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Mikes Dog House is a 501(c)3 Pitbull Rescue and pride ourselves in providing the public with the safest and best behaved dogs for your family. All our bullys (mainly pitbulls) are thoroughly evaluated and temperment tested by our specialists before they are posted for adoption. We are NOT a foster network or a "Pitbull Friendly" rescue. We are a Pitbull Rescue and we are the best. The dogs are here on premises and so are we 24/7/365. Most of our staff are expert handlers with an average of 25 years experience. All our dogs are walked and interact with different people everyday at a minimum of 3 times per day. They are not penned or left in runs to become wild and wooly. We love and nurture each rescue dog to make sure they stay adoptable and become more adoptable everyday no matter how long they stay with us. Please do your homework before you adopt a pitbull. Go to our website at www.mikesdoghouse.org. And please donate today so we will be able to continue in our great mission.

90% of the overpopulation problem is due to the ignorance of the owners of these animals. Mikes Dog House strives to educate people to create accountability.


Animal ownership needs to become a "revocable" privilege. All of these problems are because it is not. We need to lobby to create new laws and take bold steps in setting standards which will protect our animals as well as our citizens. When a person is found to be abusing an animal, not only should they be lawfully reprimanded, their right to ownership should be revoked. Just as a child molester gets a brand of sorts, so should the animal abuser. All animals should have to be licensed with the city and only be licensed if they are up to date with all shots and have been spayed or neutered unless they are a part of a recognized Breeding Facility. This should prevent the future creation of puppy mills and help us shut down the existing ones. Mikes Dog House is dedicated to bringing these intelligent solutions into law. Not just in FL, but in all the states... for all the Bullie's sakes.

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Please visit our web page at http://www.mikesdoghouse.org/ to learn more about our organization.
Mikes Dog House

Palatka, FL 32177
Phone: 386.328.7789
Email: gbarrett@mikesdoghouse.org

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