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Or you can help us to help our rescued dogs become calm and fearless by donating a Thundershirt! (please email us to give us a heads-up, if you do order one, so we can make sure to go and check our P.O. Box for a package notification. Thanks!)
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Who We Are and Where We Are Located

We love all dogs but since we can't save 'em all, Little Legs Rescue concentrates on rescuing Corgis and Corgi-mixes. (We occasionally rescue other small/medium-size breeds, too.) We don't have a shelter: our Little Leggers are housed in foster homes in CT where we get to know their personalities and their likes and dislikes until we can match them with good, forever homes. All of our dogs are vet-checked and altered before placement and all of their medical records will be given to their new owners, at the time of adoption.

Little Legs' Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting a Little Legs dog, your first step is to fill out an Adoption Application. We can send the application to you via email (as an attachment in Microsoft Word) or we can send it to you via regular U.S. Postal mail. Please specify how you would like to receive your application when contacting us, and if you would like it mailed, please provide your complete mailing address. References will be checked and if your home seems like it might possibly be a good match for the dog you are interested in, one of our volunteers will be in touch with you. We will arrange to have a Home Visit done before the adoption can be finalized. What is a Home Visit? A volunteer will set up a mutually convenient date/time to come to your home and meet you, your family and your current pets. It's basically a way for us to verify, in-person, the information you have supplied on your Adoption Application about your home, your yard, and your family. The Home Visit is done before you can go to meet one of our dogs at his/her foster home and is a mandatory step in our adoption process. Unfortunately, we are sometimes unable to find someone to do a Home Visit, if you live far away from our geographical area. Please keep in mind that we get to know our rescued dogs, as time goes by and they settle-in to their foster homes. Our mission is to find the best possible match for EACH INDIVIDUAL DOG, based on what we learn about their likes, dislikes, activity level, personality, etc. If you don't get to adopt the dog you applied for, please don't get angry or upset with us: it usually doesn't mean we think you're an unsuitable home: it simply means we don't feel you're a good match for that particular dog.

Little Legs' Adoption Fees

The adoption fee varies for each dog. We try to re-coup as much money as we have spent on the dog: for veterinary exams, immunizations, spaying/neutering, heartworm tests, flea control, food, etc. Most of the time, we have to pay shelter fees for the dog we rescue and sometimes we incur expenses in having the dog transported to his/her foster home. Some dogs come to us with medical problems which need to be addressed before they can be adopted out. We are not in this for money and we will always ask a fair price for the adoption fee for each of our Little Leggers.
Little Legs Rescue
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