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It is important that research be done before you think about getting an Alaskan Malamute. Malamutes are a demanding breed, they expect to occupy prominant positions in the family (pack) with you as their leader, they expect to play central roles in every family activity and expect that their body langauge, instincts and vocalizations be respected. FOSTER HOMES NEEDED:If you've been wondering how you can help make a differance in the life of a Malamute, why not join ADOPT-A-MALAMUTE and foster a Mal? but before you show interest please be sure you can make the commitment and have researched the breed!!! DONATIONS: Financial assistance is always much needed and will go towards spay/neutering, vaccines, food and vet medical fees and dog equipment. Keep ADOPT-A-MALAMUTE in your heart as help is always needed.

Who We Are

ADOPT-A-MALAMUTE is a non-profit rescue, dedicated to providing refuge/forever homes, rehab, grooming and basic dog obedience for unwanted Alaskan Malamutes and to teach/show the general public how to take responsibility for animals.

Adoption Process. Hi folks!!! before you pick up that phone, please STOP....THINK ...."do I really want to go through this??"..... "well all I wanna do is get a dog", I hear you say!.......UNFORTUNATLY these Malamutes have been let down already by people that say exactly the same thing, I'd love to think that all my guys will go to a FOREVER home eventually, where they will be seen as a part of the family! so to adopt a Malamute from ADOPT-A-MALAMUTE OF TEXAS please bare in mind that a vet reference must be submitted and checked and no Malamute will be adopted out without a home check or spayed neutered, you must realise that these guys are Alaskan Malamutes (research into this breed!! ) and they have been through so much already and it is so important that they go to a great home with people willing to make a lifetime commitment to them. The process starts with an informal phone call /chat and if you are still interested an application form is filled out, upon a successful aplication a home check will be arranged, if that goes well then an arrangment to meet the Malamute will be made, PLEASE NOTE: ADOPT-A-MALAMUTE OF TEXAS reserves the right to refuse adoption of any Malamute to any party we feel would not provide an acceptable home or safe enviroment, if all is successful and everyone is in agreement a cash only donation of $150 is made (which is not refundable!!!) an adoption contract is signed and the Malamute adoption is complete, all adopters are encouraged to keep in contact with ADOPT-A-MALAMUTE OF TEXAS for assistance or to simply tell us how things are going. The non refundable donation shows the commitment to the Malamute and the decision making process and also takes into concideration the vaccinations, spay/neuter and health checks given, well I know how daunting this seems but it's really in the best interest of the Malamute the whole process takes as short/long as you want it to! so please take all of this into consideration before you pick up that phone, RESEARCH THE BREED FIRST!!!!! .

TAKING MALAMUTES IN. Most of the Malamutes that are taken in come from shelters and some are owner surrenders, unfortunatly not all Malamutes will be accepted in to ADOPT-A-MALAMUTE OF TEXAS and owner surrenders will be spayed/neutered and up to date with shots before accepted or with a Donation covering the costs . Owner surrenders will not be accepted without a vet reference. FOSTER HOMES and DONATIONS ARE DESPERATLY NEEDED!!!!!!! PLEASE RESEARCH BREED BEFORE SHOWING INTEREST. ADOPT-A-MALAMUTE OF TEXAS. 252

cedar hill, TX 75106
Phone: 214-673-7062 Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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