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Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a volunteer run, foster based organization; we do not have a brick and mortar shelter- our animals are housed in private foster homes- and an approved application is required before meeting our available pets!
Our process:
Tell us about you; let us know about your family, what you’re looking for and any of our current animals available you’re interested in finding out more about or meeting. We’ll send you an application for you to send out. Once we review it, we’ll follow up with any additional questions or to arrange a meeting. Upon meeting, we request that all family members and other dogs be included in the introduction to ensure that everyone has a chance to decide if it’s the right match for one another.
For application requests, please contact us at adopt@motleyzoo.org  – followed by any pet in particular you’re interested in.
Please keep in mind, we will process all applications in the order received as quickly as possible.
Adoption donation fees are determined by the age, health, breed and behavior of the animal. While we do our best to keep the costs of the adoption as low as possible, please know that all proceeds go directly towards helping our organization, to vet and take care of animals in need.

Who We Are

Our Mission
Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is dedicated to improving the lives of animals locally, nationally and internationally; alleviating their suffering and elevating their status in society through the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need and through the education of their community on responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, advocating the value of all animal life, in hopes to end the neglect and abuse of all animals and to end the devastating pet overpopulation through spay and neuter advocacy.
Our Vision
Motley Zoo Animal Rescue dedicates its work to end pet overpopulation and the resulting euthanization of healthy, adoptable animals due to limited space and funds of our local, national, and international animal welfare organizations as well as working to end abuse and neglect of all animals resulting from lack of information and education of the community, all the while advocating the value of all animal life.
“These birds and animals and fish cannot speak, but they can suffer, and our God who created them, knows their sufferings, and will hold him who causes them to suffer unnecessarily to answer for it…”
– George Q. Cannon, Animal Activist
What we believe
Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is an official, 501c3 non-profit corporation, foster- based, volunteer run animal rescue, assisting local, national, and international animals (primarily dogs and cats) in need. We don’t have a shelter facility- instead we house our rescue animals with foster families where they enjoy one-on-one attention in a home environment, as well as receive training and support while we work to find them the best possible forever homes. We do have a physical location where we host Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare, centralize operations, host events- but this is not a shelter. We do not have kennels of adoptable animals for you to view. Our animals stay in foster homes- private, families who volunteer their time to host an animal temporarily- and for the sake of safety and privacy, an appointment is required to meet these animals.
Dogs are adopted directly from foster homes during adoption meetings held at our Studio, events and/ or partnering pet stores. After an initial stay in foster care, cats are moved to “cat condos” at a partnering pet store location  such as All the Best Pet Care, Crown Hill Pet Supply, Natural Pet Pantry and various Petco stores. Through this joint effort, the cats are cared for daily by the employees of each store- which includes allowing the pets out daily for supervised fun and play before, during, and after store hours; the adoptions are performed by Motley Zoo representatives, after our application process has been completed. Unlike dogs, cats do not get adopted simply being featured online. Cat adoptions proceed more quickly when they are in the public eye and able to show off their personalities in these stores.
Foster families are the backbone of our organization. In an effort to reach more animals in need, we are always searching for more of these dedicated foster families. As a foster family, you provide our animals with a safe home to relax their minds; fresh water and healthy food to nourish their bodies; gentle hands and soft words to caress their souls. But also, like children, pets crave routine, boundaries and limitations. Our foster families provide such structure, not only to help these animals become better companions, but also to provide them with (sometimes their first) sense of security. With all this- which is what most people do for their own pets already- these animals are able to relax and become happy, healthy creatures again- which in turn makes them more adoptable. This also helps them to adjust much easier into new forever homes.
If you are interested in saving lives, it is far easier than you think. Thinking about it is harder than actually doing i, so give it a shot- even just once! You really can’t say you “can’t” foster if you have never even tried!
Please shoot us an email at info@motleyzoo.org. We’d love to speak with you further about our many volunteer and foster opportunities.
The Motley Zoo Crew
Our Impact
We have a 99% live release rate. This means that while 1% of the animals we’ve rescued died or were humanely euthanized, we have saved 99%! Our goal is to maintain this high impact, life saving mission!


Come Visit Us

Mailing Address (This is a MAILBOX ONLY):
Please Note: This is NOT a location you can visit! 
23316 NE Redmond Fall City Rd
PMB #522
Redmond, WA 98053-8376
Our Studio: Rock Star Treatment Dog Daycare & Training
Please Note: This is NOT a traditional shelter location where you can drop in to adopt animals! 
We have some adoptable cats on site, others at partnering pet stores throughout the area; NO ADOPTABLE DOGS on site. You need an approved application to meet/ adopt the majority of our animals as they primarily stay in private foster homes. The exception for meeting animals without an approved application is at one of our regular Adoption Events.
16715 Cleveland St.
Redmond, WA 98053
Dog Daycare: M-F 7am-7pm
Cat Visiting Hours: M-F 12-6pm

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