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We have placed ONE HUNDRED dogs, seven small-and-furries, five llamas, five pygmy goats, a mini donkey, six horses, and ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE cats since we formed in December of 2007. UPDATE- For personal reasons, The HELP Rescue is shutting down. We are now concentrating our efforts on placing the animals we have, and we are not accepting any more critters. UPDATED ADOPTION FEES- small dogs- $100; medium and large dogs $75; cats- $40. We reserve the right to change adoption fees as needed, either to reflect the desirability of the animal, or to cover extra expenses. All fees include spay/neuter and at least one set of shots plus rabies shots for dogs; exceptions would be puppies or kittens who are too young to have received second shots or rabies shots. Extras will be added on (ie rabies shots for cats, microchipping, etc.).

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The HELP Animal Rescue is soon closing.

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Pets, be it dogs and cats or exotics, are adopted after an application is approved..

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Our critters are located at foster homes and foster farms.
HELP Animal Rescue Inc.
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