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1 Shelter Rd/P.O. Box 1254, Ocean City, NJ 08226

(609) 398-9500

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When leaving a phone message, or when e-mailing the Shelter, please provide YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER OR E-MAIL ADDRESS, LOCATION (CITY, STATE), DATE/TIME YOU CALLED, AND A SHORT SUMMARY OF YOUR QUESTION.

Recognized by the ASPCA and Cat Fancy Magazine
As One of the USA's Top Ten Animal Shelters, Winner of Trupanion 2014 Shelter of the Year
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Located in Ocean City, New Jersey, "America's Greatest Family Resort"

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"Best Friends" Cat Sponsorship Form (pdf file)

"Best Friends" Cat Sponsorship Brochure of Needy Cats (pdf file)

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Who We Are

The Humane Society of Ocean City is a private, non-profit (501)(c)(3) organization located in Ocean City, New Jersey. HSOC operates a "No-Kill" Animal Shelter; a low-cost spay/neuter clinic; and a humane educational center.

Since 1964, HSOC has proudly served Ocean City and surrounding communities in Atlantic and Cape May counties. Our Shelter has rescued and cared for many stray or abandoned pets. HSOC strives to place its homeless residents into good, loving homes. For unwanted pets, HSOC provides them a safe, clean, and happy home in the Shelter for the rest of their precious lives.

We stand by our motto: "Providing the highest level of compassion and service to our animal friends!"


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Volunteering at the Shelter

HSOC always needs animal-friendly people to help us wih our cause. You can help setup our display booth at our fund-raising events. You can sell items, greet people, and handout pamphlets. Or you can perform animal care work, or do cleaning tasks at the Shelter. There's always dogs that need to be walked, or whatever other help HSOC needs. You can even propose a project or event that is done on your own at your home, school, or elsewhere.

If you're interested, e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator at You must be a responsible person who is at least 18 years old. In your e-mail message, please provide YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL ADDRESS, LOCATION (CITY, STATE), A SUMMARY OF YOUR QUALIFICATIONS AND WHY YOU WANT TO HELP. Thank you!

"Best Friend" Sponsorship Program for Unadopted Shelter Cats

Please sponsor us! Can you sponsor one of our timid feral cats? All of our ferals are fearful of human touch, probably from past abuse, or from surviving on the streets. Their mommy ferals taught them to fear humans. Some have imperfections like a missing eye, bent ear, or a damaged tail, or are not so attractive in some other way. They are so shy that they are nearly impossible to place in a home. Our "Feral Room" is their sanctuary. However, you can personally sponsor one and visit your "Best Friend" anytime.

  • To learn more, call the Shelter at (609) 398-9500 or e-mail.

    Our SHELTER E-Mail Address (you can click on it):

  • To print a "Best Friend" cat sponsorship form, and a set of our Best Friends' photos with stories, click on the following hyperlinks:

NEW "Best Friends" Cat Sponsorship Form (pdf file)

NEW "Best Friends" Cat Sponsorship Pictures/Stories of Needy Cats (pdf file)

HSOC Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic

Click here for more clinic photos

The community is welcome to bring their pets to our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic, located in our new "Red-Barn" building next to the Shelter. It is a state-of-the art medical facility staffed with a veterinarian and veterinary technicians specializing in the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs. After your appointment is confirmed, you bring your pet to the Clinic, register with the administrative clerk, leave your pet there under the professional care of the veterinary staff, and later pick up your pet.

To apply for an appointment for the low-cost spay/neutering of your pet, you can view and print our on-line form by clicking on the link Spay/Neuter Form. If you have questions, you can call (609) 398-9500.

* (The form needs to be opened with "Adobe Acrobat Reader". If you cannot open the file, click on the link Adobe Acrobat Reader to learn how.)

To see photos of our new spay/neuter clinic, you can click on the photo above or on the link Clinic Photos

How to Contact Us


Our SHELTER E-Mail Address is:

Postal Address:
Humane Society of Ocean City
1 Shelter Road
P.O. Box 1254
Ocean City, NJ 08226

Phone: (609) 398-9500
Visiting Hours: 11:00am - 3:00pm (Every Day, Sat & Sun too!)
Adoption Appointments: 11:00am - 2:30pm (Every Day, Sat & Sun too!)
When leaving a phone message, or when e-mailing the Shelter, always provide YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER OR E-MAIL ADDRESS, LOCATION (CITY, STATE), DATE/TIME YOU CALLED, AND A SHORT SUMMARY OF YOUR QUESTION.

P.S. When you speak to the Shelter, please tell them that you were on HSOC's "Petfinder" page. Thanks!

Please, No "Pet Dumping" or Unexpected "Drop-Off's"!

Never Abandon A Pet Outside the Shelter! "Pet Dumping" is unlawful and a severely punishable crime!

Anyone abandoning an animal outside the Shelter building, no matter what the circumstances, is committing a terrible act of neglect, and a serious crime. Any identified Individual(s) will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! (see below)

New Jersey Statutes:

Title 4. Agriculture And Domestic Animals
Chapter 22. Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals
Article 2. Prevention Of Cruelty
C. Penalties; Recovery
4:22-26. Acts constituting cruelty in general; penalty
A person who shall:
k. Abandon a maimed, sick, infirm or disabled animal or creature to die in a public place;
t. Abandon a domesticated animal;

Never Surrender Any Pet to the Shelter Without Authorized Permission!

Never bring the Shelter a pet to surrender without advance telephone notice . Animal surrenderings or "drop-off's" ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY AND SUBJECT TO ADVANCE APPROVAL BY THE SHELTER MANAGER! Please call the Shelter ahead of time at (609) 398-9500 for approval before you consider surrendering your pet. Do not request surrenderings by leaving answering machine messages, sending faxes, e-mail, or any other means except one: You can only request permission in a direct conversation with the Shelter Manager. Thank you.


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