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In Honey's Memory is a no kill, cage free shelter.

This means that each kitty can run around, relax, play and be social with the other cats inside. Each shelter window opens up to an enclosed caged in area that allows them to enjoy the sunshine and breath in nice fresh air. They even have a patio to watch the birdies fly by and chipmunks run around. This shelter is dedicated to Honey, a 12 week old orange tabby kitten who, despite Anna's attempts to bottle feed and care for, tragically died on June 6, 1999.


When you adopt from us it will allow us to take in another homeless cat or take in another kitty from another shelter that is not handling being in a cage very well. You help change the life of ultimately 2 cats for every 1 cat that you adopt from us.


We specialize in finding forever homes for young adults and older cats. The largest portion of the cat community that seems to be neglected the most is the 1-7 year old ago group, this age group has a higher rate of becoming homeless. We also find that  black and black/white cats are the least likely to find homes because there are such high numbers of that color.


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Adopting A Friend

Adopting a friend

For an adoption fee we ask for a monetary donation that covers the medical expenses of that kitty.

We have indoor-only kitties (we do however sometimes have a few kitties who would do better being an indoor/outdoor cat versus just indoor but those are the only ones we are willing to be let outside).  We try to match up a kitty, that will best fit your lifestyle and requests. We want this to be a happy, lasting relationship, between you and your kitty!

The actual adoption process:

FIRST, schedule an appointment with Anna to meet the kitties and choose the one that most suits you.


SECOND, fill out adoption application, you can take it and fill it out at your home and then mail or fax it back, or you can fill it out on the spot and leave it. You may also call or send an email for the adoption application in advance and bring it to your appointment already filled out.


FINALLY, if you are approved and you have chosen a cat (with the help of Anna) you may schedule a time to pick up the kitty or have the kitty delivered.

Who We Are

Help us help the many local kitties in need

When you make a donation to In Honey's Memory Adult Cat Shelter, whether it be monetary or otherwise, please know it is greatly appreciated. 100% of the proceeds go directly to our kitties and is tax deductible. we are a no-kill, cage free non profit 501c3 organization.

You can also shop in "Honey's Store" for catnip pillows, kitty toys and more. Every penny of your purchase goes directly to the kitties at In Honey's Memory.  

Honey's Store Is Open!

Find a new toy or comfy pillow for your kitty friend while supporting us at the same time.

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