Please read to bottom of page and click links to see info about dogs shelters brought for adoption (if we know any yet), adoption events dates/times, fees, health care given etc. PLEASE EMAIL US THE FOLLOWING IN ORDER TO GET IN LINE TO POSSIBLY ADOPT THE DOG: YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER, NAME, ABOUT YOUR HOUSEHOLD AND WHAT YOU ARE WANTING IN A DOG. ALSO, EMAIL WHAT PETS YOU HAVE AND WHERE THEY ARE KEPT. MOST ARE NOT READING THE INFO AND BURNING THE PHONE UP. If you leave a message all the volunteers work and many have poor reception.. IF YOU NEED A TAX WRITE OFF OR JUST WANT TO HELP SHELTER DOGS WE NEED AND WELCOME DONATIONS: we need Frontline, Advantage etc. Heartworm prevention, collars, kennels, dog pens etc. Also, bully sticks :)

Please email us if interested in a dog. We are getting 20+ calls a day and the volunteers all work. When the machine fills up we may miss calls from shelters or people needing help for animals in need! We welcome volunteers and fosters! We need reliable volunteers to help at adoption events by helping set up tables/crates, walking and cleaning up after the dogs, and talking to potential adopters. We also need volunteers to coordinate fundraisers as so far we've not had any; grant writers; a website designer ( two have started to make one and months later it's not done only to knock out a couple of others that would have done it) and perhaps you have other ideas to help and we welcome you/them! Please email when you are ready to foster or help. Many write going to foster and then never follow through after we've committed to pulling a dog from the kill shelter for them as they must check with spouse etc. being all the fosters have dogs in addition to wasting time and possibly money on cell phone bills it makes another dog not come from the shelter possibly that another foster would have taken. We rotate adoption fee's from one dog to the next. We need donations from caring people who want to help us help the animals. No donations have been coming in and financially in order to continue with many medically needy, puppy mill dogs etc we now need help. We are always in need of monetary and product donations. All donations are tax deductible and receipts are given upon request, as we are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

OUR WISH LIST: We are always in need of supplies and monetary contributions for medical/long term care. Items needed are: 1. Better quality dog food 2. Dawn original dish detergent 3. Laundry detergent for HE machines 4. 13 gallon trash bags 5. Dog leashes, collars and toys 6. 10x10 outside kennels- especially should anyone have any of the iron type (even for sell reasonably) 7. Flea/ tick prevention such as Frontline Plus, Advantage Multi etc Remember that your donation will be tax-deductible. This can be mailed to: Kimber's Kritters PO BOX 41401 Nashville TN 37204 or paypal to


Help solve the homeless dog/cat problem by spaying and neutering your own pets and telling others to also spay/neuter !! If you can't adopt or foster would you like to sponsor a dog going back and forth to the kill shelter? or one being in foster for a long time? If so please you may Paypal or mail a donation which is tax deductible! IF YOU NEED A TAX WRITE OFF PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO THE RESCUE. You can help by fostering as otherwise we are unable to save more dogs in kill shelters. We need reliable fosters that will see them through until they are adopted. Some aren't housebroken, some may need manners and some may bicker with your dog, and some are about perfect. We provide the crate, food, leash, collar etc for you to house them. Without fosters they are doomed... Help us help the innocent dogs that people have created problems and early death for please......

Read all the way to the bottom and then click on please see here to see dogs to adopt to see a great group the shelters are bringing! See you soon!

Who We Are

Kimber's Kritters is a small 501(c)(3) Non-Profit No-KILL Animal Rescue that rescues many dogs from kill shelters. Many are medically needy, puppy mill, hoarding, and special needs that are overlooked. In the state of Tennessee an owner surrender can be immediately put to sleep at a shelter if surrendered and otherwise 3 days. We receive no government funds nor corporate sponsorships although we welcome them. We need FOSTER HOMES,VOLUNTEERS, FUNDRAISERS, AND GRANTWRITERS!! Scroll down to view dogs! We are located in Middle TN. Any donations either monetary or supplies are tax deductible and a receipt will be furnished upon request. The board members, volunteers, and fosters range from retiree's and housewives to teachers and attorneys...all are welcome and needed to help :) Many have children that involved the parent in's great for children! We all believe the pet abuse and neglect needs remedied. We are shelterless and have foster homes all over! If you travel alot, can't afford a dog, just want a playmate for your dog or just have room in your heart and home to foster it's a great way to ad an extra pet with no charge to you. We provide a kennel, toys, food and medical care. You get a tax deduction for mileage to and from events etc. We pull dogs from high kill facilities all over the south that are about to be put to sleep. We rescue alot of Pit Bulls, mixed breeds, the medically needy (and from the general public as space in foster homes permits). Facilities call us when no one else wants the dog prior to putting the dog to sleep. We can only take as many as we have foster homes for :( The rescue then pays ALL the vetting and finds the dog a home :) When ONE dog is adopted we tell a facility they can send us another dog being put to sleep. In essence, you actually save TWO dogs lives when you adopt ONE dog!! We totally depend on our volunteers & fosters as there are NO PAID employee's. We need YOU to open your home to a dog we've saved, quarantined and that is ready for YOUR love and help to find his/her fairy tale home!! Someone wrote saying they bet this was profitable... Emotionally yes when you get them in their new awesome home..financially everyone involved is always in the hole! At a vet you would pay the following: Spaying/Neutering is around $100 +, Rabies $15, DHAPP Vaccine $30, office visit $35 +, fecal $15, deworming $30, heartworm test $35, heartworm treatment $300+, bordatella vaccine $20, many times we have to pay transportation fee's in addition to what the vets charge us! Our adoption fee is $175 unless they have had a dental, heartworm treatment etc and then it's higher. Unlike many rescues we DON'T charge a higher adoption fee as we have a purebred for adoption like some do. This is a total nonprofit rescue! The board members,volunteers and fosters do not make a dime. Our goal is no homeless pets where they are spayed and neutered and none are abused. Then all the rescues, shelters, fosters etc would be out of business :) Pet abuse and neglect is everyone's problem.

Future Plans & Goals

We would love to meet someone up north that would like to be involved in rescue. The dogs would be pre-adopted prior to coming up. We just need a contact and possibly short term fosters in case a new home didn't work out and people to do homechecks. If you can help with fundraising,grantwriting, a new website, logo etc please contact us...... "Together we can make a difference for the animals"


***ADOPTION DAY just about any day of the week*** Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and fosters that save lives everyday!

Come Visit Us

Please tell others that may want to adopt, foster, volunteer, fundraise or write grants! **FOR MORE INFORMATION SCROLL DOWN TO CONTACT US**

Kimber's Kritters Featured Pet

Think Adoption First

Millions of animal are put to sleep in shelters EACH YEAR. So please think adopting a pet before buying from a breeder or pet store. "DON'T BUY WHILE SHELTER ANIMALS DIE"

Sponsoring a pet at Kimber's Kritters

If you are interested in sponsoring a pet. Please feel free to e-mail us. Which ever pet you decide to sponsor we will post your name on their Petfinder listing also with your donation amount if okay with you!

Contacting Kimbers Kritters:

E-mail: is the preferred contact and will put you in order to put and application on a dog
Or Phone: (615) 944-7387 (The quickest way to reach us is via email. All the rescue volunteers work during the day so aren't always able to answer the phone)
Here's a link to get free keyrings etc :) plastic nameplates

Click Here To See Our Pets For Adoption!

Donating To Kimber's Kritters

All contributions all totally tax deductible. We need both monetary & Supplies such as: Medical supplies. Bedding. Any dog stuff! If you are'nt sure if we can use is PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL. Ways to make a donation to Kimber's Kritters. 1. You can make a contribution thru ( Just click link below!) 2. You can mail the donation to P.O. BOX 41401 Nashville, TN 37204 3. If you are donating supplies that you can't mail please contact us so we can arrange to pick them up!

Adoption Fee's & Process

When you adopt a pet from Kimber's Kritters you : 1. Email for an Adoption application/contract and fill it out 2. If you rent we will have to make sure its okay for your to adopt with your landlord. We also must see proof your current dog is on heartworm preventative or be able to verify via your vet. 3.If approved for your new pet we will do a home check at some point of you adopting the pet! We sometimes do it before and sometimes after:) We set the adoption fee at what we have in the dog although many are much less. We've have over a $1000 in some dogs and the adoption fee was $175.

Surrendering a pet to Kimber's Kritters

If are interested in surrendering a pet please contact us (scroll up to "Contact us" for our info). We do not accept all animals as we do not have enough fosters :-)... If your pet is accepted in to Kimber's Kritters adoption program you will have to : 1.) Fill out a surrender form. 2.) You will also fill out a form saying what the pet's likes and dislikes are. 3.) If you have any medical records we would like to get those. 4.)If you can make a donation toward the pets care that would be great. If not, we still take the pet. When you surrender a pet to Kimber's Kritters you are relinquishing all rights to your pet.