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What is Adopt - A- Setter ?

Adopt - A - Setter is a group of volunteers located across the country helping to find homes for displaced Irish Setters. We do this out of our homes, so we are usually "closed" from Thanksgiving until January. This time of year is much too busy for a family to add a new pet and they are not gifts. Please fill out the application, and be sure to keep checking our web site, come see us in January.

Where do the dogs come from?

Some of our rescues are picked up from shelters as strays or owners turn them in directly to us. We hear many reasons, such as, "We have no time for the dog", "We are moving", "A family member is allergic", and "We are getting divorced."

Where are the dogs that are available for adoption?

Irish Setter Rescue has members and foster homes nationwide. The dog may be in a temporary foster home or a kennel. If there is not an Irish available in your area, we do not assist with transportation. We do not fly dogs, nor do we deliver them, they aren't pizza. We prefer you drive to the dog to meet the dog to make sure it is a match. We have had folks drive over 15 hours one way to meet our dogs.

Are the dogs healthy?

Every dog in rescue is placed spayed/neutered and current on their shots. They are screened for temperment and we do our best to place the right dog in the right home. We require all rescue dogs be house dogs. Irish Setters do not do well being outside only dogs. If the dog does not work out, it must be returned to Irish Setter Rescue. Adoption fees range for an older dog, could be as low as $200 to as much as $350 for a younger dog. Our average adoption fees are $350 for up to age 1 year, $300 from 1 - 3 years, $250 age 4 - 6 years and $200 for age 7 - 9. Any age 10 or older we are just so happy that someone is able to provide them a forever loving home. We try to get our vet bills covered with the adoption fees.

How can I adopt an Irish Setter?

The first step is to fill out an application. An application can be found at the following web sites.
Irish Setter Club of America
Irish Setter Rescue in NJ
Irish Setter Club of Central CT

Who can I contact for further questions?

Please contact
Deanna and Phil Cuchiaro - Irish Setter Rescue in NJ

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