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The Starved Horse
My heart hurts because I am not loved. I wish I could fly away just like a dove. My tail no longer swishes back and forth. I have lost everything that I was worth. I am too skinny and too weak to care. Something that no-one should ever have to bear. Maybe I will get fed today. Why am I teasing myself this way? I know I will not get food or water. To my owner I am just a bother. They might love me I try to think. Nicer thoughts I try to seek. Today I will lay down in the mud. Fall asleep and never wake up.

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;Animals can help enhance self-esteem; Provide an opportunity to develop enduring friendships; Provide a method for teaching and learning important life skills, including responsibility; Help develop a compassionate approach to life; Are an excellent form of exercise & recreation. <>
JKL Equine Rescue
222 Madison Street

Montezuma , IN 47862
mailing addy is JKL-Equine/Pet Rescue C/O Judy Mayes PO Box 42 Montezuma ,IN 47862-0042
email us at kmayes0677@sbcglobal.net new email jklequinepetrescue@yahoo.com to set up an appointment to visit

our equine will not have a coggins test unless stated,,, if one is needed it is additional cost 

Email: For CREDIT CARD donations use paypal donation plus fees below make a donation it is always needed and appreciated very much .Blessings,JKL-Equine Rescue
For NON CREDIT CARD donations use jklequinepetrescue@yahoo.com I canno't accept credit cards on the paypal button below if you send donation via CREDIT CARD it can be sent to paypal at jkl_equine@yahoo.com
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We are unable to give csh refunds on any animal only exchange for another when one is available. Thanks JKL