North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue

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Our Adoptable Pet List

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Why Rescue?

The answer to this question is best expressed through this message that was sent to us by one of our adopters:
"We came across DS while looking on Purebred dogs on the internet. At first I didn't hear about this organization. We were directed to Trudy and NADSR by Charis Tawney. We have never owned a DS but fell in love with everything about them. I had finally gotten an email from Trudy saying she thought Tanna was the best match for our family. We have two boys, 7 and 1. We never saw Tanna in person before getting her, but seeing her on the webpage and just the look on her face, I just had a good feeling about her. So, she traveled down here on a Sunday day. We absolutely adore Tanna. She is not completely brindle (on her legs and some parts of her face) but that makes her even more unique and special. Well, Trudy couldn't have placed us with a better dog. Tanna loves our older son and playing with him and his friends. The baby, she thinks he is HER baby. She sometimes smothers him, but it is to only kiss him all over his face or feet. She is a great walking partner also. These dogs really are amazing and highly intelligent. We couldn't be happier with Tanna. I hope this helps people see what a great family pet the DS can make. I know they are great for K-9 and resuce, but they are highly dedicated as a family pet also. NADSR has been great in assisting us and they are always there for questions, ect. It's a great feeling adopting a dog and giving them a second chance at a wonderful life and a forever home."

Our Featured Pet...

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NADSR has a website! Please visit us online at

To date, NADSR has placed over 250+ dogs since it's inception! Thanks to our dedicated group of volunteers all across the nation we have been able to help more and more dogs, but our volunteer base is small and it has prevented us from being able to reach our full potential. We hope to be able to continue to help as long as there are dogs out there needing our help. Please help make this possible by joining our volunteer base. We are looking for dedicated people who are willing to open their homes and hearts to rescued Dutch Shepherds whether long-term or temporarily. We are also looking for people willing to drive rescued dogs from shelters to their foster or adoptive homes. Sometimes a dog's journey spans many states, and so it is vital that we have volunteers in as many different locations as possible so that we may be able to get these dogs to a safe place.

Our Café Press Store is up and running with several new items. The Most popular item, the NEW 2014 Dutch Shepherd Calendar is here! Show your support and start shopping: All proceeds from the shop go directly to the dogs to pay for medical bills, shelter fees and other supplies.

NADSR is a verified Paypal user! We are in desperate need of donations as the cost of taking in more and more dogs is getting quite high. Some of our expenses include but are not limited to the following:

1. physical examination

2. spay/neuter surgery

3. heartworm testing and preventative medication

4. vaccinations

5. treatments for illnesses such as kennel cough and mange

6. food

If you wish to make a monetary donation to NADSR through Paypal, our Paypal email address is Any amount is greatly appreciated!

We want to emphasize the point that all of our dogs CAN be adopted to out-of-state homes. One of our latest adoptions was by a family from Connecticut, and they adopted one of our fosters in California! So please, if you are interested in ANY of our dogs, but live out of state, we are EXTREMELY willing to help get the dog transported to you. So, do not be discouraged by distance.

Foster Homes Needed! NADSR is looking for responsible, and dedicated people who are willing to provide care, training, and love to a dog in need, and prepare it to be a good canine citizen and family pet while it awaits its forever home. If you would like to become a foster home, please click here to fill out an application.

Who We Are

The Dutch Shepherd or Hollandse Herdershond as it is known in its native land is a medium-sized, and lightly-built working dog that resembles the Belgian Shepherd breeds and the German Shepherd Dog. They are a high-energy breed that need guidance and love at the same time.

North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue is a national organization, made up of volunteers, that is dedicated to finding homes for homeless Dutch Shepherds, and educating the public about the responsibilities that come with owning a dog of this breed. All of our dogs were either turned in to us by their owners or they were pulled out of animal shelters. We run on a foster basis so all of our dogs are currently living in someones' private home until a permanent home is found. The Dutch Shepherd is not the breed for everyone, so we strongly suggest that you do some research to make sure that you are willing and able to put in the time necessary to raising a happy and healthy Dutchie. We have regional coordinators who are responsible for a number of states, so if you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, or if you have a Dutch Shepherd that you need to place, please get in touch with your regional coordinator. Also, if you volunteer or work at an animal shelter or humane society and you believe that one of the dogs in your care is a Dutch Shepherd, please contact us with information and photographs of the dog and we will, first, determine if the dog is a DS, and second, if the dog is a DS we can help you to place him/her.

Adopting a friend

NADSR has dogs located in multiple states across the U.S. We want to emphasize that we place dogs in homes nationally. One of our most recent adoptions was by a family in Connecticut who adopted one our fosters in California! We are more than willing to help with transport, so if you see a dog that you are interested in adopting, please click here to find the pre-adopt form

Adoption coordinator : Trudy Donais

Come Visit Us!

To learn more about the Dutch Shepherd, how to adopt, or volunteer, please visit our website at

There are also two Yahoo! groups that you can join: dutchshepherdrescue and NADSR. If you have just adopted a Dutch Shepherd, or are interested in acquiring one but would like to learn more, both of these groups provide a wealth of information and support.

North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue
PO Box 1255

Jamestown, CA 95327
Phone# will be given after adoption application is received

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