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We have many dogs of various colors. But for some reason, our dark or black dogs get overlooked when looking for a new pet. Next time you come out, stop and look closer at our darker colored dogs. Your newest best friend may be waiting there for you.


We have now finished the building known as Martha's House. Now our cats have a new home. Those of you wishing to help us in future repairs or additions to our facilities, please send your contributions to the address below. Recently we have begun expanding our facilities. We have a puppy house, where our newest puppies are housed until they are adopted or grow to a size where they will be moved to the main building. In the near future, we will have a new run where our adoptors can meet and visit with our dogs, also our dogs can exercise. In another area, we will house our dogs known as "bully breeds" and those being held for observation. So a lot is happening at our shelter. Come out and see how we are growing. We have now become a member of Sponsor a Pet. On each of our animal sites you can become a sponsor of that animal. This is another way of helping us see to the needs of the animals that depend on us.

Who We Are

The Morehouse Humane Society was founded in 1984. Since its inception, the Morehouse Humane Society has grown form a small group of caring individuals to over 150 members. We are responsible for expenses, such as food, medical care, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, facility expansion and cleaning supplies. In the last 21 years, thousands of animals have been cared for, spayed and neutered, vaccinated and adopted by individuals and families like you.

Adopting a friend

Come adopt your pet Monday through Sunday from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon and 1 P.M. to 3 P.M.. Our pet adoption fees are $40 for dogs and $30 for cats. This fee includes their first round of vaccinations. Our shelter is located at 6878 Mer Rouge Road, ( Highway 165 ) north of Bastrop.
Morehouse Humane Society
P.O. Box 87 (6878 Mer Rouge Road)
Bastrop, LA 71221
Phone: 318-283-0288
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