Italian Greyhound Rescue of North Dakota and Minnesota (IGCA)

Italian Greyhound Rescue of Minnesota and North Dakota is part of IGCA (Italian Greyhound Club of America) Rescue. Our volunteers and foster homes are located across Minnesota and North Dakota, as well as Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Our primary goal is to help any Italian Greyhound that needs our assistance. We receive dogs into Rescue and place them in loving foster homes to get necessary vet care and training, and await adoption. We do NOT have a shelter or facility. We also help owners struggling with training or behavioral issues, and provide them with information and assistance to keep their IG in their home. If you are looking for an Italian Greyhound in Minnesota or North Dakota, we always have a wide variety of IGs available for adoption!

We are staffed entirely with volunteers, so as you make your way through an adoption, volunteer, or surrender process, please be both patient and persistent. Thank you for supporting Italian Greyhound Rescue of Minnesota and North Dakota.




Through our adoption process, we match each adoptive family with an available dog that will be a good "forever" fit.

Before you begin an adoption process, please research the breed.
Click here to learn more about IGs.
Click here to read about "The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ugly."

Our adoption process consists of:

  1. Fill out Adoption Application
  2. Reference Checks and Vet Check
  3. Conversation to determine what dogs might be a good match for your family
  4. Home visit
  5. Meet available dogs
  6. Complete Adoption Agreement on Adoption Day!

Please submit an application if you'd like to be on our list of approved adopters. Sometimes a dog won't make it on to Petfinder because we had an approved adopter on our list, waiting for that perfect match! All adoption fees go to the IG Rescue Fund, to pay for veterinary care for all of our foster dogs.

Adopting an Italian Greyhound should be a lifelong commitment. Click here to download the Family for Life Form

Adopting out-of-state and into Canada

  • Out-of-state Adoptions are at the sole discretion of the potential adopter's local IGCA Rescue Representative (US only). Local adoptions are strongly preferred, as it is highly likely that a suitable Italian Greyhound is or will soon be available in your home state or neighboring states.
  • Adoptions into Canada can be approved by IGCA Rescue of MN/ND. Home visits may take longer than usual to arrange.
  • Adopter MUST come to the foster home to meet their new dog -- we DO NOT ship dogs under any circumstances.
  • We will provide a bill of sale (Canada adoptions), and certification of current vaccinations.
  • A duty tax may be collected at the Canadian border.

A word of caution about purchasing a puppy:
If you choose to purchase a non-rescue IG puppy, please shop with caution. ALL puppies sold in pet stores are from puppy mills, where their parents may suffer in horrific conditions. There are no exceptions -- a decent breeder would NEVER allow their pups to be sold at a pet store. Pet store puppies will be more prone to health and behavioral defects. Many "internet" breeders are also not reputable, despite what a fancy website may imply. Please, do your homework to locate a good, responsible breeder who works to improve the breed, and does health testing on all breeding dogs. If a breeder routinely has several puppies available, will accept payment by credit card over the internet, and will ship a puppy to a buyer without extensive communication and owner education, those are red flags that the breeder is not reputable and should be avoided.

Click here for more information about Puppy Mills.



IGCA Rescue is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which means we rely solely upon volunteers and donations to care for the dogs in our rescue program.

Volunteers can help in many ways:

  • fostering (full term and short term)
  • application processing
  • home visits
  • transport
  • fundraising
  • events
  • sewing collars, bellybands, and sweaters

Training in any area is available!

Fostering is an incredible opportunity to help a dog in need... to be a bridge for that dog, from an uncaring situation or uncertain future, into a new life with a loving, adoptive, "forever" home. Foster homes work to transform dogs who have lost their homes into more adoptable companions. We are ALWAYS in need of foster home volunteers.

What IGCA Rescue provides for your foster dog:

  • martingale collar, tag collar with rescue ID tag, and leash
  • if needed, other basic supplies such as kennel, bed, crate blanket, food dish
  • approved veterinary care
  • heartworm preventative
  • the support of a community of volunteers

What you provide for your foster dog:

  • affection and attention
  • food
  • teeth and nail care
  • training to address areas of need, such as housetraining, crate training, socialization, and basic obedience
  • communication with the area representative regarding the dog's temperament, needs, and progress
  • communication with screened and approved adoptive homes who may want to meet your foster dog
  • in the case of full term fostering, a commitment to care for the dog until an adoptive home is found

We can only save as many IGs as we have foster spots available. Contact Us if you're interested in fostering an Italian Greyhound!

You can also help the Italian Greyhounds in foster care by making a monetary or other donation. Please consider donating new or used tag or martingale collars, coats/sweaters, and crates. We are also in need of potty pads, toys, and other supplies. Giftcards to local gas stations (SuperAmerica, BP, Kwik Trip, Holiday), Walmart, PetCo, and PetSmart are always welcome, and help to defray transport and supply costs. Thank you for your support!



While we wish every Italian Greyhound to remain in a great home, sometimes it just isn't meant to be. Dogs are turned over to our rescue for a variety of reasons, including move, divorce, jobloss, or other life changes for the owner. House training, energy level, leg breaks, and lack of knowledge about the breed are also among the reasons an IG may be surrendered. In any case we are happy to help the owner, and will welcome their dog into rescue, with the owner knowing we will do everything possible to make sure that their IG's next home will be their forever home.

Dogs also come to us from other organizations. We have good working relationships with other rescues and shelters, and will assist them in taking or placing IGs surrendered to their programs. We accept dogs regardless of health, behavior, sex, or age. We often have a waiting list for foster homes, so please be patient.

Click here if you need to fill out a Surrender Questionnaire.

Download and fill out a Relinquishment Form, which is required for any dog coming in to our rescue.



You can never do too much research on the Italian Greyhound! Our dedicated volunteers are always willing to direct owners and adopters to additional resources on specific topics. If you have questions, please contact us.

On-leash Safety

Martingale Collars are IMPORTANT. Italian Greyhounds are sighthounds, and are very visually reactive with a top speed of 35 mph. They are NOT safe off-leash except in a fully fenced area. When outside a fenced area, an IG MUST be on a martingale collar and leash at all times. A properly fitted martingale collar prevents an IG (with their neck the same size as their head) from slipping out and escaping, as happens with a regular buckle collar.

See How to Fit a Martingale Collar.

Trust - A Deadly Disease (courtesy of WI IG Rescue)


IGCA Health Information Health: Vaccinations for Dogs

"The Truth" About Vaccinations

Leg Break Rehab Advice (courtesy of D'Folly IGs)

Parvovirus Information (courtesy of Curio IGs)

Mar Vista Vet Pet Web Library

Poison Control (courtesy of Curio IGs)


IGCA Dental Care

IGCA Nail Care

Why long toenails are harmful to your dog's health (courtesy of WI IG Rescue)

Nutrition, Feeding, and Weight Maintenance

Follow these basic tips to choose a good dog food:

  • DO make sure that the first ingredient (or ingredients) is a specific animal protein, such as chicken, beef, pork, duck, lamb, etc.
  • avoid wheat and corn
  • avoid junky non-nutritive fillers like brewers rice, cellulose (wood pulp), hulls, and mill run (floor sweepings)
  • avoid artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors
  • avoid sugar -- this is often added to low quality dog food to increase palatability
  • avoid non-specific animal sources, such as "meat" and "animal" -- these can be obtained from very unpleasant sources
  • DO supplement kibble with fresh, healthy, "whole" foods (see "Poison Control" above for foods to avoid)

IGCA Rescue of ND/MN does not recommend free-choice feeding (free feeding). Measured, scheduled feedings (such as twice daily) promote healthy weight and consistent potty habits, and also provide an opportunity for the owner to positively reinforce good behavior.

What's in your dog food? (Detailed nutrition information from The Dogfood Project)

What should an IG look like? (courtesy of D'Folly IGs)

More on weight maintenance (courtesy of WI IG Rescue)


Vikki's Housetraining 101 (courtesy of D'Folly IGs)

Housetraining and Crate Training tips from "The Housebreaking Bible"
Housetraining Your Italian Greyhound (courtesy of WI IG Rescue)

Housetraining when it's cold outside (courtesy of WI IG Rescue)

Housetraining Your Italian Greyhound (courtesy of Izat IGs)

The myth of "normal" dogs -- why imperfect people shouldn't expect perfect dogs!

Crate Training your IG

Introducing Cats and Dogs

Other Comprehensive Resources

Italian Greyhound Club of America

Iggy Planet -- Online Forum (Izat IGs)

All About IGs (courtesy of WI IG Rescue)

The Whole Dog Journal

Dog Aware

Veterinarians who support our Rescue

Dr. Art Rutcher, DVM, at At Home Animal Clinic -- Stillwater, MN, and Somerset Animal Hospital -- Somerset, WI

Dr. Steve Levine, DVM at Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital

Pinkerton Animal Hospital -- Minot, ND

Dr. Alicia Wisnewski, DVM -- Prairie Winds Veterinary Center -- Moorhead, MN

Other People who support our Rescue

Treden Wagoner -- portrait artist -- Special thanks to Treden for designing and building this Web page.

Shaka Dog Hawaii -- collars, apparel

Greyt Cottage Designs -- hats and jammies

K9 Closet -- collars, apparel

AllBreed Obedience -- training school in Woodbury, MN -- Ask for the Rescue Discount and receive $5 off your Level 1 Obedience Class.

Dogs At Play -- daycare, boarding, and grooming in Newport, MN

Wag-N-Train -- daycare, boarding, and grooming in Grand Forks, ND

Andrew Brown -- photography

Judy Solyntjes -- animal communicator --Ask for the IGCA Rescue Discount and receive $5 off your session.

Eva Hage -- sighthound art