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We need YOU!

We currently have a SEVERE shortage of volunteers and cannot take any cats or kittens into our program. Our space availability for dogs is also very limited, so please consider becoming a foster home and helping the homeless animals of the Grand Valley.

If you have a love for animals and would like to volunteer, PLEASE leave your name and number on our message line at 970-243-8823 and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Thank you for your support!

Who We Are

"The Foster Care People"

1. We are an all volunteer, local group of "animal lovers" who take homeless animals into our "Foster Care Program". We vaccinate them, give them medical attention, spay and neuter them, test them for diseases, and treat them to prevent diseases (as much as our funds allow).

2. We do not have a shelter building. Our animals are all kept in a network of private homes around the Grand Valley. They are socialized and cared for along with other family pets until adopted. Our "Foster Homes" are all non paid volunteers.

3. We are a "no kill" organization and we do not realease any animals for biomedical or any other kind of research. We only adopt animals into private homes we feel are appropriate and loving.

4. We were founded in 1991 as a Non Profit, Colorado Corporation. We are also licensed as a "Rescue" organization and are registered with the IRS as a 501c3 Tax Exempt organization, so all donations are tax deductible (as allowable by law).

5. Our prime directive is to "act in the best interest of the animal". That means, we don't adopt to everyone. If you don't qualify in our opinion, we don't adopt to you.

6. We get NO government funds nor donations from groups like the United Way. We are funded completely by your donations and adoptions, so your support is vital to us continuing our aid to local homeless animals of the Western Slope.

Adopting a friend

Call our "Foster Care Message Line" at (970) 243-8823 or e-mail us at and tell us which animal you'd like to adopt. One of our volunteers will contact you and give you more information. A FREE spay or neuter is included (and required) in all of our adoptions, so IF the animal is not already altered, we will supply you with a certificate and assign you to a local veterinarian to get it done.
We prefer to adopt our pets to local homes (in the Grand Junction area), but occasionally an exception can be made. We are not able to ship pets and do not currently offer ANY out of state adoptions. NO out of state adoptions!

Come Visit Us!

We do not have a shelter building, but we'd love to tell you about our volunteer opportunities or how you can help. Call or e-mail us for more information. Our volunteers are YOU, or people just like YOU. So please take YOUR turn SOON! The pets we care for are just like your beloved pet, but they are lost or abandoned or for some other reason find their way to us. Help us continue to be there for them.
The Humane Society of Western Colorado Inc.
P.O. Box 502

Grand Junction, CO 81502
Phone: (970) 243-8823

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