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Please consider helping out a dog in need of medical attention by donating to LOYAL Rescue.

LOYAL Rescue currently has more than 80 dogs in foster care. All are looking for their forever homes. It doesn't stop there. We get requests daily to take in dogs - owner surrenders, shelters that are full and starting to euthanize for space, puppy mills releasing dogs, other rescues needing to move dogs around. Sadly, the need is endless, but we continue to do our best to help the dogs that we can. Each and every dog we take in is vetted, including a physical, heartworm test, basic shots, spay/neuter, and other surgery or medical attention as required. If you're able to help, even just $5 or $10, the dogs will be forever grateful. Without ongoing funds to cover vet bills, we will have to slow down on the number of dogs we can rescue. If you can offer a dog a forever home, or even a temporary stop (a foster home), please contact us. These dogs need you now, more than ever. www.loyalrescue.com

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Who We Are

We are a private, federally incorporated non-profit foster based dog rescue. We will help any dog in need that we can regardless of breed, age, medical condition or place of birth. Our mission is to find homes for dogs that find themselves homeless, either through abuse, neglect, being abandoned or born in a puppy mill. We feel a responsibility towards these unfortunate animals, and work to find new permanent, loving forever families for them.

Since we are provincially based, that means our dogs may be fostered anywhere in Ontario so please check their profiles as to the location of their foster home. We are not a shelter and do not have one location where dogs can be viewed and adopted.

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- Our Official Website Go here to apply - No Puppy Mills In Canada!
- The No Kill Nation
- Unchain Ontario's Dogs

Adopting a friend

The dogs on the next pages are available for adoption unless their status has changed to Adoption Pending. The online application can be found at at www.loyalrescue.com.

We welcome all applicants but consider only the ones that might best suit the needs of the dog in our care. The process can take some time as there will be a reference check, phone interview and home visit prior to approval for adoption. This can take a week or more depending on the availability of references, volunteers and applicant location. Please ensure that your references, and vet (if you have one) have been contacted as most will not release information to us without prior consent. If after applying, you find another dog, please let us know so we can proceed with the next application. Every volunteer with LOYAL Rescue is just that - a volunteer. Most have full-time jobs and a family to take care of, in addition to the volunteer work. We have to use our time wisely so would appreciate knowing if your application should no longer be processed. Click here to see our Happy Tails (Adopted)!


We are always in need of foster homes. We provide the veterinary care, you provide the love, guidance and a place to live for your foster dog until adoption. Email communication is preferred and the quickest way to get a response.

Our Adoptable Dogs

Donate a Bed
Looking for a meaningful and lasting gift for a Pet Lover? Donate a Kuranda dog bed to LOYAL Rescue. Our dogs love these beds, and often can find one or two catching a snooze in these comfortable and durable beds!
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**** HELP WANTED ****

Volunteer Drivers: We are always desperate for transport help. Can you spare just one hour a week (or more if you'd like) to help us transport dogs in need? We may need to move dogs from one foster home to another, a shelter to a foster home or even just a "leg" in a transport route. No vehicle is too small. If you are able to help with transporting dogs, or if you go to your cottage weekly, or travel for business and wouldn't mind a four-legged friend to tag along, please email brenda@loyalrescue.com for more details.

Administration: Clerical help, database input, telephone interviewers, home visitors, legal counsel, website designer, online store manager positions are available to be filled by interested candidates. These are entirely volunteer positions, with a minimum tenure of 1 year. If you are able to help in any capacity, please email ann@loyalrescue.com.



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