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Helping Hand 4 Animals Inc.

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WHO WE ARE: HELPING HAND FOR ANIMALS, INC is a not for profit, state licensed, all volunteer organization dedicated to the welfare and placement of homeless and unwanted animals since 2001. HHA is based out of Nebraska, although we have a network of supporters throughout Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. Each pet that we rescue has an individual person in overseeing them. Each animal rescued is fully vetted, microchipped, assessed and rehabbed to the best of the ability of our volunteers and certified trainers. We support and encourage the education of breed and behavior of ever y dog rescued and placed. We are in need of homes and foster homes. Please email: Thank you! .



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Our Most Beloved Fur Friends: Rest In Peace My Magnificent Zeus. Your heart and soul were the biggest part of you. Miss You Always, Rose... Sweetest Shyia- You were one of our First to rescue but you're always in Our Thoughts and Hearts. Love you, The Staff at HHA... Dearest Radar, Your sweet and gentle ways will be missed by so many, Love the Colborn Family....Bosco,We will love you Forever and a Day,Chelsea and HHA.....Dearest Joe: We only had you for a short while. Too young to leave us so soon. Forever in our hearts, HHA and the Garber Family, Smudge-Always a Good Boy, Love your forever mom, Shaylene, Fiona, the sweetest St Bernard that ever lived. You are loved and Missed Greatly by the Sanduski Family... Missing and Loving You Always, Our sweet little Lexi. Love Linda and David..... Zenith,13 yrs ago you came into our rescue with issues but your love and pittyish smile will stay with us forever. Love You, Rose...Sweet Zippy Cat, for almost 16 years, you were my Sunshine. Will miss you dearly, Rose...... Dearest George, Thrown away like garbage as a puppy, rehabbed and loved for all his life by the Colburn Family. Forever in their Hearts, You Will Be.....Xena, you lived life to the fullest for 13 years. You will be missed and loved forever, The Sanduski Family.... God Bless you, sweet LarryBoy. Cancer took you from us after 12 years but we know we will see you again. For now, play and run free with your buddy, Murphy. Love your Mom Heidi and Daddy, Paul....Dearest Lei-Cee, your sweet and mischievous ways will be missed by us and your devoted family. The staff and volunteers at HHA...... In memory or Harley, HHA rescue 12 years ago. You came from abuse but your life ended with the love and devotion of the Lowestein family. Rest in Peace..... Bodie, my love. I fought to keep them from killing you and was blessed for the 13 years I had with you. You are a good boy and now, angel. Love Rose....Cody, forever best buddy to Dan, always loved, always remembered..... God bless Venus, our Hurricane Katrina rescue. We will miss your smile and happy ways, rose and brother, Zeus....Chubbs, HHA rescue Alumn, crossed over to Rainbow Bridge to be with his brother Rocky.The Brand Family mourns the loss of 2 wonderful boys in one year.... Rescued as a puppy and loved by one family for his 11 years on earth, he is now missed by the Porter Family RIP, Charlie..... Dearest Comet, you passed unexpectedly. We are lost with out your presence and loyalty. Forever missed. Never forgotten. Jessica R and family..... Rest in Peace Sweet Buster boy. A rescue dog no one wanted, you became mine. Loyal and brave right til the end. I'll never forget you, Rose....... One of our first Feline rescues, Bumpy, crossed over the Bridge this week with his mom by his side. He will be missed by so many ....... We rescued Red as a young pitbull baby whose issues made him difficult to adopt out. His foster momma kept him as her own and he devoted his last breath to her. He will wait for her until they are together again. .... Brody, you were taken too soon at only 7 yrs old. We will miss you but are so grateful we were able to rescue your sweet Boxer face and were able to bless you with the most loving family while you were with us.......God Bless you, Sweet Cisar. My shepherd boy. May you run free and fast again. You will be missed. Love, Daddy Jim..... Our Sweet Golden Gal, Sky.You passed away so suddenly, we didn't have time to love you as much for as long as we liked to. Miss you much, Linda and David.....Jewell, our kitty angel of 12 yrs. We miss your sweet quiet presence Always in our hearts. Rose and HHA.... God Bless sweet little Shadow. Our abused pomeranian boy. Though humans treated you with hate as a puppy, you loved us all. Forever loved and missed by the Gartamaker family and HHA.....HHA is stunned and mourns the loss of a recent rescue angel by the name of Mickey. He grabbed on to our hearts quickly and will never let go. Our boy- we can not measure all the love and happiness you brought us and your foster momma in such a short time.... HHA mourns the loss of rescue pit-girl, Roxie who was adopted to the most loving family , the Grasmicks,many years ago. She was a true ambassodor and lover of all. RIP my love-Rose.....Our hearts will never be whole again without our Midas. Until we are together again, we will miss you every day. Love Linda and David......Dearest Dakota, you can now run free with out pain once more,my Shepherd girl. Your Dad, Jim.... Rest In Peace, Chance. The sweetest rescue pit-boy that ever walked this earth. Love Mommie LaRia...My Lai-Cee Girl. I will miss your happy ways and that jack russell smile and antics of yours. I loved you for what seemed eternity. The thought of you ever leaving this earth never entered my mind. I am lost without one of my best and oldest friends to share the rest of my life with. Rose..... I miss you so much, Cane. You left this earth too young, too fast. I cant believe you are not in my home with your beloved Honey. Running amuck, making me laugh. I'll never forget or get over you. Love you so much, Rose...... Cody- the sweetest dog on earth is now in Heaven. We will miss your soft coat and loyal heart. The Denison Family....Faith, our sweet staffordshire love bug for 11 years. Cancer finally won the battle and took you to heaven, but you"ll always be in our hearts. Rose..... Rescue baby, Ruby- taken away from us suddenly by a careless driver while playing at her own foster home's yard. We will never forget you and always love you, Everyone here a HHA....Rest In Peace Shadowe. You were loving cat that greeted everyone with a hug and purrs. There's no other like you. Our hearts are broken Love Rose..... Olive, a loyal and faithful member of our family. After 14 years, You will always be our lab puppy. The Hanson Family.... Caleb, a loving old lab boy who went home to his Creator shortly after Christmas. He will be forever missed by the Cowern Family....Sweet little Tyger kitty, we had the joy of loving you for almost 2 decades. Missing you, Rose and Mike...Friar, our 16 yr old Keeshond. For 10 yrs you were tied outside by a rusty chain. May the last 5 yrs of love and pampering be what you remember. Miss you John and Cathy....Zoe, sweet, gentle, breed ambassador....Lion-you are a good dog who didnít deserve to die like this. Many loved you. Im sorry we couldnít save you from the one you trusted most. Rose .......Hannah, our beautiful golden retriever is running with the angels now, cancer free. We love you forever,Linda and David...Murphy.... You were a fabulous ambassador for your breed and loved by many...... Rescued as Penny, loved by the Miller Family forever as their sweet Princess. Always in Our Hearts..... Rest in peace Votz, old boy. You are missed and muched loved. Rose....Dante, our silly rescue bully boy. We will only remember the years of happiness you brought to us.....JD ,who we rescued from the Harlan IA pound many years ago. You were always a good and happy boy and brought much joy to the hearts of all who knew you...... Cinnamon(Noah), another victim of the local vigilante against your breed. You are at peace now..... Jake, our beautiful Dutch Boy always gentle and full of grace, our hearts miss you, Carrie and Emma..... Momma, my sweet old lady cat of many years. Your death was unexpected and tragic-but we will see you again, Rose....Angel, you sweet old chessie girl. Life wasnt easy the first 10 years but your last 2 with Maxine was Heaven on on Earth for You. We wished we could have had more time to watch you enjoy life and love as you deserved it so much ....Haylee- A TRUE ambassador to your Bully breed - An exceptional rescue of HHA from a few years back. You left this world too soon and you will be missed by so many - our sweet gentle girl...Bear - Old sweet dobie boy - who could never get a break in life- now you are forever in true doggie heaven with One Master who will always Love You.... CHAMP- my very first pitbull boy and the reason why I fell in love with the breed You are free from pain and discomfort now tho you never whined a moment in your life about anything. I'll love you forever-Rose ".... Dakota-our big bear of love - you went suddenly and your sweet gentle naure will be missed - Love,Carrie...Muffin- Altho most of your life was that of neglect - you never held it against any human - The short time we knew you ,we loved you and you loved us unconditionally. Our Sweet, Samson and Hooch, Please forgive us in failing you by placing you with irresponsible caregivers.- - It Wasn't Your Fault, ///Kiya-the love of our life, Phoebe- a Great Dane with a Big Heart, Coco - Our Rottie Rescue from Gretna,....Baby Girl, Akira/Lil Gurl (Stolen by criminals),Taz(beloved ferret)...Casey,Belle,Rio, Reno, Maddie,Peaches(beloved canine), Autumn, Callie, Sam, Skye, Penny, She-Ra, Kayla, TJ, Happie, Shelby,Angel-bird and so many others....

They will not go quietly, the pets who've shared our lives. In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives. Old habits still can make us think we hear them at the door Or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor. Our feet still go around the place the food bowl used to be, And, sometimes, coming home at night, we miss them terribly. And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill, That one place in our hearts belongs to them... and always will. Author Unknown ******************************************************************************


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"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal." - Proverbs 12:10a ******************************************************************************* "......Every long lost dream led me to where you are... Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars... Pointing me on my way into your loving arms.... This much I know is true..That God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you"

Lyrics by Rascal Flats



Please understand that most of our animals are rescued from unstable, neglectful, or sometimes abusive environments. HH4A has dedicated our blood,sweat, tears and finances to assure them their next home will be safe, loving and permanent. If you are serious about loving our rescues, we will give our 110% to make sure it WILL work for you and your new companion. As most rescue groups, we are not located at one address. We are a network of loving and caring volunteers. Standard (Non Urgent)
Adoption fees vary by dog/cat and individual expenses.


Donations of pet items, food, cleaning supplies or monetary funds are always needed and appreciated.**

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