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We operate a small rescue organization that is determined to help unwanted shelter animals whose time has run out and their destiny is deemed perilous. Maryland Animal Sanctuary & Rescue , Inc. is supported by a select few volunteers who have the same passionate desire to save as many shelter animals as possible. Some animals come from local shelters and others from distant shelters in other states, still others are displaced homeless animals found wandering the streets. All the animals are fostered out of volunteers' homes. They are socialized with children, playing with other animals, and they are exposed to everyday family life. We take each animal for a vet check, have them vaccinated, de-wormed etc... If an animal is 22 weeks or older, they will always be spayed/neutered. We require an adoption application, a signed contract and an adoption fee. We will complete regular follow-up, including veterinarian follow-up, on your new companion. If you are interested in adopting any of our furry four-legged friends, please check our website ( for an adoption application. Please keep in mind: We will not ship animals, but will consider reasonable transport for the perfect home! The animals hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for considering adoption from a rescue organization!


PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR WONDERFUL WEBSITE designed by the incredibly talented and generous Mr. Hal Fox!!!!

Donations are a big part of rescue. Adoption fees do NOT cover the expenses involved in rescue. All money received by our organization is always applied directly towards the ever-increasing veterinarian bills. The money allows us to spay and neuter, vaccinate, and treat many animals who have had a very difficult road to finding their forever families. Almost 100% of the time, our volunteers must use their own funds to feed the foster animals in their care a healthy diet, and often they splurge on toys, treats, or even a new litter box. Fostering is difficult enough... We appreciate the selfless act, but we must also acknowledge the monetary sacrifices they make as well. All our furry friends say a heartfelt "Thank You".

The animals depend on us for everything from food to medical care to toys. Your contributions are always welcome and needed to offer daily care for lots of needy pets. It may seem bold asking for your assistance, but we have to be the voice for those without one. I know several compassionate people check my site every week, just to see the new faces I have rescued. If you can't adopt at this time, don't worry...there are so many other ways to help. You could foster one of the homeless, You could help organize or attend a fundraiser, Donate items for a flea market or Make craft items for a fundraiser, You could help transport animals from the shelter or Pick up an animal from the vet. Of course, a monetary donation is always appreciated! We also have many other needs as well: old towels, blankets, sheets, pillows, crates or kennels, toys, treats, leashes, collars, food, litter, bedding for the small furry pets, office supplies, office equipment, OR even Gift cards from pet stores in any amount would be appreciated. My ***SPECIAL REQUESTS this month: Heating Pads for the small orphaned babies, goats milk, formula, nursing bottles for kittens and puppies, KMR, Nutri-CAL for puppies and Kittens.****

If you have the ability to donate money towards the vet bills, that would be greatly appreciated!!! All the vets at Academy Animal Hospital work very hard for rescue organizations such as mine. They do their best to give us reduced fees, but vet bills just seem to keep growing with every animal rescued. You may call in a credit card donation to 410-483-5162, don't forget to have it credited towards the MAS Rescue account! Or If you choose to write a check, you can make it out to Academy Animal Hospital and mail it directly to them at 5915 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 21206. Don't forget to notate: "Apply towards MAS Rescue's bill". Please contact me via e-mail to make sure the proper amount has been credited. Also note: if you wish to be a volunteer or to schedule a pick-up or drop-off of donated goods please call or e-mail me.

Our Featured Animal...

Together... working towards common goals... rescuing the forgotten, the helpless and the homeless four-legged furry friends... I couldn't accomplish all that I have without the help and support of so many dedicated volunteers...

I wanted to take the time to give a BIG Thanks to several other special people who offer their time, their money, their cars, their homes, their talents, and share their lives with our furry companions in need:

I have to thank all the staff at Academy Animal Hospital especially DR. LEWIS. Excellent care, compassion and great friend to animals and people alike.

GOOD NEIGHBORS, a volunteer organization in Anne Arundel County, that donated money and supplies to our group when needed. Thanks seem so inadequate a word...!!

KATHY... you know who you are... We appreciate your donations and your daughter's help in obtaining much needed supplies for all our foster friends. THANKS so much!!! : )

MAS Rescue, Inc. has established a wonderful "animal" relationship with KAREN DECKER. She is the director of the MD based P.U.P.S. Obedience School. She has offered to help us help more animals with proper training. Her time and the expertise of her staff are priceless. The amazing changes that have been brought to several animals deemed 'unadoptable' and many so many others who bonded quickly to their new owners because of your sessions, is nothing short of Amazing. She has also very generously allowed adopters from MAS the opportunity to train their recued companions for a deep discount. If interested in classes please visit her webpage: Thanks Karen!!

And always... to My MOM and my children for always being there, moral support, and all your fostering help!! I love you so much and appreciate your support always!

So many to thank and only so much room... I hope I haven't missed anyone.. If you would like to be our Facebook Friend, we would LOVE it! Please visit us at:
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