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We have some terrific pets up for adoption. Please check out all of our terrific canines and felines. CLICK HERE!

If you are looking for a new best friend please make adoption your first option!

To setup an appointment to meet any of the pets in our program just drop us an e-mail and request a time that works for your schedule. Weekends and evening appointments are available. Contact us via e-mail at: HappyTailsAnimalRescue@hotmail.com

Before an appointment is setup we will ask that you first fill out an adoption application. This way if you fall in love with a particular pet you will be able to take them home the same day! This speeds up the adoption process which warms all of our hearts!

Donate to a Homeless Pet

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Who We Are

Happy Tails Animal Rescue is an outreach group of concerned citizens caring for cats, kittens, puppies, and dogs. The need for our efforts has emerged through many twists of fate and understanding of the immense need for assistance our local humane shelters need. They can not handle the problem on their own.

We work in concert with Dr. Litfin and the staff at Lifelong Pet Health Care, without their help we would not be able to help the many pets that have come through our program to find wonderful happy forever homes!

Our founders began this work in recognition of an amazing cat, Sampson who touched our lives in 2003-2004. He arrived as a stray tom-cat and turned out to be FelV positive (Feline Leukemia positive). We worked with K-State Veterinary Teaching Hospital and our local veterinarian in hopes to manage his FelV condition. He did amazingly well and adapted to a cushy life spending a great deal of time with our own dogs. Unfortunately, he took a drastic turn for the worse in June of 2004.

This experience caused our founders to realize how devastating apathy can be. His life could have been extended if his original owner had simply immunized him against this fatal disease.

Our belief is simple; we have domesticated these animals and therefore are responsible to provide them with love and proper medical care for their entire lives.

Our goals:

Education - Explaining the need for immunization and sterilization and awareness as to the number of animals in need Training - We rehabilitate abused and/or neglected animals prior to placement Homes - We are constantly in search of wonderful forever homes Outreach - We provide outreach to groups or individuals wanting to make a positive impact in their community on behalf of the homeless animals. Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Sampson taught us that through sadness and loss, purpose can emerge and help can be found to reduce the suffering. Please learn from his story and make an impact today!

Happy Tails Photos

These photos give you an idea of what it is like to be in our world. We have a number of our own dogs that help us re-traing dogs that come into our program. It is similar in concept to that of the Dog Whisper you see on National Geographic in our method. Our goal is to help dogs learn from other well trained, socialized and rather happy dogs. As you can see we have a dog-gone good time!

Typically the dogs in our program are introduced to cats and most especially ours live with our own cats. We work very hard to place any pet that goes through our program in the right home. This includes considering the pets that are already in the home. It is our hope that the next home a pet in our program goes to is their forever home!

We actively support great organizations in the area

Four Paws Fence, Pet Fence Specialists - We can not rave enough about this company! Our founders of Happy Tails live on a 10 acre ranch and needed a solution to containing their own pets and any fosters. Paul Mallory the owner of Four Paws wrote back write away and answered all of our questions and provided us with great solutions! We now have around three acres "fenced" with the underground system which allows big and small dogs a like to play safely out at the ranch! We currently have five dogs on the system. This will work great as fosters come and go! We will recommend this fence option to our adopting families time and time again! If you need a system that will work and stay working call Paul and have him explain why his system is different. Here is his website and contact information:www.petfencekc.com

Doggy Day Care - If you are in need of a great babysitter for your pooches while at work consider Dog Day Afternoon Doggy Day Care service. Further details can be found at: www.dogdayafternoon-online.com

Fun for you and your Dog - We would also like to mention another great activity for you and your dogs, The Hill's Topeka Bark Park located in Gage Park. This is a converted ball-diamond where your dogs can run off leash and socialize with other dogs. Please make sure your dogs are current on their vaccinations prior to brining them to the park and be sure to pick up after your pooch.

Best of Show Grooming in Ottawa, KS is the place that handles all of the Happy Tails pets that require grooming. We highly recommend them because they have done a wonderful job with many of our dogs. Most notably is their work with Emma Marie, a puppy mill rescue dog. Emma is slowly overcoming her many fears, which make getting her groomed difficult. She is a toy poodle so appointments are a must. The great thing is when she goes to Best of Show she wags her tail and openly loves the groomers. That says so much to us! Here is their website:http://bestofshowgrooming.com Please tell them Happy Tails Animal Rescue sent you, Emma gets an extra treats for referrals!

Adopting a new Best Friend

If you are interested in one of our pets listed please e-mail us for an adoption application to complete. This is our way of getting to know you and establishing the best pet suited for you. Please e-mail us at: HappyTailsAnimalRescue@hotmail.com

Medical History of Pets in Our Program

Each pet in our care will be up to date on their vaccines at time of adoption if at all possible. A full vaccine record will be given to the adoptee with a schedule of the necessary follow up to continue proper pet medical care.

Spay Neuter Policy

If old enough, pets will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption if at all possible. If they are too young you will be required to sign an agreement stating you will have the animal spayed/neutered when old enough. A good faith deposit will be associated with this agreement. This will be paid to a veterinarian of your choice or returned to you once paper work is received that you have spayed/neutered the animal. Our reason for this is to make sure we do not contribute to the pet overpopulation epidemic. Our spay/neuter deposit is a state requirement for all rescues and shelters.

Out of State Adoptions
We have and will continue to do out of state adoptions. These are a bit more expensive, but the families we have found have made it worth the effort. The adoptee is responsible for the air fare of the pet, carrier for shipping, health certificate, and adoption fee.

If you live out of the state of Kansas and are interested in adopting one of our pets please e-mail for adoption application to complete at: HappyTailsAnimalRescue@hotmail.com. We will begin working with you on the details to make this journey to a forever home a smooth one. Sometimes a pet in our care will be unable to fly. If this is the case we will let you know and enlist the help of our volunteers to provide ground transportation for the pet.

How to Visit Us

Happy Tails is an outreach group of concerned citizens who provide foster care service for pets looking for their forever homes. We assist various humane societies by offering our foster care services to pets that need more time to find their forever homes.

All of our foster homes are licensed through the State of Kansas through the Happy Tails Animal Rescue group foster license. If you would like to join our foster care team please contact us at: HappyTailsAnimalRescue@hotmail.com

We will then setup a time to visit with you and explain our foster care program. All foster homes are required to have a state foster care license under our group foster license. Thanks!

Stray Pets Policy

Unfortunately, we can not take in strays. This is to insure if the pet is an owned pet they find their owner again and it is also state law that only shelters take in strays. Please contact your local Humane Society if you have found a stray pet. If you are in Topeka please call: 785-233-7325. Ask for the Lost/Found pet section and give a full description of the pet you have found.
Include: sex, if the pet is spayed/neutered, coat color, breed type (if known), color of collar, and location of where you found the pet.
If the pet is friendly and willing take the pet to a local veterinarian to have the pet scanned for a microchip. If a microchip is found typically most clinics will be able to assist you in finding the pets owner.
Be sure to share any microchip information with your local Animal Shelter so they can assist in locating the pets family as well. Keep in mind the first place an owner will call is the local shelter to find their lost pet.

Owner Surrender Policy

Due to our small organizational size we can not take in every pet and prefer to bring pets into our rescue program from shelters that need space. This way we are helping those pets that are in the most critical need find a home.

However, if you are an owner wishing or needing to surrender your pet the rescue offers the following Assisted Placement Service. This service requires effort on your part as the current owner to help your pet; with the rescues assistances find its next home.

Assisted Placement Includes
Courtesy listing of your pets photo and bio on our website under our adoptable pet list. We can post up to three photos.
The rescue will screen adoption applications for you and then once an appropriate new home is found for the pet we connect the two of you up.
Please note that this is a TEAM approach to finding your pet a new home. This requires effort on the family giving up the petís part to make this process happen.
Too participate in this program the pet must be current on vaccines, spayed/neutered, and a copy of its medical record on file with the rescue. This is for your pets protection and for your own.
Why we do this: We realize this is a new approach but feel the benefits are great. We see this as good option to offer our community with the goal of reducing the number of pets going into the shelter system. This saves everyone money and it prevents the pet from having to endure a shelter surrender experience. The pet is our focus.
We encourage all rescues and shelters to offer this option to the communities they serve. We also feel that this process provides those needing to give up a pet with a better understanding as to the work involved in finding a pet a new home. We hope this experience will influence their choices in the future.
There is an owner surrender fee if the pet enters our foster care system. If the pet remains in its current home while up for adoption there is no cost for this service. However, we do appreciate any donations. Also, the pet must be current on vaccines as well as sterilized.

How to ADOPT

If you are interested in one of our adoptable pets please contact us and request an adoption application via e-mail at HappyTailsAnimalRescue@hotmail.com

Prior to visiting any of our foster pets we ask that you complete our adoption application first. This way if you fall in love during your visit we will have your paper work completed and can expedite the adoption process.

If you are interested in any of the pets being posted on behalf of other Humane Societies or Animal Shelters we will note this in their bio as URGENT. This designation means that the pet has limited time and a home or foster home is needed ASAP. Please contact the shelter directly or you can e-mail us and we will forward your e-mail on to the shelter. Contact information will be in the pets bio for the shelter.

We provide this service too many shelters to help direct web traffic to some pets that have limited time to find a home. We do our best to work with as many agencies as possible to help as many pets as we can to find the loving homes they deserve! Please make adoption your first option!

Thank you.

Happy Tails Animal Rescue Topeka, KS
Email: HappyTailsAnimalRescue@hotmail.com

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Donate a Bed We use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.

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