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Hours of Operation

We are open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. LP does close based on weather and volunteer availability. Changes in opening/closing info will be posted by 9:45 a.m. Saturday. Thank you.
Lone Pine is full at this time and NOT taking in animals at this time.
Please e-mail us if you have donations or leave the items on the inside of the fence. We will get them as soon as possible. Thank you.




"A drop of water isn't much, but many drops make a bucket." Translation...The donation you give, added to the others we hope to receive, mean a lot of help for the animals in our care. YOU can make a difference!

Lone Pine, like most shelters, survives primarily on donations. This means that when our budget is tight, and most of the time it is, even the less expensive items, such as bleach, can add up and be a worry. The supplies and materials needed to keep the animals in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment, along with the veterinary expenses, utilities, and gas really add up each month. That is why we are asking for donations of the following items listed below (not listed in any particular order). With your support we can save animals' lives and give them a second chance at a new life.

Everyone works full time so there isn't anyone at the shelter during the week. Please do not drop off donations during the week, but call or e-mail us to schedule a drop off time or pick up. We have had some items stolen in the past.
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Wish List/Needed Items

We strive to do whatever is possible to give the veterinary care an animal may need. However, we are often forced, due to lack of funds, to try to treat the animal ourselves before taking it to the vet or to put the animal to sleep. The veterinarians we work with are wonderful and do what they can to help us keep costs down. Just like human health care and prescriptions, veterinary health care and prescriptions have sky rocketed too.

Our dream is to someday be able to give every animal in our care a vet check up, complete with a heartworm test, blood work, teeth cleaning, and the purchase of the a flea/tick/worm/ear mite and heartworm preventatives. We are currently barely able to afford to take a cat or dog to the vet for emergency care.

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About LonePine
Lone Pine Ranch has been a non-profit 501(c)3 shelter since May of 2003. The shelter is in Centerton, Arkansas, which is just 4 miles West of Bentonville (home of Wal-Mart's General Offices) and about 45 minutes North of Fayetteville (home of the University of Arkansas). Click for directions with a map.

The shelter currently has approximately 50 dogs and 45 cats.

As mentioned in an above section, we operate primarily from donations. We also are in great need of volunteers and foster homes. Our volunteer base currently consists of 4 -5 people and we only have one foster home to place animals that may just need a little socialization (TLC) before being adopted out.

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Adoption Requirements
Applications take us 3 - 5 business days (Monday - Friday days) to process. Please be patient and understand that we all do this as a labor of love and do not get paid, including the director, for doing what we do. Due to limited resources and time constrains, LP adopts within an hours drive of the shelter only. Adoptions are not approved on a first come, first served basis. Several applications may be taken and processed before an animal gets adopted. Our goal is to find the best home for the animals in our care. Thank you for your understanding. We would be happy to mail or e-mail our application to interested parties.

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Adoption Fees :
Dogs - $60.00; $75.00, if 25 pounds or under; and $100.00, regardless of size, if the animal is a pure breed.
Cats - $65.00
*There are times that Adoption Fees are more than what is shown here because of special circumstances such as we had to pay to rescue the animal to save it or the animal may have needed a lot of veterinary care. The Adoption Fee will be shown in the animal's bio.

NOTE: ALL cats and dogs are altered (spayed or neutered) BEFORE they leave the shelter. We do not adopt out unaltered animals, so please do not ask. Minimum age that we will alter an animal is 4-months. However, some animals have to wait until they are 6-months before being altered due to size or breed. Thank you for your understanding.


Contact Information
Lone Pine Ranch Animal Shelter
916 W. Centerton Blvd. (Hwy 102)
P.O. Box 194
Centerton, AR 72719
Phone: Please e-mail as we do not have a main phone.

For a quicker response, please e-mail us. It takes us 2 - 3 days sometimes to respond to telephone messages. Please be patient. Email: lonepineshelter@yahoo.com


From Bentonville at 14th Street (Hwy #102) and Walton Blvd ( Hwy #71B)

Coming East on Hwy #102 (which becomes Centerton Blvd) into Centerton


Map to our shelter

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