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Our Adoptable Pet List (Available FOR ADOPTION)

Volunteers needed to help with training and TLC. We also need help with feeding and care for the dogs because we are moving and building new kennels that are much nicer and we are stretched between the two properties. Give us a call if you can help with anything even fence work or building kennels.

Who We Are

Maqwa's Paw Print Husky Rescue was founded on behalf of Maqwa. Maqwa is a Sioux word that means bear and bears are known for being able to find hidden roots for medicinal use. Maqwa was wonderful at this. Maqwa was a full blooded Siberian Husky that came to me as a rescue in need of a home. He was extremely intelligent and a great team motivator as he ran in the lead of a team of sled dogs. When the team was tired and wanted to stop HE was the one who could motivate them to keep going a little further. In June 2004 Maqwa suddenly and unexplainably walked across the rainbow bridge. We cried for 3 days and did nothing else. But because of his leadership ability we decided that a shelter or rescued dog was NOT one that we would ever overlook again when we were looking for a team member or as a pet and thus we began taking in Huskies from the shelters to save them from walking the rainbow bridge and instead help them to find forever families. Maqwa forever left his paw print on our hearts and thus the name Maqwa's Paw Print Husky Rescue.

Adopting a friend

We ask that if you are interested in a pet that you would ask for our adoption application. It is a questionnaire and we ask for at least 3 references. After you have met the pet and we have done a home check if you like the pet then we ask you to fill out the adoption contract. We do adoptions by appointment only since we also have other jobs. But it is not hard for us to make time to meet you. Our dogs receive obedience training in hopes that they will make wonderful new additions to your family. Fees go to bring in another dog from pounds and off the street and help them find a home.

Come Visit Us!

We always like visitors, but we most like to show what a rescued/sheltered/previously unwanted Husky can do in harness while pulling a dog sled. Although it must be a cool day for the dogs to run. We also like being the visitors and doing dog sled demos. We visit schools and groups. So give us a call.


Check here to visit the Journal of our race team. The team is made up entirely of Huskies gathered by the owner from different shelters, rescues, pounds, humane societies, or surrendered from families that for some reason or another could not keep them any more. Some of the dogs have dark backgrounds where they were beaten or abused. It has taken many people working with these dogs and giving them TLC to bring them to what you see them as today wonderful, playful, friendly, loving Huskies. The owner of the rescue's goal is to train these dogs and to race them in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race in Alaska. The purpose of this is to show that dogs that many would consider as "seconds" or 'second-class" dogs can train and compete in an international sled dog race. It does not take a pedigree and papers to give the dog determination to run such a race. Nor does it take harming the dogs in any way. We use all positive training methods and the dogs run just for the love of running. We hope to soon add video of the dogs being hooked up getting ready to run so all can see that the dogs themselves really want to run and have fun while working. Remember Huskies are in the class of working dogs and they love to do it just as a Lab loves to retrieve a ball or wild game or swim. All the team's dogs are spayed and neutered. We do not agree with raising hundreds of pups in order to get the top dogs for racing. We believe that training, patience, and understanding work better than a breeding program that brings about pups that are put down just because they don't exhibit what the racer wants. Sheltered dogs are first class and world class. Our journal can be found at http://maqwasraceteam.blogspot.comJoin us there to keep up with the training and each dog’s progress. Drop us an email at and send the team encouragement. We can also answer any questions you may have about dog sledding or racing if you write us at The race team has a new website it is

Maqwas Paw Print Husky Rescue
Chapin, SC
Phone: 864-423-7565

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