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JKL Equine Rescue

Most of our of our Pigs be Mini or Potbellied WILL NOT stay full grown under 50 pds .

And we will hold a pet Pig if a deposit is put down to help the adopter be able to adopt before pig is actually picked up new email jklequinepetrescue@yahoo.com

We are a sanctuary dedicated to the care and rehabilitation unwanted Horses Donkey Mules that are recovering from abuse, starvation, disease, injuries and owner surrender ,foster homes and Sponsers are needed please help make life better for an animal
Email us at kmayes0677@sbcglobal.net new email address isjklequinepetrescue@yahoo.com
DONATIONS are greatly appreciated.

JKL Equine Rescue Pet Adoption iGive.com
The Starved Horse
My heart hurts because I am not loved. I wish I could fly away just like a dove. My tail no longer swishes back and forth. I have lost everything that I was worth. I am too skinny and too weak to care. Something that no-one should ever have to bear. Maybe I will get fed today. Why am I teasing myself this way? I know I will not get food or water. To my owner I am just a bother. They might love me I try to think. Nicer thoughts I try to seek. Today I will lay down in the mud. Fall asleep and never wake up.

Our Adoptable Pet List

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.If you would like to make a donation please use the Paypal Button provided .Thank you

Hello Been away due to personal business.Thank you

please see our list
I want to say a SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR RECENT DONATIONS And ADOPTERS please make a donation or adopt if you can your contributions and adoptions are needed very badly to help with providing our rescue animals feed and care
Please send a DONATION to help support the animals in rescue also by SPONSERING one of our Equine or become a FOSTER PARENT if you can as we are trying to help good horses from going to the uncaring situations. your help is needed very much and appreciated please send your contributions today too many good horses will end up at slaughter facilities as there are alot of horses circulating through sales these days help keep them safe and get them loving homes alot of them healthy good animals .HELP YOUR HORSIE FRIENDS TODAY donate everyones help is needed .Thank you JKL-Equine Rescue email us at our new email addy at kmayes0677@sbcglobal.net <> Click to see our pets! Hi ,we are Happy to let everyone know are first Petfinder adoption was on Apr.24,2005 for Freckles POA Pony to Susan Nichols and Family from Poland ,IN. Thank you Susan Nicholes and family JKL-Equine Rescue <
br<Click to see our pets! Hello All... . <>I want to announce for adoption information please contact us and also to gain a new friend please adopt a equine today and make this year the best ever for our Equine Friends and "Adopt a New Forever Friend" also all equine / farm animal pet adopted remain the property of JKL-Equine Rescue for a 1 yr period if all is well adopter will gain a title of ownership at that time
If anyone would be interested in becoming a SPONSER or becomeing a FOSTER PARENT to one of our Equine please contact me ,,,we could really use the extra support
. Thank You JKL - Equine Rescue > <>JKL-Equine Rescue is operated and owned by Judy Mayes and Family we all work very hard to care for Gods Wonderful Creatures he put here for our use and under or care JKL Equine Rescue is located in a small town just 60 miles West Of Indianapoils , IN Montezuma is 60 mi West of Indianapolis on US HGWY 36 and 30 mi so of US Interstate 74 please give us a call and we'll set up a time for you drop by for a visit we would love showing you around and get to know some of our resident equine Happy Trail and Blessings from JKL Equine Rescue.<> BR<>Horses provide numerous, positive benefits: Are wonderful companions; Can become a lifelong hobby; Can help create a wholesome environment for children and adults; Can help enhance self-esteem; Provide an opportunity to develop enduring friendships; Provide a method for teaching and learning important life skills, including responsibility; Help develop a compassionate approach to life; Are an excellent form of exercise & recreation. <>
JKL Equine Rescue
222 Madison Street

Montezuma , IN 47862
mailing addy is JKL-Equine/Pet Rescue C/O Judy Mayes PO Box 42 Montezuma ,IN 47862-0042
email us at kmayes0677@sbcglobal.net new email jklequinepetrescue@yahoo.com to set up an appointment to visit

our equine will not have a coggins test unless stated,,, if one is needed it is additional cost 

Email: For CREDIT CARD donations use paypal donation plus fees below make a donation it is always needed and appreciated very much .Blessings,JKL-Equine Rescue
For NON CREDIT CARD donations use jklequinepetrescue@yahoo.com I canno't accept credit cards on the paypal button below if you send donation via CREDIT CARD it can be sent to paypal at jkl_equine@yahoo.com
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We are unable to give csh refunds on any animal only exchange for another when one is available. Thanks JKL