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Who We Are

Homeless Kit'n Cat Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization, dedicated to alleviate the breeding and suffering of feral or abandoned homeless kittens and cats by altering, treating and adopting. We DO NOT take kittens from owners who have failed to alter their pet or cats from owners who can't keep them any longer.

Our feral kittens come from everywhere and anywhere. Upon rescue the kittens are given a topical flea treatment and bathed. The kittens will receive medication to kill hook worms, round worms and tapeworms. Also given is medication to kill several bacteria that are normally found in cats but because of poor diets the bacteria has grown out of control. Six weeks begins the kittens first in a series of three vaccinations. At seven weeks the kittens are given a blood test for FeLV and FIV. All our kittens are FIV and FeLV negative unless noted in their individual description. At eight weeks most kittens have reached an acceptable weight to be spayed or neutered. We do not spay or neuter any kittens who may have been slow to mature.

Within day or two of their rescue the kittens are transferred to one of our foster homes. The foster homes are located throughout L.A. and Ventura Counties. Having many loving foster homes allows us to keep litters together. The kittens are taught to play, to allow human touching and to respond to the human voice. The most important job of a foster parent is teaching the kitten to accept affection and learn to trust humans. This is accomplished with feeding, petting, bathing, constant play, a lot of verbal praise and tons of love and patience. Our foster parents don't receive pay; the love of saving a kitten is their reward. All expenses are paid by us(usually).

Adopting a new family member

The best way to adopt your family member is to sit down and play with her. If there is entire litter present playing with all of them may change your mind about which one is to be your kitten. Your kitten may not be the cutest and most outgoing it might be one who is a little shy but loving and playful just the same. You want to choose a kitten that will fit into your household routine. If you are gone alot you may either want 2 kittens or a older kitten or cat that can adjust to being alone.

We want you to adopt a healthy good natured playful kitten or cat. We try our very best to have every kitten or cat live up to its full potential.

Call to adopt our kittens and cats! New kittens added all the time!

Homeless Kit'N Cat Rescue, Inc.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Email: Homelesskits@earthlink.net
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