Lost Tails Animal Rescue

We always gratefully accept donations of collars, leashes, bowls, dog food, treats, dog beds/pillows, old blankets and towels, dog toys, etc. as well as frontline and heartguard or interceptor. If its for a dog, we can probably find a good use for it as long as its in good shape. Thanks!

Lost Tails Animal Rescue

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Who We Are

We are a very small rescue group comprised of foster homes. We do not have a central location, but potential adopters can visit an animal at thier current foster home. We were established because of the overwhelming number of dogs and sometimes other animals found wandering near our homes or dropped at our doorsteps. At times, we work with rescues in larger areas or with breed specific rescues in order to place our animals in suitable homes. Although we cannot possible take every animal in need, we are more than happy to help find homes for unwanted or stray animals and will do our best to help find a safe place for a dog to go. For information on courtesy listings, please email jrose_w@yahoo.com.

We do this in the memory
Of those we could not save
For those we prayed and cried for,
Though they had just too few days

We speak for the blameless
With no voices of their own
For puppies born to die
Without a family or a home.

We keep trying for the hopeful
Wide eyed with wagging tail
For those who trust us with their lives
And beg us not to fail


Update: Despite our best efforts and all the love in the world, Honey and Handsome lost thier battle on the 3rd and 5th of April. Even the veterinary teaching hospital was unable to help (though they did the best we could hope for). We are awaiting autopsy results so that we will know why treatment was not effective for these babies in hopes that another dog might be saved. Thank you for all donations, kind words, and prayers. We look forward to meeting Honey and Handsome at Rainbow bridge someday.

We are currently fostering two very sad puppies that were dumped in a remote location in south Missouri. These babies are german wirehaired pointer mix litter mates, a boy and a girl, that answer to Honey and Handsome. The German Wirehaired Pointer rescue has aided us some in providing medical care, which has been overwhelming. These pups have a lung condition which makes it hard for them to breathe, but we are doing everything that we can to make sure that they can live long and happy lives. They are the sweetest puppies one could ever meet. You can read more about Honey and Handsome at the GWP website http://www.geocities.com/gwprsq/page5.html

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please email the foster home provided in the description. Adoption fees vary based on the animal and should be listed in the pet notes. Potential adopters should expect to answer questions about where the animal will be living and the people and other animals that he/she will be living with. We do ask for and check a veterinary reference and adopters must sign an adoption contract. All animals are spayed/nuetered before leaving if they are old enough. If they are not old enough, adopters must sign a spay/nueter agreement.
Lost Tails Animal Rescue

Seymour, MO 65746
Phone: 417-840-7426

Email: jrose_w@yahoo.com
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