Another Chance Cat Rescue

Another Chance Cat Rescue

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Meet MOLLY A sweet as can be blue and white Devon Rex mix with big green eyes. This young lady has been waiting for that special family to come along and make all of her dreams come true. Click here to: Learn more about Molly!

Who We Are

Another Chance Cat Rescue is a Web site dedicated to helping homeless kitties, and does just that, helps to give cats and kittens another chance at life. While volunteering at the local Animal Shelter I saw a great need to match people with their feline companions without the stress of the shelter environment, where many people feel compelled to "take them all home". Often, I watched as people would leave crying, knowing that some of the kitties that weren't "chosen" that day would never live to see another. It was then, I decided to become a foster home, a sort of "middle ground" to help place shelter cats in loving homes. A place where people can leave smiling, instead. Knowing that, this time, all of the cats and kittens they didn't choose will always have a place to call home. Over the years, with the help of this Web site, I have also assisted people with unexpected or unpredictable circumstances find new homes for their cats/kittens. All cats are tested for FeLV (feline leukemia) & FIV (feline AIDS), vaccinated, dewormed, treated for fleas & ear mites as needed, and age appropriate spay/neuter surgery.
PLEASE understand, our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of unwanted cats, and to do that we must start by reducing the number of kittens born each year. Always remember this: Even if your cat has just one litter of kittens, and you are lucky enough place all of them in loving homes, please know that each one of your kittens has taken the place in a home where another unplanned, unwanted kitten could be living, instead of succumbing to a harsh death on the streets or being euthanized in a shelter due to overcrowding.

Adopting a friend

After filling out an application and answering a few questions to make sure there is a cat or kitten who will be a good match for your family, environment and lifestyle, an appointment can be set at almost anytime. Upon arriving you are welcome to meet any of the kitties available for adoption. Then, when your new cat(s)/kitten(s) select you (this has happened more times than not) we will go over the adoption agreement to be signed. Any questions will be answered, and you will be given all of the medical records and adoption paperwork.

News, Volunteers & Donations

Come Visit Us!

Adoptions are by appointment only. Please E-mail . Thank you for caring about the homeless kitties, and considering the adoption of a rescued cat/kitten!
Another Chance Cat Rescue
Northwest Atlanta Suberbs, GA

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