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Our objective is simple; to save as many companion animals as possible from dying needlessly - whether they are abandoned, or at risk of being euthanized in City and Rural Shelters. Midwest Animal ResQ does not specialize in a specific breed, but rather  any dog that is facing eminent danger and/or death.

Animal shelters and rescue groups are regularly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of animals they receive. Those that refrain from euthanizing except in extreme circumstances fill up quickly and have many animals on their waiting lists. Most animal control shelters are obligated to take in all animals brought to them, as well as the strays they pick up. This means that some dogs must die to make room for the new arrivals.

Every day we see purebred dogs & cats and adorable mixed breed puppies & kittens put to sleep simply because they weren't adopted in the short time allotted. Given more time, or moved to another location, most would surely find homes. Some female dogs & cats are put down just because they're pregnant!

For this reason, we have a continual rotation of foster animals within our own homes. Volunteers foster many cats, dogs and horses. These animals live as part of our families until we can find them the perfect forever family.  Due to the lack of space and finances we can only save what our homes will hold. Some fosters can save only one at a time, others can do three or even more. The placement of these foster animals makes room for others to be saved. That is why adopting a rescued animal is so important.  Adoption saves a life!

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