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Who We Are

We are a rescue friendly shelter in Southeast Ohio, about 2 hours south of Columbus, located near the ohio River. We try to unite lost dogs with their owners, and find homes for all the loving dogs that come to our shelter. But there are just too many.
We are always looking for loving homes, volunteers, and donations to help the dogs.
There also aren't enough hours in the work day for the dog warden to pick up strays, deal with legal dog cases and enforce existing dog confinement and ownership laws. We need help and you can make a difference by adopting just one dog. We can't do that without your help. If you can't adopt, please have your current pets spayed or neutered. It saves lives!

Shelter Wish List

Please stop in to drop off these supplies and say "Hi!" to The dog warden! If you would like to mail us any supplies or donations, please send them directly to the shelter. Checks for donations should be made out to Meigs County Dog Shelter.

Adopting a friend

Come in and see our wonderful dogs and puppies. See a new friend? Talk to the dog warden. The shelter will not adopt to breeders or "collectors" and has the right to refuse adoption when it is in the best interest of the dog not to go with them.
Also, please excuse our mess, as the shelter is an older facility, and while we work hard keeping it clean and maintained, it can be quite hectic at times. Please call for anything you would like to know. Please leave a message if there is no answer, and your call will be returned!
Our Adoptable Pet List
Adoption costs are $100 for adult dogs and $100 for puppies (with a spay/neuter contract). The adoption price INCLUDES spay neuter, first shots, rabies vaccine, and a dog license.

Our Featured Pet...

All dogs are in need of wonderful homes!
Because of the huge numbers of unwanted dogs in Meigs county, we cannot list a specific "featured pet" and be certain that it will be available. We adopt out and send dogs to rescue constantly on a first come first serve basis.
Just a few of our dogs that have found wonderful homes.


That's right. We have puppies.Lots of them. All different kinds come into the shelter every week. Just stop by the shelter,or give us a call.

Please Spay and Neuter
For More Information on Spay and Neuter, Visit the Dog Hause Spay and Neuter Information Page.

Volunteer help needed:. Local foster homes for dogs, Shelter/Kennel help, Dog walkers, Certified dog trainers, Meigs County Dog Shelter would like to thank the countless number of volunteers who have helped rescue hundreds of dogs in 2015. We hope to increase this number even more in 2016. If you would like to become an official Rescue organization with us, please call or email.

We are looking forward to some repairs around the shelter this year, and are definitely in need of supplies. Anyone with extra fencing and dog kennels should feel free to call us. We can arrange for pickup in SE ohio.


We are rescue friendly and love for our dogs and puppies to go to any reputable rescue. While we prefer to adopt out our animals to local loving families, we are more than willing to work with adoption families and rescues from all over the country, and even in Canada. Our dogs have been sent from California to Maine to Florida, and we would love to add your town to our map of loving placements.

While we do not have the funding to transport the animals ourselves, we do have some volunteers that can help with some transports. If you can't make a transport yourself, we can arrange for you to talk to these volunteers. information!
To sign up, please fill out this form, and email or call us to let us know.
MCDS Rescue Group Application

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Come Visit Us!

The Meigs County Dog Shelter is located at 41790 Fairgrounds Lane, Pomeroy OH. This is at the Fairground area. Watch for the signs.

Map to our shelter

Meigs County Dog Shelter
41790 Fairgrounds Lane
Pomeroy, OH 45769

Phone: 740-992-3779

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