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We would like to send a HUGE thank you to the anonymous donor who so generously and graciously donated prepaid telephone cards to our rescue. We wanted to personally thank you but you want to remain anonymous so this is the only way we can let you know how much this means to us!

About "NAR"

Nebraska Animal Rescue is an organization which was started in August of 2002 by Patty Taylor, a member of Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska ("GRRIN") and Traci Cameron, a member of the Coalition for Pet Protection (“CPP”). NAR operates statewide. NAR was formed to address many issues, some of them are:

1. The need for a statewide and regional coalition of rescue organizations and shelters to provide a much better network for sharing our knowledge as well as our limited resources - we do home visits, evaluations, transport assists and much more to help each other and, in doing so, can save MANY more animals than any of us can alone;

2. The need to provide education to the public about the alternatives to buying an animal, either from a backyard breeder or a pet store (please don't EVER buy an animal at a pet store);

3. To educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering ALL companion animals. There are just not enough homes for all the animals who need them. By spaying or neutering your companion animals, you CAN help to save lives; and

4. Beginning in July of 2004, Nebraska Animal Rescue also began taking animals into our rescue organization. We are now an All-Breed Rescue, in addition to being a midwest rescue network.

Please visit our website for additional information on our network of rescues and shelters. You will also find a wealth of information about numerous issues which may be important to you!

We will be applying for our 50l(c)(3) status as soon as the funds have been raised to do so. Our rescue is currently operated by paying for vetting and other expenses out of our own pockets and with donations from very wonderful supporters, just like YOU! If you would like to donate to our rescue to help us become a nonprofit, please donate via PayPal or contact us.


All animals are fully vetted prior to placement to include spaying or neutering, vaccinations and rabies. All animals are heartworm checked and on HW preventative and any other medical conditions they may have are treated as well. All of our adopted animals are also microchipped with a Home Again microchip (no additional charge for this service).

To date, the average cost to vet our rescued animals has been more than $200 each. Blackie's vet costs (the 10 yo. female black lab) were more than $400. The vet fees were more than $500 for Tina Dee, the abused and abandoned golden retriever who was left tied up to the Council Bluffs, Iowa shelter in the MIDDLE of the night. Our adoption fees don't begin to cover the costs involved in rescuing our animals and that's why we need YOU to help us save the animals by making a donation, if possible.

An adoption application must be filled out prior to any adoption and all references will be thoroughly checked. A fenced yard and a home visit are also required. So, you must live within traveling distance of an NAR representative or volunteer.

NAR does not have a building to house our animals. All of our animals are fostered in private homes. This makes it much easier for us to evaluate and get to know each and every animal - their personalities, likes, dislikes, whether they are good with cats, children, and other dogs and we provide them with basic obedience training and work on their housetraining, if necessary. This also makes it easier for the fostered animals to "transition" to their new adoptive home with less stress.


  1. Being able to save the life of a healthy, happy animal.

  2. Being able to adopt an animal who is already fully vetted.

  3. Being able to adopt an animal who is already housebroken and crate trained (and, most of the time, they are also past the chewing stage).

  4. Knowing the temperament and behavioral traits of the animal before bringing him or her into your home.

  5. And did we mention saving the life of a healthy, happy animal?

Please don't shop, adopt! You can help save animals’ lives by having your animal spayed or neutered and by asking all of your family, friends and anyone else you know to do the same.

Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole.
--- Roger Caras


Please join other wonderful, compassionate, animal-loving volunteers and help us care for our special animals. Please email us at spotlink@yahoo.com if you would like to volunteer to help save animals. Here are just a few of the many ways you can volunteer to help and, if you don't have experience, we can train you:

  • DESPERATELY NEEDED: Foster Homes - caring for a rescued animal in your home, until he or she is ready for adoption.

  • Transportation - assisting with transporting animals from owners or shelters.

  • Fundraising - contacting businesses and requesting either monetary or in-kind donations which may be used to raise funds to help the animals.

  • Home Visits - going to a potential adopter's home and interviewing them and checking out their home and yard to make certain the home is safe and secure for the rescued animal.

  • A screener for vet and personal references (make phone calls and conduct short interviews -- some calls may be long distance).

  • Special Events Coordinator/Assistant - help us at local community events to raise awareness for animal rescue and to help get our animals more exposure which may lead to adoption.

  • Grooming/Bathing.

  • Forms Coordinator - maintaining, editing, printing and possible creation of our rescue's forms (Foster Home, Adoption and more).

  • Correspondence and Mail - involves mailing out thank you letters and preparing our fundraising items for mailing out to donators.


We are selling these magnets to raise the funds necessary to continue rescuing animals in need and providing them with critically needed vet care. Our rescue operates on our own funds and donations from generous people who love animals and want to help us save them. We still owe money to two vets right now. One is in Lincoln and one is in Omaha. The Omaha vet helped us save a senior lab we rescued and the Lincoln vet helped us save an abused and abandoned golden (Tina Dee) that we rescued last summer. We either need more donations or we need to sell more magnets to pay these vets off for their wonderful help in saving these two dogs.

We hope you can help us by purchasing one, two or more of these rescue magnets. They would make GREAT birthday, hostess, thank you, anniversary, or memorial gifts for a companion animal who has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge -- a gift for any occasion -- or for no reason at all, other than to say: I Love You, I'm Thinking of You or I Respect Your Love for Animals. Help spread the word about animal rescue.

We have two types of magnets - a brand-new style which is a 5-1/2" circle magnet with the wording "Save a Life, Adopt a Homeless Pet". This one is white printing on a black background. We also offer the NEW spay/neuter magnet that is a blue background, has "Please Spay & Neuter" on it and it's 8" long x 4" wide (the same size as the other ribbon car magnets we're sure you've seen). These magnets are not sold in stores.

And you don't have to use them on your car - you can put them anywhere there is a metal surface - filing cabinets, the refrigerator, your desk (at home or at the office), let your imagination run wild!

You can have one, two or a FEW of your own magnets. The requested donation is $5.00 for 1 or $4.00 each, if you order 2 or more. Shipping is minimal and is based on the number of magnets you order. The shipping costs are already built into the Paypal button.

When you order two or more magnets, they are just $4.00 each -- up to 9 magnets -- and then you get one FREE for a total of 10 magnets.

If you want to order MORE than 10 magnets, just send an email to us at spotlink@yahoo.com and let us know. We'll be glad to help you out. These magnets would be especially welcomed by anyone who loves animals.

You can order your magnets and donate by PayPal below.

Or, if you wish to order by mail, just send your name, street address, email address (in case we need to reach you about your order) and the number of magnets you want to order (make sure to indicate which style), together with your check or money order payable to Nebraska Animal Rescue, to the following address:

Rescue Magnets
Nebraska Animal Rescue
P.O.Box 6433
Lincoln, NE 68506

Thank you so much for supporting our rescue efforts. None of us can do this alone, it takes many FRIENDS and supporters just like YOU!

Rescue Magnets Spay/Neuter Magnets
Buy one magnet
for $5.00
+ $.75 S&H

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Buy one magnet
for $5.00
+ $.75 S&H

Buy two magnets
for $8.00 + $1.50 S&H

Buy four magnets
for $16.00 + $2.00 S&H

Buy ten magnets
for $36.00 + $4.00 S&H

P.O.Box 6433
Lincoln, NE 68506

"Covering Nebraska and Beyond"

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