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I am a retired Fire Captain doing rescue as KC Rescue. I am NOT a shelter and therefore do not house any companion animals. I have a network of people keeping me up to date on the pets available all over the KC area as well as around the country: in shelters, rescue groups, vet clinics, kennels, etc. Many are in such out of the way locations that people wouldn't know to look there. I do not foster any pets, however, I make referrals and work with people who have a pet they cannot keep. As a service I offer owners and other rescues the opportunity to list their pets on my site.

Adopting a Friend

I try to provide potential adopters with information on a variety of pets and put them in contact with the person or group that has that pet. Adoption fees vary depending on the situation. Each case is different. Each owner, group, etc. has its own criteria and fee schedule. (I charge nothing for my service.)

KC Rescue

Email: carlnylund@carlnylund.com

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