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Spay/Neuter Aid Please be a part of the solution to the thousands of homeless animals in our area. IHHSAR works in conjunction with Dr Bill Fuller at the Scott Veterinary Services in Gate City. Please call 276-386-7309 for an appointment. Please neuter and spay your pets to prevent unwanted litters and overcrowded shelters. Also remember your pets needs shots. ....Rabies is mandatory, Parvo/Distemper is a must if we ever hope to eradicate these diseases.

Who We Are

In His Hands Small Animal Rescue Mission Statement To help reduce the number of at risk dogs in local shelters and help re-home unwanted companion animals. We will accomplish this mission by working together as volunteers who value and respect each other and their individual abilities they bring to the group. Maintaining a database of available animals and prospective adopters. Fostering all dogs brought into rescue. Fully vetting all dogs brought into rescue. Spaying or neutering all dogs brought into rescue. Verifying all qualified applicants and related information prior to adoption. Completing home visits or telephonic visits for all qualified applicants We will network with other rescues to help achieve these goals.

Adopting a friend

If interested in adopting a dog, please email us at To be pre-approved for adoption go to and fill out an application. We do not have a facility and rely on foster homes. Foster homes are VERY important in the rescue process, and most often a lack of foster homes is what prevents any rescue group from taking additional animals. If you are interested in becoming foster family, please contact us at Completing an adoption application is the first step if you are interested in adopting one of our rescues. After you have submitted your application , we will contact you, as well as the references you have listed in your applications. A signed adoption contract is required at the time of final adoption. In this contract an adopter must agree to take full responsibility of the dog's well-being and understand that they are rescues and most come with issues that you must be willing to work with. Because we have no way of predicting a dogs actions outside the foster environment, we cannot be responsible once they are adopted. We WILL disclose everything about each of our dogs...good or bad. To be pre-approved for adoption go to For adoptions, in addition to the adoption contract, we request an adoption fee to cover veterinary and other expenses incurred on behalf of the rescue animal. Our standard adoption fee is $125-$200. We reserve the right to increase this fee for high demand or rare dogs in an attempt to narrow down the field of potential adopters to those who seriously want such a dog and are not simply looking for a "bargain." Although this may sound harsh, we can promise you that we have had such inquiries about our dogs. On a more positive note, the additional fee that is received on these high demand dogs will be used to help pay for some of the non-routine vet work that is often required for our older dogs (for example, teeth cleaning, blood-work, tumor removal, x-rays, and a multitude of other possible veterinary services). Since we get a large number of older dogs, as compared to the occasional young, high demand dog, this will not, of course, totally cover these additional expenses - but will at least help a little. We want to do everything we can to continue to save the older dogs and those that need medical attention, and unfortunately, funds are required to do this. We also want to try our hardest to do what we can to increase an older dog's chances of finding a loving, forever home. As a result, we will never RAISE an adoption fee for a dog just because it has required extensive vet work. Upon occasion we will even reduce our adoption fee for a hard to place or very old dog. We hope that by doing this that we can get someone to "take a chance" on one of these sweet, older guys, that still have a lot of love to give! Please note that any deviation from our normal adoption fee will be clearly stated in the description for a particular dog. We will not ship our dogs so please be willing to pick them up! We want you to meet your new family member in an environment that it feels safe in. This way you truly "see what you are getting". Thanks for considering a rescue!

In His Hands Small Animal Rescue PO Box 67

Hiltons, VA 24258
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