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Annual Newsletter***Greetings from MEOW, Inc.***Spring 2017

Spring is here and so are we! Yes, we're happy to report we made it through the winter and we are looking forward to another productive year. And we are delighted to report, MEOW, Inc. placed second in the 2016 Register Citizens Readers Choice Award for Best Rescue Organization. We are persistent in our efforts to aid the abandoned and homeless felines in our area. We hope to someday be out of business but there are many felines in need of our assistance and we are asking for your support.

We helped with several dreadful feline situations last year: One at a large industrial park and apartment complex where the rescuers found more than fifty felines suffering with malnutrition, along with a severe case of stomatitis and a badly infected eye; Another situation at a home where sixteen felines had been abandoned; We also funded the spay/neuter for a twenty-four cat and kitten colony where all the friendly felines were placed and we donated to a food drive for hungry animals sponsored by another organization.

Do you remember Bitsy? In 2016 we rescued a pregnant cat and she produced two adorable kittens. But soon it was clear, the tiny, sweet, and lovable little girl, Bitsy, had trouble breathing while playing with her toys. She was diagnosed with a congenital defect where the chest cavity was too small for the heart and lungs to develop. After a plea to the community for help, we were able to fund lifesaving surgery which expanded her chest cavity so heart and lungs could develop normally. She is in a forever home living a perfect cat life, full of playing, eating, and snoozing!

Our goal for 2017 is to provide one hundred spay/neuters for our homeless feline population.

The following represents the standard costs in a spay/neuter package which your donations will cover:

$70.00 pays for one spay

$50.00 pays for one neuter

$40.00 pays for one feline leukemia/aids test

$25.00 pays for vaccines for one cat

$20.00 pays for deworming treatment for one cat

$10.00 pays one dose of flea treatment

The plight of the homeless feline continues to be grave and their endurance of neglect and suffering is heart breaking. As long as we are receiving pleas for assistance, we are energized to continue to help all that we can. Our wish is to carry on but we cannot do this without you. We ask for your financial support so we may continue to aid the abandoned felines in our community by providing the financial assistance for their medical rehabilitation. We have no paid staff and all of your donations go to the felines.

We do not accept cats since we have no shelter and no extensive system of foster homes. However, the veterinary care support we provide to rescue groups and independent rescuers enables them to foster, rehabilitate and eventually place felines. We continue to help private individuals with spay and neuter assistance for strays they have so kindly taken in. Imagine, without this compassionate act, these felines would face neglect, starvation and death. Please, once again, we ask you to come along on our journey and continue your financial support along with your blessings and good wishes.

Until we write again, all the best to you and yours,

Board of Directors, MEOW, Inc., P. O. Box 999, Litchfield, CT 06759

MEOW, Inc. is a non-profit, non-destroy cat welfare organization founded in 1984 in Litchfield, CT and a tax exempt 501(c)3 corporation. Please consider us as a beneficiary in your will, trust, life insurance policy, or retirement plan. You will then become part of a dedicated group that recognizes our work as vital to the homeless felines in this community and ensure the support of our future endeavors. This is easy to do. Contact us at meowinc@yahoo.com or at 860-567-3277 for more information.

Note you can also support us if you are shopping on Amazon. Go to smile.amazon.com and enter MEOW,INC. in Litchfield CT as your charity of choice. Then each time you place an order on Amazon Smile, MEOW, Inc. will receive .5% of your eligible purchases.

We are disappointed to report the Bethlehem Fairgrounds are not available this year so stay tuned and watch for our 2018 Tag Sale!

M.E.O.W., INC. has re-structured and re-focused our efforts.

Please read the following press release published in the Sunday Republican in Waterbury Connecticut on June 14, 2009.

MEOW, Inc., past and present

MEOW, Inc. wishes to notify the public of its current status. We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) cat welfare organization having once housed a non-destroy shelter in Litchfield, Connecticut. After more than 10 years in existence, our shelter was forced to close after we lost our lease. For more than five years, colony work and adoption efforts continued with volunteers providing shelter in the form of foster homes with adoptions at open houses at various venues across the county.

In 2007, our supervising veterinarian and founder of MEOW, Inc., Dr. Mary Huhndorf, relocated with her family back to her native Alaska. With Dr. Huhndorf's departure and a shrinking volunteer base, MEOW has restructured and refocused our current activities keeping in line with our original mission.

Although MEOW is no longer involved in sheltering and adopting homeless cats, we continue to offer spay and neuter assistance on a case by case basis to the public along with educational advice and counsel. Because MEOW is strictly non-destroy, MEOW also continues to provide for and fund the long term care needs, including medical care and supplies, for our special-needs cats that were placed into permanent homes over the years.

We also would like to address our old web site, 'meowct.org'. This web page was set up in 2002 by one of our volunteers at that time. The content of the website is out-of-date and we have repeatedly tried to close this site, without success, as we have not been able to locate the volunteer who originally developed and owns the site. We will continue to try to shut this site down and we apologize for any confusion. Our current web site is at www.meow-inc.petfinder.com.

---- Board of Directors, M.E.O.W., INC.

Update: Just in case you have not heard: HOPE Spay/Neuter Clinic has a new name and location...

It is now called the New HOPE Clinic at 214 Canal St in Plantsville, CT 06479 and their phone number is (860) 620-0325. They opened their doors in August 2009 in Waterbury and they continue to be a great resource for our area providing low cost spay/neuter services for both cats and dogs. More information is available on their website www.hopect.org


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