into rescue and have been evaluated, microchipped and altered. We only post dogs that are ready for adoptive homes. If you are interested in adopting, even if you do not see a dog currently on our website,please fill out our adption application so we can work on it and have it ready as soon as we have a dog for you. This will speed up the entire adoption process.

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We love pizza!. Pizza Hut loves to help us raise money!

We will post the date and time of our next pizza fundraising event and the location so check back, right here!

you must bring the flyer for this event with you so NoVa gets a portion of the proceeds for every meal!

Click here to download. the flyer when we have the new location and date!

We need more foster homes BADLY!

Our rescue organization is forever growing and trying to expand to save the lives of so many homeless Rottweilers that are abandoned, sitting in shelters and awaiting their fate

We want to save more lives but we can't unless we have more foster homes for them to stay in until a permanent home can be found

Please open your heart and your home. Join our foster program and help us, help them.

When you take your dog to classes for obedience training, do YOU want the very best results?

Click on the picture below for the absolute best you will get! Work with the experts in training and behavior issues.



Karen's knowledge, compassion, and dedication will be the most rewarding experience you and your dog will have together!

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To find out other ways to help, please visit our other website

just click the link below

On the LEFT side of the HOMEPAGE, click the "how to help" link

You can make a tax deductibe donation right here!

Click the link below to send a great card for any occassion or just to send a greeting to a special friend.You will find great pictures of all dog breeds and a wonderful Rottweiler picture!

You can even upload a picture of your own!

Site features include:

Send an unlimited number of ecards for just $9.95/yr

Choose from traditional and unconventional ecards

Schedule, track and manage your ecards

Store email addresses in a personal address book

Upload a photo to include in an ecard

Submit your favorite dog stories and you could inspire the next ecard

and more!

There are many ways


can help us!

Join us!

Maybe you can't foster a homeless dog but you can help transport to and from our adoption events. We always need more transport help


Maybe you can't transport but you can foster.

Come party with us!

Are you good at fundraising? If so we would welcome your assistance! We love fundraising parties and welcome any new ideas

We also have a WISH LIST!



dogfood, lots of dogfood!

dogbeds,all sizes


collars, (all sizes,all types)

doggie seatbelts, harnesses

baby gates

Frontline for all size dogs

Heartworm Preventative for all size dogs

most of all we need your tax deductible donations to help us with medical expenses

and to help spay/neuter and microchip all of our adoptable dogs.

PLEASE help us save more lives!

Donate a BedWe use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.

What IS the difference between an ETHICAL breeder and someone that has a litter of puppies and calls themselves a "breeder"?

We would like you to read the story below and decide for yourself

If you just want a nice family pet, please adopt a rescued dog. They are purebred dogs without AKC papers. Unless you know the difference between a backyard breeder and an ETHICAL breeder, what it DOES guarantee is that you just spent too much money ! You may be paying for papers that you may never need or you may be buying a dog that will end up like the one below

BEFORE you buy that cute puppy from a Pet Store please read this. Then click the link below

A heart wrenching story about a precious Angel named Fozzie Bear who died due to the conditions he was born under. At a very tiny age of barely 17 weeks, he never had the chance to chase a butterfly or even feel grass under his feet. Fozzie Bear was a Puppy Mill puppy, born to a mom who is used only to breed for profit. They are . "prisoners of greed". They all die slow and painful deaths from untreated illness's or injuries. After viewing Fozzie's Story please, go to any search engine and type in "puppy mills" or "Amish puppy mills" since the most Amish are millers and the producers of pet store puppies across the US but mainly in the well known Amish community in Lancaster, PA. Most sites get down to the severe reality of what these precious Angels must endure in their pitiful lives.

An emotional but true story

Click here to view Fozzie's Story. It runs with Windows Media Player

Click on the American Flag below

Watch this incredible video as it portrays the true character of the Rottweiler



Urgent ! NOVA NEWS!

Each and every day we have to turn down homeless Rottweilers because we are full. These dogs are almost always destroyed. Most of them are sweet, loving, perfect housepets that do not deserve to die.

We are in need of foster homes!


We would love to have you on our mailing list! We send out Quarterly newletters to let everyone know what we have been doing, how much it REALLY costs to care for the homeless dogs, alittle about our plans, events, and most important, where your donations have been spent

If you would like to be on our mailing list please email us at the address below

contact us at:

Nova Rottweiler Rescue League, Inc. adopts dogs into Maryland and Northern, VA *ONLY*

Nova Rottweiler Rescue does NOT have a facility for you to visit

Our program is made up of foster homes

To see any of our adoptable dogs, please come to our adoption events

Your tax deductible donations are what helped to save the lives of these poor puppies, please continue to help the homeless and injured dogs.

As our funds grow, so will our ability to expand our rescue efforts into more areas that need our help!

please send your contribution to


P.O. BOX 1777

Germantown,MD 20875


or you can make a tax deductible donation right here!


We are hoping to do alittle fundraising, find a few good homes, and have fun doing it!


Our DREAM is to one day have a sanctuary for homeless Rottweilers. A place that will enable us to save many,many more lives then we are able to do now.Too many Rottweilers die everyday because they are trapped in shelters. They have no where to go. We need more foster homes but what we REALLY need, is a sanctuary!

When you make your tax deductible donation, please consider what we REALLY need to end the misery of these homeless, lonely dogs that will be euthanized, because we cannot save as many as we would like to.

Another way to help us!

Tour the stores at the fabulous igive mall

Do alittle shopping and raise money for Nova at the same time!

Just click on the link below

Regarding our "Adoptable Pet List"


We do not have any personal knowledge of health or temperament for any dog that is a "COURTESY" listing.We do not endorse any courtesy listing of any dog to be a safe member of society. Courtesy listings of dogs are dogs completely unknown to our rescue, therefore we are not assuming any liability of any incidents or actions that may occur from dogs we have no personal knowledge about, nor have we evaluated.


Who We Are

We are a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION, dedicated to helping homeless Rottweilers in Maryland, and in Northern, VA. We have been doing rescue for this breed for 24 years. All dogs adopted from our rescue are spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped. We do not adopt out aggressive dogs. Our dogs are adopted as family members ONLY. Our goal is to someday have a sanctuary just for homeless Rottweilers that no one will adopt, the elderly that were abandoned,and for all Rottweilers that for some reason cannot find a forever home. But for now that is just a dream. Please consider these lonely dogs and send us a tax deductible donation to help us make our dream come true.

Adopting a friend

Click here to fill out an adoption application

We would like to continue to help other dogs like Eden so


send a tax deuctible donation to:

NoVa Rottweiler Rescue

PO Box 1777

Germantown, MD 20875

or use Paypal from our website

contact us at:
Visit our website at: www. and check out when and where our next event will be!

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Eden when first rescued

Eden after rescued with alot of good food and TLC