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A Division of Citizens United for Animals (CUFA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

Our Adoptable Pet List

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Our Featured Pet

Gus is a Neopolitan Mastif who was 10 months old when he came into rescue. When he arrived he weighed in at 78 lbs. He has rickets from being starved and also has hip displaysia. Pet Supplies "Plus" is helping us raise money to help take care of Gus. He cannot have surgery until he is healthy, so he is slowly gaining weight in his foster home until he can have his surgery.


Thank you to everyone who came and saw us at the South Shore Frolics. We had a great weekend. Also thank you to everyone who donated goods.

  Click here to see our photo album. Pictures of the frolics and more of our dogs.

To date, Pethealth, Inc. has donated over $40,000 to Petfinder.com member organizations through the Bowl of Food Program.  Please support the important work our organization does by enrolling your pets in a pet insurance plan through this banner link.

Every time an application for a ShelterCare Pet Insurance Program (ShelterCare gift policies not included) is completed through this link, M.A.D.R. will receive $25.

Who We Are  

MISSION STATEMENT:   Adoptable dogs of all breeds deserve a loving and safe home. We are a NO KILL rescue.  We utilize foster homes to rehabilitate, socialize, and train our dogs.   We use education to dispel discriminatory myths and attitudes towards all breeds.   We provide people and pets with the tools needed to develop and maintain a rewarding relationship.   Our goal is to place as many happy, well-behaved dogs as we can into safe and loving homes.

M.A.D.R. HISTORY:  This rescue came into existence for many reasons including discrimination against certain breeds.   We started as a result of the compassion and love for "all" dogs that are adoptable.   They "ALL" deserve a good home, because every dog


Have questions?   Please contact us.   We love questions, especially if it is to help you pick out your next family member.

Have concerns?   Please contact us to tell your concern.

Have donations?!    We thrive on donations.

We are a non-profit rescue.

All adoption fees and donations go directly to pay for medical and spay/ neuter. Please contact us to find out how you can help! you can see our dogs on Saturdays at pets supply plus at 4505 so 76th st from 12;00 to 3;00

Adopting a Friend  

If you wish to adopt a dog from us, the first thing you need to do is fill out an application and email it back to us. Then we will check over your application and contact your vet reference.

After that is completed we will make arrangements with you to do your home visit. At the home visit we will make sure that the you have purchased all necessary items for the dog. (Crate, metal or ceramic dishes, a raised feeder if applicable, the food the dog is eating, an ID tag, kong or nylabone, etc.)

We will also make sure your home is safe for the dog (especially important for puppies).

We will also take awhile to talk to you about your children or other pets, to make sure there is harmony in your home.

If all goes well, then you give your adoption donation and you can have the dog.

We will always be there for you as a resource to help you if you have any problems, and will contact you after the adoption to make sure all went well.


POLICIES:     An extensive temperament test is done on all rescue dogs.   Adoptions are all done through an application process.   The first step is to fill out an application.   After your references are checked a home visit is performed.  We want to make sure that we fit the right people with the right dog.

As long as the home visit is successful, and the adoptive parents have purchased all necessary dog items the adoption will take place.  There will be follow-ups in the future to make sure that the dog and the family have adjusted to each other. A good website to get more information on the different breeds is http://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/dogbreeds/index.html

☺   All dog are $200.00 adoption donation ☺   All prices include:  Spay/neuter (completed at the Anti-cruelty Society, Chicago, IL), Microchip, All shots (age appropriate), dewormed, flea and tick prevention (age appropriate), heartgard (age appropriate)

☺  All fees go directly to the next set of rescued dogs.   All prices are subject to change without notice at any time.

Foster Homes  

Are you a responsible dog owner?

Do you love dogs?

Are you willing to share your home?

We need foster homes.

What does that entail you ask?

Our foster dog lives with you.  Every Saturday, you drop off your foster at Pet Supplies "Plus" at 4505 South 76th Street, Greenfield we are there from 1-4. WI.

If you need a crate for your foster, we will provide it.  If your foster needs medical care we will pay for it.

You house and feed the dog.  Let him feel loved, while we search to find him/her the perfect home.

We have a list of dogs waiting to come into our rescue and not enough homes for them.  All these dogs are on death row.  Many come from puppy mills.

If you saw the news about G. Schultz you saw what kind of horrible conditions we are talking about.

We only have so much time, becfore they are euthanized.  You might think it would be too hard to take in a dog and then give it up, but I tell you that what is too hard is to sit and watch these dogs and puppies (some only 5 weeks old), die.

Can you PLEASE HELP us?!!


      • Digital Camera
      • Kuranda Dog Beds
      • Royal Canin Dog Food
      • Martingale Dog Collars
      • Harnesses
      • Halti
      • Raised Diners
      • Metal/Ceramic Dishes
      • Kongs
      • Nylabone Products
      • Kennels
      • Dog Beds
      • Playpens
      • Dog Litter
      • Dog Litter Pans/Cement Mixing Trays
      • Puppy Toys
      • Squirt Bottles
      • Liquid Glucosamine
      • Solid Gold Seal Meal
      • Solid Gold--"Stop Eating Poop"
      • Oil Supplements
      • $$$$$$$$$$

    Monetary donations go towards animal medical care and other supplies, as well as funding towards the purchase or rent of a physical shelter for the dogs before they are adopted.

    Adoption Process & Board Members  

    All animals are vet checked by professional, highly qualified veterinarians and vet staff.

    We would like to officially thank the following groups/businesses:

  •   Port Vet Clinic   262-284-7103
  •   St. Paul Vet Clinic vet service   414-342-7800
  •   Advanced Vet Clinic vet service   365-5200
  •   Spirit of 76th Vet Clinic for vet service and support.  414-546-0750
  •   Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago for spay/neuters
  •   Pet Supplies “Plus” for allowing us to show in their store.  414-545-9790

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      You can also email your application to:  Didcheryl@aol.com

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