~ Mason County Animal Shelter ~
We are a county-run animal control facility. Our capacity is 40 dogs and 36 cats. We are not allowed to go above that and need to keep a few kennels open for emergencies.we now have a new policy we can only keep animals in the shelter for 3 weeks an no longer
We Are Rescue Friendly Contact ; mcasneville@peoplepc.com

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Best Friends Staffers Visit Mason County!

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We need local VOLUNTEERS! If you would like to volunteer in ANY way, please contact us. We need local and virtual (long distance) help!

We are a high intake county shelter and need rescue help! We are NOT a no-kill shelter. Our county commission limits us to 40 dogs and 36 cats max! Without LOTS of rescue help and adoptions, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for us to maintain the population at this level without euthanizing.we now have a new policy an animals have a time limit tostay in the shelter an it is 3 weeks

Surrendering an animal: Please visit the shelter during operating hours and speak to Betty, the shelter director, to surrender an animal. There is $10.00 fee to surrender. Please DO NOT leave animals unattended outside after business hours. We've had animals get lost, killed by vehicles, or hang themselves on leashes that were tied to the fence. PLEASE bring your animals in during our business hours 12;00pm -4;00pm mon -fri . Residents, if you need to surrender an animal, we also STRONGLY SUGGEST that you reach out to rescues and no-kill shelters via Petfinder for assistance in rehoming your pet. Rescues typically keep animals in foster homes rather than a shelter environment. This is a healthier environment and much less stressful for your pet than going into a crowded, noisy shelter.

Spay/neuter is one of the most important things you can do for the health of your pet and to cut down on the dog/cat overpopulation problem. WV law MANDATES that all dogs/cats adopted from a shelter MUST be spayed/neutered! Scroll down for information on low-cost spay/neuter for WV residents.

Contact the webmaster for Petfinder updates.

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

WV residents, low-cost spay/neuter is available! Please spay or neuter your pet to cut down on the overpopulation problem in our county. YOU can directly impact the overcrowding at this shelter by preventing your dog or cat from breeding! Visit the Help For Animals website for more information on low-cost spay/neuter.


Volunteer help needed:

Local foster homes for cats
Local foster homes for dogs
Shelter/Kennel help
Dog walkers
Certified dog trainers
Photographing animals for Petfinder.

Transport drivers (Saturday mornings):
Pt Pleasant WV to Clarksburg WV
Clarksburg WV to Cumberland MD
Cumberland MD to Hagerstown MD

If you can help with any of the above, please email us for more info.

Physical address of the shelter building:
Mason County Animal Shelter
1965 Fairground Road
Point Pleasant, WV 25550


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