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Who We Are

Animal rescue began many years ago for me. As far back as I can remember animals of all shapes and sizes have been a central part of my life. It all started with dogs and cats then on to wildlife; squirrels, bunnies, opossums, birds, skunks, ferrets and prairie dogs. This is something so near and dear to my heart that I can't imagine ever not being there to give aid to a animals in need. Because of this, I decided to take the plunge, make it official, and start up a non-profit animal rescue. In doing this, I am hopeful that with the support of others who care I will be able to help even more animals that have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Generally the animals that end up in my care are those that have been left to fend for themselves and would wind up starving on the streets. In most cases these animals are in need of immediate medical care. The rescues come in for various reasons, some are abandoned on the streets, and some are abandoned at medical facilities because the owners chose to euthanise rather than pay for treatment, and then there are some who have been severely abused by their previous owners. Almost all of the animals are scarred. Some are visible scars from beatings and medical procedures and then some scars are on the inside where they are kept in a special place for no one to see. Whatever the case, NOAH Animal Rescue is dedicated to providing assistance and placement to animals of all kinds, no matter what the circumstances. In addition I tend to fight for the underdog so pit bull education has become very important to me. Pit bulls are hard to place, as is a mixed breed dog, so I face many challenges everyday. NOAH Animal Rescue Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) and we need funds to cover medical, boarding, food, and needs of animals, which would otherwise be euthanised.

Adopting a friend

What are the Requirements for Adoption?

All applicants must be at least 21 years of age. Other pets living with applicant mube be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations. If there are children under the age of seven in the home,We will insist on observing interactions between them and the prospective pet to insure the pet and the childs safety.

I Want to Adopt A Rescued Pet! What Do I Need To Do First?

If you are interested in adopting a pet from NOAH Animal Rescue, you must first submit an application. Please be patient and allow a couple of days for a response from us. We always have the best interest of the pet in mind and will make every effort to reply in a timely fashion.

What If Our Current Pets Are Not Spayed Or Neutered?

Please wait until your current pet is not capable of reproducing before submitting an adoption application to NOAH. We understand that sometimes there are reasons why a pet cannot be spayed or neutered and will take medical conditions into consideration when reviewing applications. If you have a puppy or kitten, please wait until it is old enough (on advise from your veterinarian) to have this procedure completed, and then submit an application.

How Long Does The Adoption Process Take?

The adoption procedures really start when you locate a pet you like and want to set up a meeting. You can arrange a visit once your application has been accepted and your vet references have been checked. After you meet the pet and indicate your desire to continue the process, we strive to complete the adoption process as quickly as possible.

Completing The Adoption Process

Once you have made the decision to move forward with an adoption, we will check personal references and arrange for a home visit to ensure the safety of any adopted pet. When reference checks and home visit have been completed, you will be required to sign a legally binding adoption agreement.

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NOAH Animal Rescue Inc

Tulsa, OK 74115
Phone: 918-232-1953

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