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About Our Pet List

The animals on this web site are either in our foster care or are being featured and promoted for adoption from our local Monongalia County Canine Adoption Center (MonCAC). Please contact us for more information about the pets featured here.

About M4M

Mountaineers For Mutts (M4M) is a non-profit organization that focuses on animals in need. We believe that our society must become intolerant of the mass killings of our best friends and canine/feline family members. We are dedicated to the improvement of the health and well-being of companion animals.

M4M rescues primarily within the Monongalia County area. We take in cats, kittens, dogs and puppies. M4M also works closely with the MonCAC for rescue and promotion of the animals available for adoption at the shelter.

We also visit local schools and speak on humane treatment of our companion animals, the responsibilities of pet ownership, and other humane awareness issues.

We always need volunteers to help us in almost every area of humane activities including fostering animals for as little as a couple of days up to two weeks, transporting pets to safety, and fund raisers. For fosters, we provide food, crates, collars, leashes, ID tags, behavioral guidance and all veterinary care for the pet. You provide a loving and secure home for a short time. If you're interested in contributing whatever you have to offer to a rewarding charity, please contact us.

We remain committed to supporting the MonCAC (MonCAC) by pulling our rescues from there. We also foster injured or special needs pets from local veterinarians. We do not have a shelter. We rely on foster homes to give our pets personal care and attention while also keeping our overhead fees down. We do not accept surrendered animals from the general public but we will help you with rehoming your pet as much as we can.

We believe in and are committed to urging the public to accept responsibility for their pets which includes having the pets spayed/neutered, providing consistent and as necessary veterinary care, food, water and shelter, as well as a loving home. So we do work with the public to ensure the ongoing care of their pet family members. We will also work with the general public to rehome their pets if they've exhausted all options. These pets must be fully vetted (altered) and the owners must continue to foster them until we can find a suitable placement. If you're willing to help your own pet by fostering, then we'll work to find him or her a good home!

And Remember.... SPAY IS THE ONLY WAY!
Please spay and neuter.

Volunteer Opportunities

Foster Homes

We always need more foster homes. Typically foster homes will provide care for a pet anywhere from a few days to two weeks. We visit MonCAC to photograph and temperament test the pets. Then after we get rescue commitment for a pet, we get that pet into foster care until vetting and transport can be arranged. We can typically tell the foster how long they will have a dog. Fostering is very rewarding! You provide a temporary home, training (housebreaking/obedience), and love. We provide the vet care, wormer, food, crate, collar, leash, ID tags and eventual transport arrangements to rescue.

Transporting Pets

Saturday drivers needed. About twice a month we transport dogs to the Hagerstown, MD area to meet up with the transports heading to the approved rescues. We can supply the crates. All dogs are medically cleared for transport by a veterinarian. They all have collars and ID tags along with their veterinary & transport paperwork. The drivers are responsible for taking the dogs to meet the next leg of the transport. You'll get the dogs out of their crates, walk them around a bit, give them some water and then they're off on the next leg of the transport.


We are brand new here!! So if anyone has any ideas --- hopefully along with the energy and ability --- about fundraisers, we're all ears! 100% of the funds raised go toward the pet rescue effort: food, wormer, vet costs, transport costs, etc. We have no paid employees or shelter facility. It's all about the animals!

Donate via PayPal or credit/debit card by clicking the button above.

Mailing address for donations:
Mountaineers For Mutts
PO Box 1172
Dellslow, WV 26531

Wish List

Foster homes!
Transport drivers!
Collars with metal buckles
Kitty litter
Puppy pads
Portable puppy kennel
Monetary donations for flea preventive, feline vaccines.

Adopting a friend

We encourage you to contact us via the email address listed on the pet biography pages to inquire about the animals as some are in foster care and others are at the Monangalia County Canine Adoption Center.

Step 1 - The Application: You have found a dog or cat that tugs at your heartstrings or you know you want to adopt but haven't picked one yet - you just know you want to rescue a dog or cat.
The first thing you need to do is fill out the application to adopt. The application is at the top of this homepage, is lengthy and can is a very detailed. We take our responsibility to find responsible forever homes very seriously - a must for you and the pet. It is a match-making service, much like an online dating site. But instead of a few hours of date time - you get a few years. Quite a few (around 16 years) if the pet is very young.
Answering the questions on the form as honestly as possible. Please be sure to answer all the questions even if there is no answer or it doesn't apply to you. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Step 2 - Reference & Vet Checks: Once we have reviewed your application and determined you would be able to provide a wonderful forever home for one of our pets, we contact the references you gave on your application as well as your vet or vets. It is important that you have a history of responsible and loving pet care.
Testimonials from those not in your family say a great deal about what kind of pet owner you are. We very much appreciate the feedback & time your references give us, and the sooner we can chat with them, the sooner we can move onto the next step!

Step 3 - Home Visit: The home visit is a planned visit when one of our representatives will come to your home and see the environment in which your dog or cat will live. It gives us a chance to meet you, your family and your other pets and allows us to evaluate your home and property to ensure the safety of the pet and your family.
There may be occasions when we will bring the pet you want to adopt so see if and how he/she fits in with your family. If you have other pets and are applying for a dog, we would want them to meet in a neutral area away from your house in a nearby park or field.

Step 4 - The Adoption: Congratulations!!! It's Adoption Day! We are as excited as you that your new family member is getting a forever home.
There will be some paperwork to read through and sign to make everything official. After you pay your adoption fee, the M4M Representative will give you the Adoption Contract to review and sign. Please be sure to ask any questions you may have regarding the Contract prior to signing. Once you sign the contract you are legally obligated to fulfill its terms and restrictions.
Along with the Adoption Contract, you will receive:

We will be following up with you as well to make sure your transition is smooth.

M4M Adoption Application Completing the application doesn't obligate you to adopt, it just helps us assess a suitable match for your family. We are dedicated to ensuring each adoption is happy for the pet as well as their human!

Featured Shelter: Visit the Monongalia County Canine Adoption Center! (MonCAC)

The local animal control facility for Mon County is located at 106 Lockside Rd, Morgantown WV (map). Hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-4:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday 10am-6pm. You can also visit their site to view the pets they have up for adoption. If you need to surrender your pet immediately, please take it there.

If you have an animal emergency in Monongalia County, please call 911.

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