Hotdog Hill Sanctuary Spring Grove, Virginia 23881
Prince George county in Richmond, VA

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Who We Are
Hotdog Hill Sanctuary is a small home-based dog rescue in Prince George County, Virginia

Contact us at kim.hotdoghill.hunter@gmail

The Adoption Process
Prospective adopters must be over the age of 21 and must show proof of home ownership or landlord approval.

All prospective adopters must fill-out an adoption application. You can download an application* or request an adoption application via email, as an attachment. (* You will be prompted to Open or Save this Microsoft Word document file)

Once you have submitted your application and your references have been checked, one of our volunteers will contact you by phone. We will ask you some questions about yourself (like where you live, if you have children or other pets, etc.). We will arrange a convenient time for one of our home checkers to visit your home. This visit is not an inspection. We're really not interested in the wallpaper in your hallway or whether or not the laundry basket is full. We visit purely to ensure that your home is a safe environment for one of our dogs. We are not looking for luxurious homes, but we are looking for safe, loving homes.

If at any time during the interview or application process you become discouraged for whatever reason, please let us know. We try our best to process all adoptions as smoothly as possible.

About Donations
Hotdog Hill Sanctuary does not receive assistance from any state, city, county, or any other organization. We are fully funded through (and dependent upon) donations and volunteer help. If you are interested in adopting a pet from us, a donation will be requested to help reimburse expenses incurred. If

Donations are solely used for the welfare of our pets. This includes basic and special needs' health care provided by qualified veterinarians and animal specialists, pet food, pet supplies, and transport expenses.

Little Bear. Yes, I am available for adoption!

Donations can be made in several ways.
  1. You can make a donation by using PayPal. Click on the Make A Donation button to get started.

  2. You can make a donation to the Hotdog Hill Rescue Medical Fund set up with Sycamore Veterinary Hospital. See link and description below.

    Clarice, special needs Yorkshire Terrier. Yes, I am available for adoption!  No donation is ever too small.

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For secure debit or credit card donations, you can pay via PayPal
by clicking on the Make A Donation button above.

Sycamore Veterinary Hospital
13137 Midlothian Turnpike
Midlothian, Virginia 23113

Tel: (804) 794-3778
Payments can be sent to the Hotdog Hill Rescue Medical Fund set up with Sycamore Veterinary Hospital by mailing a check, by calling with a credit card, or by stopping in to make a cash donation ~ which ever method is convenient for you.
Adoption Updates!
John Henry and Charlie (2006)

John Henry (left) and Charlie (right) were both adopted by the same kind family. These are pictures of them in their new forever home!

image, heart

How to contact us:
Please contact us via email if you have any questions or to schedule a meeting with one of our available dogs.

Hotdog Hill Rescue
Spring Grove, VA 23881
Prince George County

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