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Where Your Purchase Helps Support Judy's Ark Rescue!
Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!
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Donate a Bed

Donate a BedWe have chosen Kuranda dog beds for our boarding facilities because they are so good for our dogs. We still don't have enough for all of our kennels. If you would like to donate a bed so another dog can sleep in proper comfort, please click here.

Cowboy & Red Dog snoozing on their Kuranda bed donated by Christy Pilzner....they have finally found their forever homes

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Our Pet List

Our Featured Pet...

Hellen was rescued along with Cassy..we believe they are mother and daughter..they loved each other so....Hellen loves everyone and is ready for her forever home
Buddy was adopted from us a couple of years ago and his human father passed away and now Buddy is looking for another loving home
Cassy was found roaming the roads with Hellen..Helen kept er clean and gave her lots of love...please consider Cassy as your next family member...
Payton along with her other 4 brothers and sisters were rescued after their mother was found dead and they were only 2 weeks old..so they are used to being loved on and held...Payton and her sisters Linda & Bailey are still waiting on their forever homes..they are very sweet ..please would you consider them as your next family member....they are about 35 pounds and ready for their own families

We are now in the process of finishing Dog pens , bringing in new sand, and in need welding of 6 gates..in desperate need of donations, building supplies and volunteers to paint and help tear down 2 exiting pens and rebuild....


Here's to Peaceful People -- the Key to a Peaceful World

Being "nice" matters --- to each other, to children and to animals. So many of the ills in our world can be directly traced back to someone being harmed by another. If you have just ONE care in the world -- you have a gift to bring. We salute all the people who give of their time and their money to make a difference in the life of one animal. Likewise, we salute all the people who give of their time and their money to make a difference in the life of ANYONE. Be ONE of those people, today. In whatever you do, wherever you are -- be one of those people.

Who We Are

Our rescue program does not operate out of a traditional shelter. We are located in a rural community that is geographically isolated and economically depressed. We are made up of a few rescue kennels and a few good women. Judy Bunn is one of those women, and her home is really "command central" for the Judy's Ark. Judy operates an indoor Dog boarding and dog grooming business out of her home. With this modest income, she not only supports herself, but also the abused and homeless animals you see here on our webpage. Judy built rescue kennels in her yard, with a few donations & aLOT of hard work. Our rescued animals find sanctuary and 24 hour TLC in Judy's kennels AND in Judy's house as they await good health and good homes. All of us, especially Judy, have worked hard to create a secure, safe, friendly environment - a place where stomachs do not know hunger, necks do not know chains, bodies are not broken by human hands, and spirits are not broken by confusion or fear. Judy takes pride in getting injured or neglected animals back to good health, and she also takes aim at the injustices and cruelty that hurt animals in the first place. Judy's previous experience as a veterinary assistant gives her the tools to help heal their bodies, but it is Judy's strong spirit & determination that give her the tools to speak up for what is right, amidst the masses of people surrounding her who choose to say nothing.

The sobering fact nationwide is that there are too many homeless animals and not nearly enough homes. In our small community, the supply of animals in need outweighs the people willing to adopt them. After our critical rescue work is done, and the animal is safe but still homeless, we sometimes coordinate with No-Kill shelters in larger cities to help our animals find new homes. We have driven some of our animals to these shelters so that they can benefit from the higher visibility and higher adoption rate. Together, larger, metropolitan shelters and smaller rescue efforts like ours are making a difference - one animal at a time.

Our rescue program is most definitely small, most definitely grassroots and most DEFINITELY dependent upon every single donation we've ever gotten. Any size donation gets OUR tails wagging (oh yes, and the animals' tails too!). Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and we thank you for visiting our page. We hope you choose a rescued animal as your next pet, whether from our program or any other!

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." M. Gandhi

Adopting a friend

We expect that you will already be aware of the life-long commitment involved with having a companion animal. Simply wanting an animal does not necessarily mean that you will be a good pet owner, and we do our very best to make sure that you will provide a good home. Our adoption process consists of your agreement & signature on an adoption contract, and a tax-deductible adoption fee of $75.00. Your pets history and medical record (including a rabies tag & certificate of vaccination)are included in the contract. Our expectations of you as a responsible, loving pet owner are outlined in the contract, as well. The pet you adopt will be up to date on vaccination, microchiped, groomed, and altered if they are ready. If they are not Altered at time of adoption, then You will be responsible for the surgery .

Come Visit Us!

You can find our rescued animals, and some pretty cool human beings too, at the corner of Sutton Road and Business Highway 81 in Pearsall, Texas. Just give us a call at 830.334.4500, and we'll get you here from wherever you are! We also are more than willing to help our animals GET TO YOU if at all possile!! Don't let distance stop you from adopting a pet!

Judy's Ark
Pearsall, TX 78061
Phone: 830-334-4500
Email: btails@sbcglobal.net

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