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Adopting A Friend

See a dog or cat that you like? Send us an email and we will contact you with information on the furry one's rescue, rehabilitation, personality, and any other details that you might like to know --at no obligation to you.

Once you confirm that you are still interested, we can set up a "meet & greet" in Southern California (and in special cases, we have even set up video meetings from out-of-state). 

If you begin to feel that the sweetheart you have discovered is the one you have been looking for, then we can set up a trial run. It is our desire that these loving pets become established in their forever homes, therefore, we do everything we can to make that possible.

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Who We Are

Thousands of animals are found on the streets of Tijuana, unwanted and abused; they live a life of fear, pain, disease and starvation. The good news? Each year we touch the lives of about 5,000 animals through our different programs. 

Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana was founded in August of 2007. Our mission is to directly support Humane Society de Tijuana (HSTJ) in improving conditions in the U.S. and Mexican border cummunities through the humane treatment of animals. HSTJ is a private, non-profit, all-volunteer, organization; volunteers receive no financial compensation. Mexican and American volunteers work together to rescue and protect animals in Tijuana, Mexico.

We do not run a shelter. Instead we offer special programs designed to assist the general public, and especially, individuals who rescue, rehabilitate and foster their own rescues.

Programs include:

  • Low-cost and free sterilization.
  • A recently inaugurated low-cost veterinary clinic.
  • A well structured adoption program.
  • Street clinics providing parasite control.
  • A network of support for individual rescuers.
  • A cat/dog food distribution program.

Public education programs are scheduled systematically in specific areas of Tijuana each month. Workshops are specifically tailored to engage children, teens, or adults, and inculcate a culture of humane treatment of animals.

Learn more about our  Itchy-Scratchy Clinic and our spay and neutering programs. 



Based on our experience over the years, we can say that less than 1% of the animals brought to our street clinics had ever seen a private veterinarian. All had parasites including worms, half had eye infections and skin infections, and of those, approximately half had advanced cases of mange.

And on any given day there would be upwards of 10,000 ill, starving, and frightened dogs and cats loose on the streets of Tijuana. The city pound [not a shelter] picks up an average of 300 dogs per month [no cats]. These are subsequently euthanized. 

In recent times, however, a change has become evident as awareness is increasing and more and more people are being educated on this topic and cultivate an active interest in animal well-being. 

We greatly value the continuous support from our donors, because without them programs such as these would not be possible. and we firmly believe that all the effort volunteers put forth is completely worthwhile and contributes directly towards our organizations' main objectives.

And it is on the streets where we discover the majority of the animals that you find on our adoption page. Many have been rescued off the streets from a miserable existence and are essentially given a second chance. We invite you to give one of these loving and grateful animals a chance. You never know. One of them just might be the one you were looking for.

Come Visit Us

We hold adoption events throughout the City of San Diego on a regular basis. For the following dates and locations please visit our website and click on "Upcoming Events".


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