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To all who know me and my rescues at Lil'Tykes Rescue & Adoption. I have not been at the rescue as I had been this many years. My husband, Mark, had become ill and passed away this past May 2017. I had left most of the care and management up to my son,Tommy, while I tended the needs of Mark. I have been getting things back into order and now trying to get new pics and will try to get my Petfinder pages filled. I will also be putting many many items up for sale to bring in financial aide to the rescues. Recently with all the Tropical Storms, even Lil'Tykes has been devasted with some damage. We have to pull down the front ceiling {where some of our dogs are living in the front area} there is severe water damage and in order to protect our rescues and to clean up the mess that is constantly falling down to the floor, we will be doing some renovations. So please excuse our mess when you come to visit and meet our rescues. I will be posting items for you to view and hopefully buy on here and FB sales and Ebay.. All sales will go 100% to the needs of our resuce for utilities, food and vet expenses.. We work strictly Rescue. Please come back to our page and view the updates when you can. Thanks and Hope to see you soon!!

Apologizes for not having all of our rescues listed. We are housing about 60 plus rescues due to the economy and breeders shutting down. Many of our companions right now came from Breeders and can be very shy to humans, if you have the secured home and patience to help a shy companion, please feel free to come visit them and see who you might want to give a Forever Home. Please call or come by and visit our establishment to see what we have. We have received pugs, more chihuahuas than you can count, dachshunds and many many more.. There are only 2 of us that do the rescue and I do the online... You can also ck out Facebook, (April Gales) have posted some quick sample pics there.. I will however get this site updated as soon as I can.. It takes all we can do to keep up with the incoming kids and we are a NOKILL. So it adds up.. Please forgive me for not updating quickly, we get dogs each wk.. We are in need of Volunteers to come visit our companions and help them get more socialized to the public and help with every day needs we have at the rescue, like grass cutting, repairs, etc. We could use Dog Foods and treats for Small Breed dogs, but they will eat most anything.. Thanks for reading!!

Do you Ebay?? If so go online to and ck out our items up for sale.. You can look up April Gales/Lil'Tykes and see our list of items.. And closed our Gift Shop, but now and then when the weather is right, a friend, Mary, does do Yard Sales in front of the Trailer next door to the Rescue building. All proceeds of sales from both Ebay and yard sales go to help the rescues of Lil'Tykes..
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Our Mission...

To provide shelter, medical care, and spay/neuter treatment for stray and owner-surrender dogs until loving, forever families are approved for adoption.

Our Vision...

To become an affordable, convenient spay/neuter agent, and pet care resource which will greatly reduce the number of pets surrendered and euthanized within our area.

Our Program...

Since 2002, Lil' Tykes Rescue & Adoption has been providing education and outreach to our community of pet owners. Our outreach also includes taking in local stray and unwanted dogs as well as rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters throughout Alabama, some parts of Northwest Florida, and other surrounding areas.
Once in our care, we provide our companion pets with spay/neutering, heartworm testing (and treatment if positive), and all needed vaccinations. Additionally, we provide medical treatments for open wounds, broken bones, skin problems, dental and eye problems. We also rehabilitate dogs that come from abusive situations.
We have a no-kill policy and place as many dogs as possible in happy forever homes in our area. And, whenever needed, a sister shelter in Florida has had good success finding safe & happy forever homes for some of our unplaced rescued dogs.

A Bit More

Our Motto : "We have Big Hearts for Wet Noses." We mainly work with small breeds, but occasionly there will be that special large dog that needs our help as well. Our main Website has several links with great info about breeds, training, Vets, and finding pets. We strive to help to the best of our ability.. The links are on the internet, but sometimes it helps to bring them to one place. Hope you enjoy our site below.

As of July 1, 2006 the State of Alabama has passed the Mandatory Spay/Neuter Law for all animals coming out of Shelters and Rescues. So, please do not ask for us to leave an animal unspayed or unneutered. We have always been Mandatory, but now the law backs us up.

Hey Alabama take a look at a new Site on the web to help locate Lost Companions.. The Pet Rescue will post pic, info, etc. to help you locate your lost companion.. They even email any surrounding Shelters and Rescues this info so we can keep an eye out for your lost companion..

So please check out the site, save it to your faves and we wish all the best when trying to locate your lost companions..

In the U.S. alone OVER 4.2 million animals are euthanized every year in Shelters and Rescues like us can only save so many at a time. Please Adopt a Rescue and stop buying from Puppymills and Breeders. Please pass the word that the animals are here for us to tend to, not murder. They need homes just like you and me.
Check with about their Medical Insurance.. Click the link below to sign up for yours today!! This insurance covers several medical needs for your new companion.. No matter what we do for them sometimes they get hurt or sick and this insurance will help with some of the cost.. So check it out today and protect not only your new companion, but your pockets as well.

About Us

We are a Helping Animals Live Group. A NO KILL, NON-PROFIT 501 (c)(3) Group organized and dedicated to improving the quality of human/companion animal relationships through rescue, refuge, and education.
We accept any donations in monies, and supplies and volunteer time is needed as well..

We accept Yard Sale items for our Yard Sales!!

We use two vet clinics, if you prefer to make donations towards one of our Lil'Tykes accounts..
Ozark Vet Clinic in Ozark, Al. at 334-774-5940
Mission of Mercy in Dothan, Al 334-792-1600.
We appreciate any help and God Bless each and everyone..

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Our Group is working towards reducing the number of animals abused, abandoned and neglected by offering special services designed to increase the number of animals that are spayed/neutered. We also help to educate pet owners and operate a small animal sanctuary and placement service. This is an animal welfare group focused on the improvement of conditions in publicly financed pounds, animal shelters, and private-owned kennels. We campaign for lower cost spay/neuter fees and are advocates for political and legislative reform. We believe that pet overpopulation can only be accomplished through prevention.

Adopting a friend

We do have an adoption fee of $200. This covers Spay/Neutering, Shots, Heartworm Check,Teeth cleaning, Gift pak & new Harness & Leash combo . We also give you a 7 day home trial if you have doubts about compatibility with another dog or cat in your home, this means that you file the adoption and you are allowed 7 days to decide if your new companion is suitable to your home and lifestyle. These rescues come from all walks of life, even though some surrenders tell us about the companions when they come in, doesn't mean it will be the same in a new home. So we like to make sure you are not getting "stuck" with a companion that is not suitable. Our Adoption form also includes a statement (#3) that if at any time you can no longer keep the companion, that you agree to bring it back to Lil'Tykes, this way it is not thrown in the streets or a shelter where it will be Euthanized. We cannot promise housetraining and we ask that you do not expect them to be, but be ready to train with patience and proper know how.
ALL ADOPTIONS CONSIST OF ADOPTION FORMS & INHOME CHECK!! If you live some distance, ( ie out of state) we can work with you as long as you are willing to accept a visit from a neighboring rescue person, who would do our in-home for us. You can go to and clik on one of the Puppy Paws at the bottom of any page and open the Adoption forms there. We also appreciate any Donations that can be done thru our Paypal acct. which is listed at the top of each page on our site.
In-Home Check: this means that someone would come visit, talk and make sure that the Companion is coming to a safe home and that this is what you and all involved want. Please don't let this scare you away, this is done because all Companions rescued were someone elses before, some were abused, rescued, treated and retrained to be suitable for adoption. We at Lil'Tykes do what they can with time and patience to help the rescues know that not all Humans are abusive and someone will love them for the rest of their lives.

Come Visit Us!

March 19, 2004 / Dec 2007
Please come visit us at our new forever home.. We are finally located to a more accessible location and forever home for our rescues. Please feel free to come visit us anytime.. Directions are very simple and if any problem for those that are not from around these areas, please feel free to call..
We are located Directly on 84 West in Level Plains. Coming from Dothan on 84 W. you would come into the Level Plains City Limits and look for us on your RIGHT. You will notice a billboard ad, when you see this you will also notice a Double wide trailer and Light Green 2 story building, this is our Rescue. (No roads to turn off or onto.) Coming from Enterprise on 84 you will be headed East and we will be located on your LEFT. You will see the 2 billboard ads, we are on the LEFT, the side of the building is new Silver Tin at this time.. To get to us from Enterprise you will have to drive past just a few yards and make a U Turn at the base of the downhill grade, which will bring you headed back to Enterprise.

Note: We are located on a corner block by Cnty Rd. 109, you will also notice Straight Paths Indepent Baptist Church on one side & a double wide trailer on the other side.
Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. till 5:30 p.m.. We try to return all calls, but sometimes it is not feesible, so please email or call back. Please know that we are always getting new companions and some may not be on-line. Come and see us for a better update on who is waiting to be adopted !!!!

We are still in renovations, but have made several and much needed improvements, doing rescue is not a money making job, it is using what funds comes along to help our rescues and to improve the conditions they stay in during their stays with us.. We house about 150-200 dogs on a regular basis and it is almost impossible to update pics at all times. So please call or come by if you are located near us.. Don't forget to donate to our cause, times are hard for everyone and these rescues are societies toss offs, so please don't forget them.. They don't ask to be tossed or be here.. But they are safe..
Phone #: 334-598-2473, leave a message if no one is there. Please be reasonable about your calls, this phone line is connected to the trailer next door as well, where volunteers live, Please do not call before 9a.m. and no later than 6p.m. They need their time alone as well because they are there 7days a week. Thanks for understanding!

Since you are reading this, that means you have a computer and you can email us at: or email me ( April ) at:

Check out Our websites - we working on our online stores to sell products to help with our everyday costs, but you will find some great links to online vets, training ideas, and other great ideas to help with every day questions in caring for your companions. You will also find the adoption form on our new site, so please check us out :
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Lil' Tykes Rescue & Adoption
2804 Hwy 84 West
Daleville, Al. 36322
Phone: 251-363-6923 (please text only, Tommy is hearing impaired/deaf and cannot hear you on the phone line, he lives next door to the rescue. Thanks!!)


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