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As the number of homeless animals steadily increases, the standard of who animal control / shelters will "invest in" and who they won't, also keeps going up. This means that dogs are now being put down just because of their breed and/or unfavorable behaviors. What we at Mighty Mutts Dog Rescue (MMDR) strive to do, is "Adopt The Unadoptables". We take in the dogs that others would quickly turn away. For some, this may mean educating potential adopters about breed stereotypes. For others, this may mean intensive training and rehabilitation for "undesirable" habbits (which may include food agression, separation anxiety, etc.) We believe that there is a perfect home out there for every dog, but this does not mean that every dog fits every home. Because they are fostered in homes as if they were our own dogs, we know what will and what will not be a good fit for them. We do not do blind adoptions, rather we screen each dog and each potential adopter to make the best match.
We are a foster based rescue and would not be able to operate without the help of our foster families. If you would be interested in fostering, please -email us and we will contact you right away.

Fostering Expectations: What we ask is that the foster provide shelter, food and water for the dog. The rescue will cover all vet care. When the dog is adopted, we do our best to give a "gift" to the foster home. This can be pet supplies (if you have other pets in your home) or something else if that does not fit the fosters needs.

Our adoption process

This is our adoption process:
1. Potential adopter inquires about a dog and receives an adoption application
2. The adoption application is completed and returned to Mighty Mutts
3. The adoption application is reviewed by Mighty Mutts and either approved or denied
4. Upon approval, a meeting is scheduled for the potential adopters to meet the animal (this is scheduled by the foster, as they would take the dog to the meeting)
5. The meeting takes place and the foster says thumbs up or thumbs down to the potential adopter
6. Upon thumbs up from the foster at the meeting, the adoption contract is completed, the fee is paid, and they get to take the dog home

If you have any questions about Mighty Mutts Dog Rescue; our goal or how we operate, please feel free to contact us for more information.
Mighty Mutts Dog Rescue
Berkley, MI 48072

Email: mightymuttsdogrescue@gmail.com
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