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A micro chip saved Sassy's life! Another DEAD BEAT ADOPTER! KRISTI ROSE adopted Sassy, an adorable dachshund mix puppy in April of 2006. On September 9th, 2010 I received an e-mail from the director of Animal Health Services at Auburn University in Alabama claiming they had a female dog who's micro chip was traced back to my rescue. Apparently, Kristi Rose did not register the chip as advised while completing the adoption process. I was very upset to hear that one of my rescue dogs was being held at a research facility. I called Kirsti several times. She never returned any of my calls. I finally located her on facebook. When I asked what happened to the dog she adopted from me, she said she "gave it" to an extended family member. She had no idea where the dog was. MY CONTRACT CLEARLY STATES THAT IF THE DOG IS NO LONGER ABLE TO STAY WITH THE ADOPTIVE FAMILYL, HE/SHE IS TO BE RETURNED TO LAP DOG RESCUE!!! After I advised Ms. Rose of Sassy's where abouts and that she was in violation of her contract, I did not here from her again. Because the director at this research facility followed protocol, "Sassy" was flown back to Houston, TX at the cost $322.00 and is not being used for research. Sassy will be examined by my vet. I am praying she is not heartworm positive. Her teeth look terrible and will surely need to be cleaned. Kristi, if you're reading this, please feel free to contact me with regards to your financial obligation to this dog!!!!


Every reputable rescuer will tell you this is a devastating event. We do our very best to place the animals we rescue in the very best homes with people who are caring, loving and abiding. People often say rescues are very hard to adopt from, this is why. An adopter who looks good on paper may turn out to be a dead beat. Apologies for my ranting. This whole situation could have been avoided if Ms. Rose would've adhered to her contract.

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LAP Dog Rescue stands for Love and Patience. I am not taking any animals at this time. I would also like to focus on the animals that are dumped in Waller. Waller just recently formed an animal control and has a humane society, neither of which actually save animals. It is up to the kindness and generocity of our citizens to help those animals that have been left on our country roads to fend for themselves. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY TO YOUR LOCAL RESCUE GROUP OR SHELTER

Adopting a friend

REQUIREMENTS TO ADOPT A LAP Dog Rescue ROTTWEILER 1. Applicant should be at least 25 YEARS OLD. 2. You must own your own home (rottweilers only) 3. You must have the financial means to provide medical treatment and care for your newly acquired companion. 4. If you own other pets they must be spayed or neutered, unless there is a verifiable medical reason why they cannot be. Unaltered pets will also be considered if they are entered in conformation shows (dog shows). 5. All current pets (dogs and cats) must be up to date on vaccines, and be on heartworm prevention. 6. LAP Dog Rescue has a total containment policy. YOU MUST have a fenced yard. 7. If you use a Doggie Door when you are not home the Dog must be in a secure area and be able the access both home and the secured area only. 8. Children should demonstrate respect to animals, and parents with children will supervise contact between child and dog, accepting responsibility for any occurrences. Rottweilers will not be adopted to families with children 10 and younger. 9. You must be willing to attend obedience classes. 10. Due to the rising costs of fuel, please be willing to transport your new dog. You are required to travel the full distance to your dog's location. LAP Dog Rescue no longer adopts to college students or apartment dwellers.

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Due to the lack of volunteers, invitations to meet our dogs and cats are extended to those whose applications have been approved.

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