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GREAT NEWS! The Kitty Adoption Team (KAT) volunteers currently have beautiful kittens. They are all waiting for you to provide a "forever-loving" home for them. Call Diane at (610) 272-4970 to schedule an appointment.

Who We Are

Kitty Adoption Team, Inc. is a non-profit, [501 (c)(3)], all-volunteer, charitable rescue organization. The KAT team is dedicated to providing loving care to every foster kitten or cat in the KAT network. All donated funds are used for the shelter, food and veterinary care of the foster animals entrusted to our care.

KAT specializes in the rescue of young kittens. These kittens are provided foster homes throughout our team's network until quality, loving homes can be found. Many of the orphaned kitties may require bottle-feeding and infant care in our nurseries.

KAT will also provide reduced-cost certificates for spaying and neutering cats to those in financial need. This assistance is provided through the kind and generous support of many area veterinarians.

The KAT volunteers will provide advice and care information to pet owners. The team also gives information and counseling on trapping feral (non-domesticated) kittens and cats, spay/neuter, and release of the feral cats back to their habitat. We also educate on providing shelters, feeding and care for these feral animals.

How You Can Help

Financial donations are urgently needed, and are greatly appreciated. One hundred percent of all donated funds are used for direct care of our kittens and cats. The Redner tapes(Save-A-Tape card must be used) help us with the expenses incurred in fostering our kittens and cats. Point labels from pet food products and kitten KMR Formula UPCs are also helpful to us.

We also receive donations through our shopping portal at when you shop online and specify our organization as the beneficiary. Also, when shopping at Amazon, log-in at and specify Kitty Adoption Team, Inc..

In addition, we re-cycle inkjet/laser cartridges, digital cameras, and graphing calculators, since this helps both KAT and our environment!

Other donations that are constantly needed include: kitten food, kitten formula, litter, cages, yarn (for kitty afgans), cat toys, etc. Interested persons who can volunteer their time and effort are most welcome to join our team.


We require an application process for adopting one of our kitties. Our adoption contract requires that the kitties will be kept inside (except in a barn cat placement), and that they will never be declawed. On occasion, we have available for adoption cats who have been declawed by previous owners. In addition, we require that all kitties that are adopted, or pets in the adopter's home, must be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. Most of our kitties will be spayed/neutered at time of adoption and, of course, tested for FeLV/FIV/HW. Our pet adoptions are not rushed and all questions are answered so that our adopters feel comfortable with the daily care of their new pet(s).

Rescue History

In 2016, we found homes for 312, abandoned, orphaned, or abused kittens and young cats. Please consider joining our KAT team to help us with our efforts in 2017!

Come Visit Us!

We are conveniently located in foster homes in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania (central Montgomery County), near the intersection of Route 73 (Skippack Pike) and Route 202. Call Diane at (610) 272-4970 to schedule an appointment.


It is with great sadness and regret that Kitty Adoption Team Inc (KAT), after a fifteen-year partnership, is leaving the Blue Bell PetValu store in Center Square Plaza, Montgomery County, PA.

Making this decision was not easy or taken lightly. Our first and most important responsibility is to our rescue kittens and cats. Their health and well-being is paramount, as is their placement into appropriate, forever-loving homes. We have placed over seven thousand kittens and cats with over four thousand families.

PetValu management now requires that all kittens be housed in "puppy mill" style cages. For a number of reasons, these cages are inappropriate for our kitten families. Our current display cages are meant for kittens and cats, advertised as such, and actually sold in PetValu stores for this purpose. The "puppy mill" style cages are not. Our concerns were discussed with local management. A waiver for the use of these cages was requested and declined. Multiple attempts were made to meet with the Vice President, but no response to our contacts was forthcoming.

As an all-volunteer, not-for-profit charitable animal rescue organization dedicated to finding forever-loving homes for unwanted, neglected, abandoned and abused kittens and cats, we find, in our view, that such inhumane and unethical treatment is incompatible with our organization's mission, principles and goals. Simply stated, we cannot agree to it.

We are saddened and disappointed by this decision from an organization that we always treated as a valued and trusted partner, one which we enthusiastically endorsed and recommended, and promoted its products and employees to our many thousands of adoptive families and volunteers in the community and region.

Our association and collaboration with PetValu has been beneficial for our rescued animals and the PetValu Corporation. We earnestly thank present and past employees of the Blue Bell PetValu store for their assistance and cooperation for the past decade and a half, and wish them well for the future.

Our deepest gratitude is given to all of our volunteers and extended network, whose work and commitment are the backbone of KAT. In addition, we give our heartfelt thanks to all of our adopters and many supporters of KAT and our mission.

Our KAT mission and dedication to the health and well-being of the rescue animals in our care will continue.

Kitty Adoption Team Prayer For The Animals

Almighty and gracious God, help us to be always mindful 
of the well-being of our friends and companions, the animals.

We ask you to bless them, and for your mercy for 
all animals who are unwanted, neglected, or abused; 
for those who are sick, hungry and frightened; 
for abandoned pets who seek the care of a forever-loving home; 
and for those who must be put down in the name of compassion.

Eternal God, your Holy Scriptures teach us that mankind has 
dominion over the animals.  Help us fulfill our responsibility 
to provide protection, kindness, and love for all your creatures, 
humble and great, large and small, with whom we share the Earth.

In Your Name, we pray.  Amen.
                                                    Copyright 2002 by Diane H. Schwarz
                                                               All rights reserved                                                                                                     

Kitty Adoption Team Inc. (KAT)

Mailing Address:
716 DeKalb Pike
No. 124
Blue Bell, PA 19422

Phone: (610) 272-4970

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