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There is now a revolutionary 4 year flea, tick, and mosquito prevention for cats, dogs, horses, and llamas that is totally harmless and does not use dangerous chemicals! It is an electromagnetic disc that is worn on your pet's collar. For information call us at 518-239-5901 or go to You will be glad you checked it out. It has been scientifically tested and proven totally safe for your pets - and even humans! One of our donors would like to donate to other cat shelters if they will take some of our older cats. Please let us know if you have room and how much you would like donated. Please view our pet list and call or e-mail us for an appointment to meet our cats and kittens. Kittens can be tested for feline leukemia and AID's when they are 4 to 6 weeks old. They can be wormed at any time and we do this 3 times at one week intervals. They cannot be given a rabies shot until they are 12 weeks old or distemper shots until they are at least 8 or 9 weeks old. We generally try to test them and give them shots at the same time. If you adopt a kitten from us we collect a $35 spay/neuter deposit, which is included in the $75 adoption fee and is refunded to you when you send us a certificate from your vet or a clinic that the kitten has been altered. We have an adoption contract that requires 3 basic things, 1) All cats must be kept indoors, 2) No de-clawing, 3) If, for any reason, you need to give the cat away it must be returned to us. Our adoption fee for kittens or cats is $75 and for puppies or dogs is $100. Cats and dogs that appear to be purebred are an extra $50 each. For adult cats and dogs this fee includes tests, shots, altering, flea treatments, ear mite treatments, worming, food, and loving care while in our shelter. We are a no kill shelter. We will never put an animal to sleep unless it has a terminal illness, is in pain, and/or is suffering. We primarily deal with cats. Occasionally we have a dog posted on our website for adoption, but we do not have the capacity to have any dogs at our shelter. As long as the current owner or rescuer can keep the dog until it is adopted we will put the dog on our web site. Some people think our adoption fee is too expensive, but, if you are going to do the right thing by your new pet, you need to de-worm, de-flea and de-ear mite the pet and get it tested, give it all the shots, and alter it. If you get a "free" kitten or cat and go to a vet for these services, we guarantee 100% that you will spend more money than our adoption fee. You may also need to treat it for fleas, ticks, ear mites, worms, and/or an upper respiratory infection. If you cannot afford these tests, shots, and altering costs, you should think twice about having a pet.

Our Featured Pet

SPHINX was recently adopted! She came to us with 4 very young kittens and was a great mother cat. Although she was a friendly stray to us, she was afraid of our other cats and would go into hiding. We, therefore, kept her in a separate room for a while where she felt safe. Little by slow she started to come out. She finally lost her fear altogether and became a very affectionate as well as playful cat. One day a lovely couple came in to adopt a kitten. Sphinx (about 2 years old now) greeted them and rubbed on their legs. The lady picked her up and she just stayed in her arms purring happily. Then the gentleman picked her up and she happily laid in his arms too! This is another case of the cat selecting her new owners! We don't pick them. They choose us. They were somewhat concerned that Sphinx wouldn't get along with their 2 dogs, but the introductions went well and Sphinx is now fully integrated into her forever home! It makes us very happy when we have these successes.


Lost your pet? Go to or call 480-889-2640. Thanks to we have an easy to remember link to our web site. Our web site name is No need to even use www! If you are interested in adopting a homeless cat or dog please call Maria at 518-966-4257 or Carol at 518-772-3319. We need your help. We are in great need of loving foster homes to care for stray and abandoned cats and dogs while we work to get them adopted. If you have room in your home for a cat or dog please call Carol at 518-772-3319 or Maria at 518-966-4257. We have a trap/spay/neuter/release program and are also in need of safe homes for feral cats. If you are willing to feed a feral cat or a feral cat colony please call us. We currently have 3 feral cats who will need a good home in a barn when spring arrives.

Who We Are

Our mission is to rescue stray and abandoned companion animals, provide health care for them (including spay/neuter as required), provide temporary homes, socialize them, and locate loving permanent homes. We are a nonprofit organization in Greene County, NY. All our helpers are volunteers. We currently are caring for over 100 animals in foster homes and feral cat colonies. We are providing a community service with very little help on very limited funds. We need your financial help to enable us to continue our good work. Any donation you can send us will be very gratefully appreciated and is fully tax deductible. Please write your check to Love 'N' Care Pet Sanctuary, Inc. and mail it to 7080 Route 81, East Durham, NY 12423-1159.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting a cat please contact Carl or Carol at 518-239-5901 or e-mail We have many wonderful cats and older kittens in need of loving forever homes.

Help us raise money to renovate our barn into a state-of-the-art stand-alone cat shelter

We have started a fund to create a permanent home for our rescued cats and kittens by renovating our 2 level barn. Please note "barn renovation" on your checks and we will set aside this money for our building fund. We are praying for a wealthy benefactor to help us reach our goal.

Come Visit Us!

You are welcome to come and meet the cats we have available for adoption. To schedule an appointment call Carl or Carol at 518-239-5901.

Love n Care Pet Sanctuary Inc.
7080 Route 81
East Durham, NY 12423
Phone: 518-772-3319

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