Two of our long time residents, Dinky and Jules, went missing on or around May 12th, 2011.  Dinky and Jules have lived here at the sanctuary for years, (and have even gotten loose before), but NEVER have they ever left our property before.  They are very bonded with another of our residents, Jade, (who is a sister to Jules), and they were all in the same enclosure together when they escaped.  Yet, just like before, Jade did not leave the property. Thus, we already have her back safe and sound. This raises a number of questions, as we simply cannot understand WHY they would suddenly change their pattern of behavior and leave the property, let alone leave Jade behindIT SIMPLY DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, AND WE ARE OFFERING A REWARD FOR THEIR SAFE RETURN, OR ANY INFORMATION THAT LEADS TO THEIR WHEREABOUTS.

Unfortunately, I did not find out about them being loose until May 17th, as I was absent for a little over a month due to surgery and a hospital stay, and had turned their care over to a volunteer during that time who did not immediately bring this to my attention. When he finally did tell me about it, he admitted they had been loose for at least a week before he told me. Therefore, we're assuming that they've been out since at least MAY 12th. I don't know why he chose to keep it from me, or what the thinking was there, but I have turned over every stone I can so far and have found nothing. And, given the amount of time that has passed, I realize that they could be anywhere by now.

Consequently, I have created a Facebook Page in an effort to alert as MANY people as possible, and hopefully bring them back home again, safe and sound. At first, I thought it was futile, but then, someone sent me a link to an article about a woman who's dog was found over 1,200 miles away, six months after she lost him. It was then that I realized, that nothing is futile when it comes to the ones you love. WE CAN'T GIVE UP HOPE!  PLEASE!  JOIN ME IN LIKING AND SHARING THEIR PAGE, SO WE CAN SPREAD THE WORD TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!  THANK YOU!!
I could not blow this up any bigger without distorting it.  Sorry!
Our Featured Pet!
~Adopting A Pet From Us~
We welcome applicants from all over the United States and Canada, and WILL transport at no cost to the Adopter upon approval. You MUST be 18 years or older to adopt an animal from us. We require each applicant to fill out an adoption application and sign an adoption contract upon approval. Adoption fees are $125 for adult, neutered/spayed dogs. We have no cats at this time. All animals are fully vetted and given health certificates upon adoption. We do not adopt ANY INTACT animals, so don't ask!

Please note that we do require a full background check on all adults living in the household and a home inspection before approval is considered. This policy is NOT in place to INSULT, INCOVENIENCE, INVESTIGATE OR OFFEND you, or anyone else. This policy is in place to ensure the SAFEST possible home for our animals! We REALIZE and ACKNOWLEDGE that MOST people are GOOD, and well deserving of a wonderful pet, which is why it saddens us to think that we have no choice but to risk offending some of those good people due to the policies we MUST have in place because of a FEW BAD PEOPLE. However, we also acknowledge that MOST GOOD people also have GOOD SENSE, and therefore, they understand that the safety of our animals must come first. In fact, we have found that the majority are very happy to see this policy in place, and we hope that you will be too!

If you have found an animal that you think you would like to adopt, please GO TO: to fill out an application.. Please allow at least 24 hours for the application to be processed. If the application is approved, we will call you and set up and appointment to meet with you in person so that you can meet the animal and see if it is a good match and go from there.
                                      Mandy's Story

Mandy, (in our best guess), is a seven year old Husky/Shepherd mix who came to us in July of 2005 by way of a friend who found her walking the streets.  Though he knew he couldn't keep her for long, he kindly gave her a place to stay for as long as he could, in the hopes of finding that she belonged to someone nearby.  But her time with him was borrowed, and when he couldn't possibly keep her any longer, he called us and we gladly took her in.  And, although we also ran ads in the local newspapers and all over the Internet for a over a year in an attempt to find her owner, to our dismay, no one came forward to claim her.  In the five long years since, only three people have asked to adopt her, and unfortunately, none of them have worked out.  Consequently, we've decided to give her her own Facebook page in the hopes that she will FINALLY find her very own family to love!

Mandy is EXTREMELY affectionate and feircely loyal!  She LOVES to play, learns quickly and listens well.  She is literally addicted to belly rubs and absolutely adores anyone who shows her love and affection.  She has a very "sweet" personality and is great with children, though unless she would be highly supervised, I would not recommend that she go to a home with children under five.  She is potty trained, crate trained, absolutely LOVES car rides and does not have any major faults, except that she is very selective when it comes to getting along with other dogs and is not good with cats.  Consequently, she would do best in a home where she is the only pet and can be the center of attention.  However, that's not to say she can't get along with another dog, because she can and she has.  It just seems to depend upon the dog.  So, please, don't rule her out if you do have another dog, as we can't know whether or not it would work until they meet, and we always give her that chance.

At the present time, Mandy spends the majority of her day outside in an enlosure, as she is very fond of the outdoors.  Therefore, when she must be left alone, she would be happiest if allowed to stay out in a fenced yard to play.  She also loves to go for walks, will opt to go swimming should there be a creek or other body of water nearby, and is likely to put on weight if she doesn't get enough exercise.  Consequently, she will require a fenced in yard, (at the very least, but walks are preferred), a healthy diet and lots of exercise to keep her weight in check!  She currently weighs in at approximately 65 pounds, though she small in stature ... (not what I would consider a LARGE dog at all), but rather more medium sized, as she "fits" very well in our small house.

Her coat is very German Shepherd in its coloring, but she does shed more and has a tail from the Husky side.  Also owed to the Husky in her are her multi-colored eyes.  Both eyes are half blue, half brown, and though my camera refuses to capture them as they are, they are truly just stunningly beautiful!  SHE is stunningly beautiful, and unfortunately, my camera just doesn't capture that.  But, PLEASE BELIEVE ME ... when you see her IN PERSON and compare her to her pictures, you'd barely realize it's the same animal.  There really IS that much of a difference.  She's a GORGEOUS animal!  She has very clean, very white teeth, is very healthy, (she has never been ill), and is up to date on all her shots. 

Mandy is truly an exceptional animal and would be a wonderful companion to a single person, or a welcome addition to any family. The person and/or family who gets the priveledge of making "Miss Mandy" their own will never regret it!  And, in the interest of finding a home for her as soon as possible, her adoption fee is just $75.00.  Consequently, if you feel that you would like to give Mandy a home, please GO TO to fill out an application.  For more pictures, please see the photos section.  For more information on adopting a pet from us, please go to our rescue's Fan Page at ...

Meanwhile ... the fact that there are currently two other rescues in residence here, coupled with the fact that I am down to just one volunteer again, means that Mandy does not get the kind of one on one attention that we would like her to have, as often as we would like her to have it.  Consequently, I would WELCOME THE OPPORTUNITY to give her a loving family to stay with while she awaits her furever home.  Therefore, if you would like to FOSTER Mandy while she is waiting for her furever home to find her, please fill out the application at the link above and type FOSTER on the application. 

If you would like to donate to Mandy's care while she waits for her furever home, you may do so by clicking the button below.
                                         THANK YOU!

~A Little about Us~
HHARTS was founded in 2004, Incorporated as a NonProfit Corporation in 2005, and we are now awaiting our tax exempt status from the IRS. Though we have been involved with animal rescue since 1993, we spent many years helping others, working off site and doing transports, "unprofessionally" before HHARTS was born.

Then in late 2002, it was as if someone placed an invisible, 250,000 WATT, BLINKING, NEON sign in the sky directly above our house that said, "LOST OR WOUNDED ANIMALS, COME HERE FOR HELP!", because they started showing up on the doorstep, ON THEIR OWN, mind you, and they just kept coming! Then one day I needed some advice and turned to the Internet only to find that OTHER PEOPLE ACTUALLY DID THIS FULL TIME!" Heck, I had NO IDEA that you could actually start an organization and be RECOGNIZED as an animal rescuer "officially"! LOL! It's just something that I always did, and something I always loved to do! So, with this new knowledge, I started rolling the idea around in my head, and then just a short time later, I got a VERY important message from a VERY divine source that basically told me to quit dragging my feet and JUST DO IT, and so, HHARTS was born!

Though we do not yet have a full-fledged facility, that IS the goal that I hope we will reach one day soon. Until then, we keep as many as is legally allowed with us at home until they are adopted, or they are boarded or kept with an available foster. We are entirely volunteer operated, and most of the time, that means just myself and my Fiance Matthew, as good, reliable people are hard to find.  If you would like to volunteer, please email me at!  We'd GREATLY appreciate the help!

~Our Wish List~
To see our wish list and learn of more ways you can help, please go to  As always, any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
~Contact Us~
To inquire, please send an email to