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Who We Are

Keeper Rescue was formed around the turn of the century by every day people who shared a deep love and respect for animals wanting to help those who could not fend for themselves or were left homeless. The group consists of friends and long time rescue people who share similar beliefs and goals with a great respect for each other. Our volunteers help with animal care, transport, fundraising, fostering, secretarial needs as well as many other things. Many of our foster homes fall in love with their “foster child” ending with an adoption! Our name was chosen to honor a young lab mix named Keeper. She brought us together and because of her courage, endurance, affection, gentle soul and sweet nature we decided she most certainly was a “Keeper”. She was left abandoned to fend for herself for two years in a local cemetery (the staff there called her the assistant keeper). When we first heard of her it took months to befriend her as she was very leery of strangers. We started leaving food and eventually she would be waiting at the same spot every day. Ultimately we were blessed with nine beautiful puppies in her den. At that time she decided to trust us and along with her babies came with us to a home. All the pups found good homes as well as Keeper who quickly learned to enjoy the good life. We thought it to be funny that after having lived outside through all kinds of weather and freezing winters she would never again set foot outside the door on a rainy day.

Our mission is to find people for dogs of good temperament. We want placements to be forever so we are very careful to match the right dog with the right people. Just like people have different personalities, lifestyles and abilities - dogs do too! Some dogs are high energy needing lots of exercise and play time while others are of a calmer nature just enjoying their home. Please email us at if you are interested in a particular dog we have available telling us a little about yourself. We will send you a response in a timely manner along with an adoption application (that you can return via email or you can print it out and return it by regular mail).

All dogs at the time of adoption have been neutered/spayed, tested for Heartworm/Lyme disease, given rabies and distemper vaccinations and are wormed. All donations we receive are applied solely for vet care, medications and food. All housing, grooming, transportation and office supplies are provided by Keeper Rescue members and volunteers. Our required adoption donation is $200.00 - $300.00 which helps to offset our vet costs, medications and food. The amount required will depend on the breed, age and veterinary needs of the dog. However anyone wishing to make a larger donation at the time of adoption or in the future may certainly do so and it will be graciously accepted and most certainly needed. Some of the dogs we help come in emaciated and in poor condition with a broken spirit. They need everything done from routine vet care to major surgery before they get back on their feet and can be adopted. Many are very frightened and afraid to trust. Their true personality is hidden deep inside. Some are “lucky” and are in need of very little vet care at all, just some lovin’. With love and gentle handling, a good diet and their medical needs met our dogs get their spirit back and are ready to find a forever home.
Keeper Rescue
PO Box 56
Fort Hunter, New York 12069-0056

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